Using one notebook for all classes(11 valuable insights)

Using one notebook for all classes could be a good idea or is not feasible?

in this post, you will discover the 11 facts or pros and cons of using one notebook for all classes.

One notebook is easy to access

Having one notebook for lectures or taking notes is easy to access, you don’t have to look at the shelf on which notebook you have to carry with you for a specific class. Sometimes students make mistakes and bring with them the wrong notebook, which creates problems and might professors to raze them.

having one notebook eliminates this problem you don’t have any chance to make mistakes it is more efficient.

But, students have to organize well their notebooks, the advantage of carrying one notebook could be a disadvantage for some students who don’t organize well their lectures or notes. For instance, writing anywhere with classification will a be loss of time and energy.

losing a notebook is catastrophic

the major drawback in one notebook idea is to lose it, the outcome will be catastrophic. The whole work of 3, 4, or even 6 months will be faded away. It could happen and it happened for many students, some of them have lost their notebooks between shelves and others have been stolen.

There are many forms when your notebook can be lost.

In addition, giving this notebook to irresponsible students or colleagues can ruin a student’s life. a lot of students say they have lost their notebooks by lending them. Having one notebook makes a student vulnerable to any risk. getting picked on a rainy day could create major issues and risk your priceless notebook.

Hence students have to digitalize their notes or use the products that we talk about in the next paragraph

Livesicribe is one notebook for all lectures

before talking about this product and one notebook idea you could watch this video below

for people who are minimalist and love the idea of one notebook for all classes, using this product could be an ultimate idea. In other words, you have one notebook and at the same time if you lose it you will find everything stored in the app or cloud.

it is a revolutionary idea to transfer or digitalize your notes. This device record all the movement or let’s say writings and transfers them automatically to your phone or tablet application.

You could only have a pen for a long day journey study without being connected to a phone or the internet. Once you connect the pen to the internet the whole data recorded on the pen get transferred and saved directly to an app.

This is a great idea that helps students not worrying forgetting or losing their notebooks.


Specialists say that students today are carrying heavy backpacks for school which could create many back problems for them. According to Healthline, students should not carry more than 10% of their weight.

But what we are seeing today is not exactly what specialists recommend.

Students carry notebooks, binders textbooks in one backpack at once, this is so detrimental. The idea of one notebook is so encouraging and helps students to minimize the weight on their shoulders.

using one notebook for all classes is a good and healthy idea.

The average notebook is weighing 12.4 ounces which means 340 grams if we consider that a school student has 5 subjects a day. As a result, he needs 5 notebooks which means 1.5 kg on average.

In this case, using one notebook can reduce more than 1kg applied to the back, which is healthier and more comfortable.

Time management

using one notebook is good and bad for time management.

good for students who have one notebook well organized, they write correctly in exact places. For instance, they don’t write physics in math placement or vice versa. Also, they write tidy notes not scribbling on pages as some students do.

For students who like to scribble and don’t find themselves writing good notes like using colored and appealing notes, using one notebook will be a lot of mess. When the exam time approaches the student would not even know where to start.

using one notebook could be useful to manage time and could be terrible at the same time, it depends on a student’s character.

Not all professors will allow that

unfortunately, not all professors allow that, especially for writing lectures. Many students find difficulties when professor revises their notebook. Professors don’t accept that and think that the students who are using one notebook are irresponsible and lazy.

While others consider a lecture notebook something priorities and individual for each subject. They don’t like to correct or look to a notebook that has math, physics, English, and other subjects in the same notebook.

In some kind, they might be right and another kind not, but students don’t have a choice they have to follow the rules.

Rmakable could be a good alternative

using this product could be a good idea for students who love or think to use one notebook. It is a digital notebook that you can write with for unlimited pages without worrying. is thinner and lighter.

his weight is 450 grams and extremely tiny, it doesn’t exceed 5 mm in thickness so you can carry it with you without having any issues.

In addition, it has an amazing battery life that can last for complete 2 weeks of consistent work.

The major drawback of this product is it doesn’t have colors, you could use white and black colors like using a digital pencil notebook. But the portability is extremely good.

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Not forgettable

it is impossible to forget one notebook versus using multiple ones at the same time, it happens for many students who forget their notebooks or bring the wrong ones to class. With one notebook you will not fall into this problem you pick it up easily from the shelves and that it.

It could be a worse day in class when a teacher discovers that you forget your notebook, some teachers don’t accept that at all whatever is your excuse. The worst thing is to be expelled from class or make a professor have a bad impression of you.

iPad can become great to use a single notebook

iPads are excellent tools to use in school or college, many students are using them currently. They have a ton of features that make them the best tool for taking notes or staying in the world. Also, it is a great idea for students who like to use one notebook.

They can totally replace a notebook, you can watch this video and know the amazing capabilities to use an iPad as a student.

iPad is a great tool to replace a notebook it could become the one magical notebook that allows you to do many things.

We’re going to list the 10 benefits of iPad that relate to portability for students:

  • Use one pen and write with any color you want
  • using it like a pen or pencil meaning for writing or drawing no problem
  • it read your handwriting
  • add an image to your notes or a sound
  • studying and taking notes at the same time by splitting the screen
  • record your lecture or explain if you like teaching
  • you have a cloud or internal device to save a huge amount of data
  • getting rid of binder or notebooks
  • can last for 8 to 10 hours of studies
  • you can access all lectures saved on the cloud using a phone

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sometimes 1 notebook might not be enough

using one notebook for whole classes could be impossible for some branches like stem, the context is so overloaded which makes students choose more than one notebook. Or finishing the first one and buying a second to continue.

This creates the same problem that student-run from, carrying more than one notebook.

Some students especially college students are using leaf paper and binders, they are good and excellent. They don’t bring binders with them, they only bring the plastic leaf of paper. Students love them because they are waterproof and protective.

when they finish and go back to school or college they put and classify them on binders.

one notebook for the whole class could be confusing

Having one notebook for the whole lecture could be confusing for students. To clarify, it requires attention especially when you want to split it by subjects. Studnet finds it difficult to predict how many pages to let for each subject.

The worst thing that the one-notebook student mentality is to keep a notebook for the whole year, but mostly that does not happen. You might find that the English category is full and you don’t have any more places to write on.

Do you have to write in physic or math places, add paper or buy a new notebook, it is so confusing and doesn’t solve a problem sometimes.


for students who love minimalism, they can use binders instead of notebooks, we made a valuable comparison between binders and notebooks you could check by reading this article.


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