Get good grades without studying(4 True reasons)

A lot of students have seen someone from their college or school getting good grades without studying, but they don’t know why and how that it could be possible?

in this article, we’re going to list the 4 true reasons that make students get that level, not tricks that don’t work but reveal the truth like it is.


According to innerdrive, A study has involved 70,000 students found a strong relationship between intelligence and education achievement, that is to say, getting high grades. This study found the people who scored highly on the IQ tests were scoring highly in exams.

There is no argument in that, we can find some students spending hours absorbing a subject while others retaining it instantly from class sessions.

Many students have genius traits, they don’t study and even prepare for exams, but when you look at their grades you don’t find them under A+ or A. It is not magic, it is the strong ability to retain information instantly from a source without putting in a lot of effort.

They belong truly to the categories of students that get good grades without studying.

But the question is how many kinds of these students are in the US?

How many intelligent students are in the US

the people who have this unique trait are only 2% in the world, so if we count how many students are genius from 64 million US students we will find only 1.28 million students in general. In addition, if we split that between school and college students we find:

gets good grades without studying

This number is too small, genius students are born with this trait. In most cases, they inherited it from their parent. These kinds of students are the student who gets good grades without studying and finds classes boring and homework stupid tasks to do.

These 1.28 million students have the ability to join high-level institutions like NASA or high-level institutes. It doesn’t mean that hard work doesn’t belong to the equation, students still have to work.

The proof of that is the one highest IQ in the world(Even more than Einstein) is working as a bouncer. you can know more details about this video.

Genius is not something that students can work on or be improved, is something that we are born with. So students don’t have to blame themselves or compare to others, is something uncontrollable and we don’t have a choice.

Multiple intillegence

The multiple intelligence theory was introduced by Howard Gardner in 1983 and adopted in many education concepts in 1993. The principle or concept of multiple intelligence says that students have different intelligence that could be divided into:

Linguistic intelligence

students who are naturally good in linguistics like english

Logical intelligence

students who are naturally good in math and physics they are logical thinkers

Memory intelligence

students who are naturally good in linguistics and excellent memorization skills

Artistic intelligence

students who are naturally good in art like music or painting

Intrapersonal intelligence

students who feel comfort and think deeply in the meaning of things they have philosophy mind

Naturalist intelligence

people who love nature and biology 

Intelligence sport

people who have strong body and love workouts 

Social intelligence

people who care about others and understand their feelings 

for this reason, we find students brilliant at some subjects and terrible at ones. It doesn’t have anything to hard work or preparation, it depends on the genetic factor.

That is to say, students can get good grades in these subjects without studying, they have a bias toward these subjects.

It is weird to find students brilliant in stem and non-stem subjects, fewer students have these traits. In most cases, we find students who are excellent in math and physic but terrible at linguistics. This theory explains this phenomenon.

How to determine which intelligence you have as a student?

There is a beautiful test that helps you to determine which kind of intelligence, are you a logical thinker or feeler. On this test they ask you to respond to the 10 principal questions:

  • what is your favorite school subject ?
  • what you like to do in your free time ?
  • which tv programs do you like to watch ?
  • what kind of outdoor you like to go ?
  • your inspiration source to begin a new project ?
  • the celebration times ?
  • how you like to invest your spare time ?
  • how to perform in projects ?
  • which games you like ?
  • how do you like to study for exam ?

You can find the test in this link you can go and check it. is a beautiful test.

Having good memory

According to psychology today 1 in 10 students has memory troubles, that is to say, 10%. In the language of numbers means 6.4 million US students are struggling to memorize lectures. It is not a small number when solutions are available.

But in reverse, some students have a strong memory as we talked previously about the multiple intelligence theory. it allows them to gather information and keep it in their mind without needing to revise again.

These kinds of students could memorize the whole details that the professor wrote on the table They have magical memory. Instead of going home and spending hours memorizing rules, for them, things are done.

They just have a little recap to maintain the whole information.

But the good news is this ability anyone could have. That is to say, you can become or have this genius memory. You could watch this video before explaining how

Is it possible to become like this student?

the answer is yes, it is?

So how you can do that?

how to build an astonishing memory as students(The photographic method)

This method helps you to become like the student that we have seen in the video. You can memoize dozens of information in seconds. So were going to list the 6 key steps to have an astonishing memory for studies:

  • Break a context to memorize into part
  • allocate each part to a specific image
  • put these images in your friendly envirments
  • create a story
  • apply the magic method to revise
  • practice

So our goal in This example is to remember this number instantly


==> first step break the context into parts

So we will break our number “120992165810” into the following lines:

  • 12
  • 09
  • 92
  • 16
  • 58
  • 10

The first step is to do this listing, you could write them on paper or note them on the phone wherever you want.

==> 2 allocate each part to a specific image

so in the second step, we will allocate each number by a specific image in my mind. You can do whatever you love, personally, I will note:

  • 12 ==> BEAR
  • 09 ==> MOSQUITO
  • 92 ==> BLOOD
  • 16 ==> WALL
  • 58 ==> PIG
  • 10 ==> POP

you can choose whatever image or subject you love the goal is to find elements to create a fun story.

==> 3 put these images in your friendly envirments

In this case, we will choose a neighborhood street, it is important to choose the environment that you know well or are used to. Or the place that you visit frequently like house room, street, grandfather home any place that you know well.

In our example, we will choose neighborhood street.

==> 4 create a stroy

I have the elements of my story and the place or environment where I will place my elements. So my story will be like:

Story element

Element Story 




 the BEAR is sitting across my house



 suddenly he eats a MOSQUITO



 afterwhile he vomits BLOOD



my WALL house get stained with blood



 my wall fall over the PIG



 the pig died and POOP got out from his ass

This was an example of our photographic story to memorize this number 120992165810. In the beginning, things are going to become hard a little bit but with experience, you will be able to remember this number in a few seconds 20 or 30 seconds at maximum.

So you can imagine applying this method for studies.

==> 5 apply the magic method to revise

memorizing is easy but retaining or keeping information is harder, it needs for students to apply a good and intelligent revision method. So if you don’t want to forget this number 120992165810 or anything you revised you should follow this strategy:

revise this story or number after 10 minutes Then:

  • revise after 1 hour
  • revise after 1 day
  • revise after 1 week
  • revise after 1 month
  • revise after 3 mounts

The most problem about memory is the majority of students don’t have a good technic to revise what they memorized. Once you arrive at 3 months things become easy. You just have to revise it every 3 months the information to be able to retain it for your lifetime.

you could watch this video and know the behinds of this magical method that we supposed.

==> last step is to practice

Memorizing thing instantly requires a little bit of time, it doesn’t happen the first time. That is to say, You need to practice a little bit to reach higher levels.

In addition, this memory method can be used to memorize anything, it doesn’t work only with numbers. You can memories essays and anything you want. you just have to transform the context into images and put them into the story. That it.

The childhood

childhood is an interesting element that determines the intelligence of students and creates a big difference in their educational success. To clarify, students who lived a rich and sane childhood tend to be more intelligent, thus they can have better grades without studying.

childhood intelligence relates to Theses 4 principal elements:

  • parenting
  • nutrition
  • education and availability of learning resources

to not let our talk just randomly thoughts we’re going to prove that and explain the difference that could create an education between students.

we’re going to pick one method that children can learn to use but before that, you have to watch this video below

is astonishing to see these kids doing like that, they are not special or have something different. The difference is they use a calculation method called Abacus. You could know more about it in this explainable video.

The facts about Abacus and intelligence raise

According to recharge, the survey reported that children trained to use an abacus scored approximately 7 points higher on IQ tests than did controls. Also, they perform well in visual and gain good memory compared to other children.

But unfortunately, The typical age to start is between 5-13, the more a child starts earlier the more is better. The researchers have found that children born with specific neurons related to intelligence should be deployed at this age range.

if children students don’t use these neurons, the neurons die. So the 5-13 range age has a specific reason, is to help students to increase their natural intelligence.

This method is one of many several methods that are used around the world but fewer people or parents know about it. So a lot of students are losing potential or have lost a lot of tools and opportunities that can increase their intelligence.

Childhood is an interesting factor that determines a student’s success. So for example the student who has played with lego or learned abacus has taken many advantages in their childhood which reflect in their grades today.

you could find someone in a school or college who gets good grades without studying and had a wonderful childhood.

Unfortunately, this aspect is not controllable and fewer people are talking about it, but we have to understand it.


you will hear or read on the internet that you have to attend classes and focus these are the traditional or flashy reasons But fewer people will say that people who get good grades without studying are:

  • intelligent
  • have multiple intelligences
  • use weird technics to study
  • had a different childhood


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.