10 important facts about Erasable fountain pens

using erasable fountain pens for students or normal users is a good idea?

In this article, we’re going to discover the 10 facts about erasable fountain pens that most people don’t know about.

Fountain pens cames with erasers pens

The most erasable fountain pens cames with erasable highlighters. That is to say, you’re writing with a fountain pen and when you make a mistake you use these types of highlighters to erase the spot where you have made a mistake.

The highlighters are independent so you have your fountain pen on the side and a highlighter on another side. Correcting or erasing with highlighters fountain pens leave some stains on the paper. It is like you are erasing pencil graphite with a rubber.

To clarify when you erase with a highlighter fountain pen the spot doesn’t like it was at the beginning.

This is a beautiful experience that students Or users can have with erasable fountain pens. So you don’t have to be afraid to make mistakes because if you do, you can immediately erase the mistaken word or phrase.

They fade over the temperature of 140 fehrenheit

The killer point of the fountain pen is its high sensitivity in high temperatures, erasable fountain pens ink can fade easily at 60 degrees celsius or 140 Fahrenheit. But the weird way is you can put the erasable fountain pen ink in the fridge and the magic happens.

You can put the paper again on the fridge and start noticing that your writing is going back.

The chemical characteristic of erasable fountain pen ink makes it work in a specific range of temperatures. This range varies between -10 and + 60 celsius. In Fahrenheit between 14 and 140.

So for reasonable fountain pen users, they have to be aware to put their notebooks or papers in these 4 following environments.

  • cars
  • Close to Windows
  • kitchens “notebook writing recipes”
  • let them in the bags for sunny days

fountain pen ink fade with a light

erasable fountain pen ink fade if you let them in the lighted environments, they are sensitive to light. So students or any user have to be careful to let their erasable fountain pen notebooks in front of the light for a long time.

The bad thing about that is students can’t revise notebooks written with erasable fountain pen ink under desktop lamps. As a result, this could influence the writing and make them fade with time.

So students have to keep their notebooks from any high light concentration environment. Thus, the important note is to avoid writing exams notes with erasable ink.

The erasable ink could last for 3 years or more. But never use erasable ink to write something that is extremely important.

Some fountain pens cames with rubber

Some other erasable Fountain pens came with rubber over the head of the fountain pen. So you don’t have to use highlighters as we mentioned in the last paragraph. You can carry only a fountain pen, it has a nib on the side and a rubber eraser on another side.

They give users a similar experience like using pencils when a student or any user can write and erase at the same time.

Fountain pen rubber erasers don’t erase any fountain pen ink. That is to say, they erase a specific fountain pen ink designed for that. The most famous color that these kinds of erasable fountain pens have is a blue color.

So if you try to erase the different fountain pen ink you will smudge your paper, don’t try to do that it won’t work. The washable blue fountain pen ink that’s comes with your fountain pen will be only erasable with this method.

You can’t write at the same spot you erased

The principal drawback that an erasable fountain pen has is you can’t write on the spot where you erased with the highlighter. To clarify when you make a mistake you use a highlighter to Erase a given word or phrase. That is great and so effective.

But the problem is you can’t go back and write on the top of what you erased. Once you do that the writings disappear. So the spot where you made a mistake can be erasable, but not available to go write again with the fountain paint.

The majority of students in this case write in these blind spots by using ballpoint pens or using different techniques that fountain pen has like Eradicators. We’re going to explain what are eradicators and fountain pens in the next paragraph.

erasable fountain pens come with special ink

Erasable fountain pens have special inks designed for this work. They have unique ink that doesn’t stick on the paper and get easy to remove by specific erasers like highlighters or fountain pen rubbers.

So the question doesn’t relate to the fountain pen, is not something Magic that happens inside the pen. It depends on the nature of the ink that you are using. In other words, you can write with one fountain pen the erasable writings and traditional writing.

You only just have to ensure to clean a cartridge if you using bottle ink fountain pens.

If you don’t, and you just use cartridges you just have to clean a nib when you need to switch between erasable ink and traditional ones.

The best erasble fountain pens to use

In this paragraph, we’re going to discover 3 types of erasable fountain pens

  • Tthe fountain pens that have highlighters
  • fountain pens that has rubber erasers
  • fountain pens that have Eradicators

erasable fountain pens who have highlighters

The drawbacks of this kind of pen are we talked about in the previous paragraphs, is they don’t allow users to write on the top where they erased before.

Erasable fountain pens that have rubber erasers

This kind of fountain pen is good and you can write over again where do you want. You don’t have to use any highlighter or additional pen to correct your mistakes. They work like you have a pencil.

Erasable fountain pens that have eradicators

this kind of fountain pen needs to have a special pen eradicator. The disadvantage of this pen is necessary to use an eradicator if you want to correct or erase fountain pen writing. When you erase a spot you must use this Eradicator to write on the top where you erased.

That is to say, you can’t write and correct your mistake using a fountain pen. This characteristic is like the first type of erasable fountain pen that we talked about.

what should I choose among these 3 types of erasable fountain pens

as a recommendation the second type of erasable fountain pens(erasable fountain pens that have rubber erasers). They are good portable and don’t need any highlighters or eradicators.

2 colors are popular with erasable fountain pen inks

erasable fountain pens users can’t get access to a variety of colors like traditional fountain pen ink. In the market, you can find easily only 2 colors black and blue. While other colors are not popular or easily findable.

The blue color is more famous than the black one, it is normal because students use blue color as principal color.

It’s could be a drawback for erasable fountain pen users, especially for students who like to take math or physic notes.

So for students who like to use different colors with erasable fountain pen ink, this might create a problem to find them in the market.

Some erasble fountain pen have eradicators

If you love to use an erasable fountain pen you would likely need to have an eradicator. It is a tool or a specific pen that is going to allow you to correct your mistakes. Unless you use erasable fountain pens that’s cames with rubber as we mentioned above in the video example.

The Eradicator has2 parts one part to erase and the second part to correct, the first part allows you to erase fountain pen mistakes and the second part is to correct or write again the right word or phrase.

you could go back and watch the video in paragraph (Erasable fountain pens that have eradicators) to know more about it.

Because it is impossible to write with the fountain pen on surfaces or spots where you applied the eradicator eraser. So you will need to use the ballpoint pen that the eradicator has.

erasable fountain pen ink is good to not get stained with ink

The good thing about erasable fountain pen ink is its ability to fade easily under light or heat. This makes its users less worried about getting stained with the ink.

According to our article Are fountain pens practical? (12 important things ) the average fountain pen ink takes 2 to 3 days to fade away from the skin. But with the consistent use of a fountain pen, you can’t get rid of the ink from your fingers.

There is no way to not get stain it with Fountain Pen unless you use gloves.

Using erasable fountain pens solves this issue. It is enough to wash your hands and rub them well with hot water and things get done. An erasable fountain pen is easier removable in comparison with a traditional Fountain ink pen.


using an erasable fountain pen is good, but according to the 10 facts that we listed above fountain pens are to avoid for:

  • taking notes
  • passing exams
  • writing lectures
  • writing something and thinking to keep it for a long time
  • not use them for writing recipes ( they can fade away in kitchens)

fountain pens have a lot of positive and negative sides but regarding that teachers love them so much you can discover why by reading this article.

Also, you could watch this video talking about the best fountain pens for students or limited-budget people.


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