Do successful students play video games? 7 facts

Do Succesful stduent paly video goames?

video games can be an issue for students? if yes, how successful do students play? there is a good schedule to follow?

how to play video games and still successful student?

In this article, we’re going to respond to the 7 popular questions asked in this field?

Do successful students play video games?

strictly yes, successful students play video games let’s break it down by numbers.

According to the post Playing video games in college is a good idea? 70% of college students play video games while 90% of school students do. That is to say that 14 million college students are playing video games and 45 million school students to.

So the playing video games rate is :

  • 70% of college students
  • 90% of school students

According to “” the success rate is more than 60% overall between public schools, colleges, and private institutions. which give us clear proof that school and college student are playing video games and still Successful in their studies.

so we can sum up all this information in these 2 important data lines:

  • 80% of students between college and school are playing video gmaes
  • 62% of students succeed in their studies

So if playing games affect hugely and determine the success in studies we would not find these numbers. But where the problem of playing games can reside?

There is a big difference between playing video games for 2 hours a week and 5 to 10 hours a day. So if you ask again if a 10-hour player video game a day is successful we can respond totally different. That is to say, the intensity of playing video games is what determines if a student will succeed or lose.

Even though there are some special cases who are spending the whole day playing and still getting good grades. They are fewer, we will talk about them in the next paragraphs.

successful student play and study they know how to organize themselves, this the rule what makes them successful. The key is organization and prioritization.

how many hours successful students are playing video games?

There is no exact time that students should spend playing a day, but according to our research, we found the limit that students should not overcome is 2 hours a day. That is for school or college students who don t work while studying.

But in general, this number is not quite good for all of the kind students, were going to make an approximation between two types of students and try to respond more exactly to :

how many hours should school students spend playing video games

According to 9 reasons why students love learning but hate homework? the average American high school student is spending 3.5 hours a day doing homework a day. This is an average, which means students could spend more, 4 to 5 hours a day doing homework.

So let’s calculate the activities of school students during a day :

  • an average school student spends 6 hours a day in school
  • spend 4 hours doing homework
  • 8 hours sleeping
  • 2 hours of personal needs food toilets etc
successful students and video games

So if we sum up, in general, school student has to spend 20 hours doing the necessary things for their studies which mean they have 4 free hours. So we can assume that playing video games for 2 hours a day is still possible but not recommendable for anyone.

Because studying 12 hours every day will require more than 8 hours of sleep, especially for intj s personalities students. In addition in someday, others activities can add on, like exam preparation or physical activities like sport or anything else.

So if school students find themself comfortable and getting good degrees playing 2 hours a day they could continue. But if things go out of control they have to decrease the playing video game timing. So the acceptable range is between 1 to 2 hours a day for school students.

for students who study stem and struggle doing math or physic is recommendable to not play video games at all until the weekends.

how many hours could a college student play video games

According to Northcentralcollege, a college student spends 15 to 20 hours in college, that is to say, 3 hours a day. In addition, college students put a lot of effort and should not study for less than 3 hours alone.

According to our article working while in college, an average college student should not spend more than 20 hours a week working. That is to say, 3 hours a day that specialists recommend working for a college student.

So to sum up college student activities are:

  • 3 hours a day studying
  • 3 hours a day doing assignments and revising
  • 3 hours a day working for part-time jobs
  • 8 hours of sleeping
  • 2 hours for meeting the necessary needs

so if we sum up we find that college students have a stretched daily schedule of 22 hours, that is to say, the serious college student has only 10% of a day time which means 2 free hours a day. So it is hard to assume that college students could play daily video games for 2 hours.

The calculation says that student has the ability to only play 1 hour a day which means less than high schooler students.

How A+ students play video games?

There are 3 types of A+ students who play video games:

  • The student who plays fewer
  • the student who play for longer times
  • the student who manage weel their time

were going to differentiate between those 3 types of successful students who play video games and how each category spends its time playing video games.

The student who play fewer

The students who play less are the students who spend the majority of their time working on their homework and studying lectures. So you find them studying for a day and playing video games only on weekends.

These kinds of students work hard for studying, so they don t touch video games unless on weekends.

The student who paly for longer times

for A+ student categories who play daily and still get high degrees, this category has a little higher IQ no one would argue about that. the ability of understanding for students is different and intelligence is creating an important part in this process.

So you find them focusing 100% in class and retaining almost everything in class. That is to say, when they go back home they don’t spend long hours doing homework, because they already gathered what they need for class sessions.

1 to 2 hours a day is enough for them to do all the homework while the first category of students that we talked about previously could spend the double for 4 or 5 hours studying.

In this way, they find enough time to play for 3 to 4 hours a day without influencing their grades. But this method is risky and is not for everyone.

The student who organize time

For students who organize their time as we said and respond in the first paraph, they can have 2 available hours for playing video games a day without affecting their degrees. You could go back and read the details in the first paragraph.

So to sum A+ video games students are 3 categories:

  • hard worker
  • intelligent
  • excellent time managers

Can college students find time to play video games?

As we noticed previously in our post “Playing video games in college is a good idea?” a serious college student has only 1 free hour you could go back on the details in the paragraph “how many hours college students can play video games ?”.

But the exception would be for the 20% of college students who don’t work part times in the US. while the rest of the students are working. if you are lucky and belong to this 20%, you could play 3 hours a day without being afraid of affecting your grades.

It is possible to get a higher GPA and be successful students play video games for 3 hours a day as a college student There is no problem. But fewer students are luckier and cant support their study fees.

so to sum up playing video games for:

  • 1hour a day or less if you work part-time job
  • 3 hours a day if you don’t work

why do some students play a lot of video games and still have good grades?

the only thing that can explain that is :


literally many students who don’t study at home and find classes boring because they consider the homework a lot easier and don’t have some challenges to break. These kinds of students are 1% to 2% they have genius traits.

the normal student could study for long hours a day 4 to 5 hours a day. while a genius student or high IQ student could retain enough information from class. So he doesn’t have to study at all in-house.

theses kinds of students represent a very tiny portion that nobody could compare himself to them.

Having studying breaks playing video games could be useful?

having breaks playing video games would not be useful for students. In the opposite can be detrimental we will list the 4 main reasons why you should not do video games breaks while studying.

  • lose focus
  • tiring yourself
  • drop studying
  • create justifications to play

==> lose focus:

The first question that a student should ask is how he can play in this 5 minute or even 10-minute break?

Does it have in the first hour run the PlayStation and second hours set up or choose a game? it is not meaningful at all.

if you do this method you will be sure to spend 30 playing and 30 studying not 30-minute studying and 5 minutes playing. Is totally not feasible. it is a way to lose focus and distract yourself as a student.

==> tiring yourself:

The 10 or 5 minutes of break is made to release not drain a mind concentration in gaming, it could be enjoyable but it is a lot of energy consuming. Students should release and take breaths not tiring themselves in front of screens.

==> drop studying:

Playing 5 or 10 minutes is not enough, 5 minutes is nothing in video games. Sometimes students could play straight hours without eating so what about studying?

So there is no guarantee that you goona stop after 5 or 10 minutes.

you will like to drop the study and break the staying program by procrastinating or saying ” OK I still have time I will let the homework till tomorrow ” which is very dangerous.

==> create excusses to play:

while you do the homework or study your mind is always biased and thinks about a next 10 minutes of a game, which decreases the focus and efficiency. In addition, you will look to find any small excuses to play video games.

having studying breaks playing video games could not be useful at all, on the opposite is detrimental.


The question is not to play or not to play video games

the key is how you play video games?

For college students who are interested in gaming, they could read this article.


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