15 intresting reasons why students love apple

why do students love to use apple over other brands?

what is the secret behind this brand?

how do students prefer to buy expensive apple products while other cheap alternatives are available in the market?

in this article, we’re going to discover the 15 reasons why students love to use or buy Apple products?


According to Therepublic the average life span of an apple device is 4 years and 3 months, students report the apple device lasts with them for a longer time. Many students say that some Apple products like the iPad still running even after 9 years without issues.

The secret behind that is Apple produces both the hardware and software for their products. So they make perfect software for the perfect hardware. It is very different from using windows OS and external computer brands like Asus, Dell, Toshiba, etc.

This guarantee the smoothness of work and efficiency. There is no argument that Apple is the best compatible software/hardware product. this reflects on the smoothness of use.

This is one of the reasons why students love apple products and still more astonishing reasons to discover.


According to macromus 60% of college students like the design and style that apple product has. Apple used in its philosophy simplicity and fluency. That is to say, Apple products aren’t full of details and variation, they always tend to keep a design clean and tied.

Apple has succeeded in this strategy. To clarify, planted on the mind of students or users that simplicity is the powerful key. You can in the image below.

15 reasons why students love to use or buy Apple products

if you notice apple doesn’t use sharp angles in their products it always creates more smooth and aerodynamic products. Apple cares a lot about details and tries to simplify anything for its users. Even in its OS, you sense clarity simplicity and straightforwardness.

The great story about the brand

There is no one who doesn’t know the founder of the apple and the story behind this bitten apple. Especially the famous and inspiring talk made by steve jobs the founder in stand for university who says:

” stay foolish stay hungry”.

This speech has today over 40 million views on youtube, Steve Jobs was a brilliant and inspiring marketer than a technical guy. He was performing well on both sides the marketing and technology.

Steve Jobs had a great story with apple, he was fired from his company “Apple” after spending 10 years working on it. To clarify, at that time he wasn’t the only owner. He had other investors who were completely controlling the company and taking major decisions.

In the 90s and after firing steve, apple was almost to go bankrupt. Afterward, Steve was asked again to go back to the company, so he did. He raised the market value of the company from $2 billion to $200 billion in 20 years.

nowadays apple is the first valuable company in the world with more than 2 trillion-dollar. This guy is a source of inspiration for many students.

many students love the apple brand just because it relays them the fonder and its inspiring story.

Easy to use

the apple work environment is known for its simplicity, the software and apple apps are fluent and simple. it doesn’t require time to learn to use them. For instance, Apple has many simplicities such as:

  • tasks are simple
  • no driver or compatibility problems
  • a good and appealing dashboard easy to use even for kids
  • easy to set up their apps like calendar,contacts, taking notes, etc.
  • responsiveness and dynamism


Students love apple because it is secure, due to these 2 main reasons:

  • the market share
  • the powerful security sytem

market share

Microsoft has the biggest market share over any operating system you can watch this graph below

Apple’s Operating system is used only 10% compared to windows which makes it invulnerable to hacker attacks, Hackers are always driven by money, so they won’t invest time to create viruses for non-overspread operating systems like iOS.

this is the first reason that makes it more and less vulnerable to attack, but it is not the only reason, Apple doesn’t work by a chance.

The powerful security system

steve jobs said

we take privacy extremely seriously

Apple has good tracking transparency even today there s big conflicts between Facebook and apple about privacy you can know more about in this video. But Apple knows that has a big portion of its users are businessmen who consider privacy over everything.

Apple uses an end-to-end encryption system that prevents any user to access data except a sender and recipient, FBI had much trouble with apple’s privacy strategy. Apple refused to create a device that allow hackers to unlock any device with one master key.

In addition, Apple doesn’t sell at all the user data as famous flowing companies do :

  • Facebook ==> 97% of its revenue
  • google ==> 84%
  • amazon==> 31%


According to fortune apple has earned an A+ grade for reliability in the latest rescue com computer reliability report. Apple repairs only 3.2% of its machine, which makes it a more durable product and reliably products by customers.

This is the reason why students love and say that Apple products last for long times before need to be fixed.

So students prefer to buy expensive Apple products rather than buying cheap ones that won’t last for a long time.


Is weird to take about a price and apple, to buy an apple product sometimes you have to spend double or more on a laptop or desktop computer. But marketing strategy price has come with its fruits.

The Apple brand has succeeded to engrave its name in the mind of people, many students today are buying an expensive apple product just to expose it in front of others.

Apple has created the trend you ” you pay for what you get“, that is to say, the more you pay the more quality you get and the more uniqueness you feel.

As a result, Waiting for long hours in a queue does not remain a problem for people, you can watch this video today to see the magic of marketing apple strategy outcomes.

Good batteries

Apple has the best product in the market for battery durability, for instance, if we take a simple comparison between tablets brands we find that the iPad tablets can last over 10 hours for a single charge.

while Microsoft tablet doesn’t overcome 5 hours. For students who are interesting in tablets for their studies, you can read this article.

In addition, the durability of the battery apple laptops which students use is a lot better, it can last up to 5 years. while other users’ brand computers don’t exceed 2 or 3 years in their battery laptops.

According to the test made by matt talk tech, he made the comparison in battery life between 13,14,16 inch MackBook pros and he found

  • MacBook pros 13 inch ==> 5 hours 5min
  • MacBook pros 14 inch ==> 4 hours 51min
  • MacBook pros 16 inch ==> 5 hours 16min

while, the regular laptop doesn’t last for more than 3 or 4 hours at maximum.

students can find easily their phones if they lose them

Apple has a system that protects and helps you to find your phone if you lose it, in addition, if someone the phone has been stolen you can block it immediately by using the cloud service which makes it impossible for anyone to access.

In addition, Apple has created a system that allows its users to know the location of their phone in any place around the world. There are 5 apps that allow you that. You could watch this video for more information.

if you are a student and you don’t know that you will love that at apple.

you can recover deleted files easily

it happens to any student who deals with multiple files, many students have reported deleting important files in their study journey. But for Apple users, won’t worry that much because it has a durable and efficient system allowing you to recover your lost files.

However, students have to be aware that exceeding 30 days after a delete makes it harder to recover your data. You can watch more details in this video and discover the 5 best ways to use it if want to recover your apple data.

currently, windows have a similar system to recover data but it is only available in windows 10. So for students who still use Windows 8 or 7, they can’t benefit from that.


The security aspect Apple has gives a priority to privacy, currently, Apple doesn’t allow any company to spy on your data or discover your location unless you accept that. Every once a system wants to access your phone, the apple system blocks it and asks you to give it permission.

it is very useful when facebook has crossed our life, today Facebook knows more than we know about ourselves.

Facebook today has many abilities, facebook app can:

  • know you location
  • contact phone
  • open your microphone
  • record you screen
  • follow your cookies and so on

After the release of the iOS 14 system apple has disapproved all these permeabilities to keep their users private and safe.

Apple is heavy present in schools

According to Apple’s official website, Apple has been part of the ConnectED initiative since 2014, investing $100 million of teaching and learning solutions to 114 underserved schools across the country.

In addition, Apple makes a lot of donations of its products like iPad for many students, also iPad for teachers, and an Apple TV for classrooms.

According to Esudrge 4.5 million iPad are used in US schools, this number was recorded in 2013 so it is expectable that the current numbers are higher than that.

You can notice that by going to the university campus and walking into some bookstore, the most products you will find are Apple brand. Because Apple has established strong partnerships with schools.

Apple give discounts to students

Apple makes appealing and encouraging discounts that can reach up to 20%, which is so attractive for them. On laptops, students can get a 10% discount.

For instance instead of buying a MacBook pro for $1299 they can earn a deal with $1199 which means saving $100. For students, $100 is something valuable and students can invest to choose between good quality headphones or earbuds for study.

The iPod revolution

steve jobs had a genius idea when he released an iPod in 2001, the device was spectacular. People couldn’t belive that this small tiny product can hold thousands of playlist songs.

At that time users were carrying heavy CD readers, so the idea was a smashing marketing gain for a brand. In addition, Apple made partnerships with song producers and made billions of dollars from that.

The iPad product was one the successful and popular products after iPhone, especially for students who were obsessed with music.

Big Marketing budget

Apple spend dramatically the imaginable budgets for marketing, in 2019 he spent $1.8 billion for marketing.

today apple decided to not share anymore the data about its spending marketing budget, the analysts say that’s doesn’t want to give a track to its revenue according to the huge dividend that it gets.

So apple focuses a lot on marketing and spending generously because it knows the value of marketing in the business. So it succeeded.


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