7 reasons to avoid Nintendo switch as a student

should I avoid a Nintendo switch as a student?

A lot of students say, they Love the Nintendo switch but this device has a lot of flaws and issues that students should be aware how about.

In this article, we’re going to list the 7 major reasons to not use Nintendo switch As a student.


The Nintendo Switch has two famous versions in the market today, the oldest version comes with an LCD screen and the newest one has an OLED screen. The LCD version cost $300 while the newest one cost $350.

This is not a small budget to spend on electronic devices as a student. For people who haven’t had the experience to test PlayStation because they couldn’t afford it for its high price, $300 is possible to test the PS4 version which is suitable more than the Nintendo switch.

We will list below the 5 best game consoles that can buy with the same Nintendo switch price, meaning between $300 and $350.

  • ps4
  • xbox 1s
  • oculus serie 2
  • second hand gaming computer
  • Apple iPad 10.2 (9th Gen, 64GB)

The best thing among these 5 products that we are listed above is an iPad Air. Is an optimal option to replace and avoid a Nintendo switch as a student who has $350.

with an iPad, students can do both playing and studying, instead of wasting money and time, investing in entertaining and educational tools like iPad will be effective more. IPad Air screen size is bigger and sharper where students can play with full HD they’re lovely games.

There is a big a noticeable difference between 10.6 inches iPad screen and 7 inch that Nintendo switch has.

In addition, iPad Air can be used as a notebook where students can take notes, watch videos and do a lot of flexible stuff that Nintendo switch users can’t do. iPad is 2 in 1 device, is good for studying and playing games with high-quality screen definition.

About the portability, an iPad battery Air lasts two times more than a Nintendo switch does. Students can play with iPad Air for 9 hours while Nintendo switch lasts a maximum of 4 consistent hours of play.

investing $350 is not feasible especially for students who have limited budgets.

Students can’t play any game with Nintendo switch

Nintendo switch is not an optimal tool for students to play any game they want, it’s has a lot of limits and some drawbacks. Students cant trade Nintendo switch By PlayStation or Xbox.

That is to say, the Nintendo Switch isn’t able to run effectively a lot of famous games that you can play with Playstation or Xbox.

You can find in the list below the 7 famous games that students can t play with Nintendo switch lite version.

  • Surgeon Simulator
  • 1-2-Switch.
  • Super Mario Party
  • Nintendo Labo
  • Just Dance
  • Fitness Boxing
  • Ring Fit Adventure

The 7 games that’s we listed above don’t work with the Nintendo switch, Lite version. The Nintendo switch Lite doesn’t have the joy-cons which makes it impossible to control these kinds of games.

The second bad thing to avoid Nintendo switch as a student, is its poor Quality graphic, with 720p screen resolution, you won’t enjoy that much if a student is used to playing famous games like on Playstation or Xbox.

To take the maximum advantage of Nintendo switch graphic quality, you have to plug it with the TV to upgrade to the 1080p screen resolution.

So the quality of image playing with a smartphone would be better than playing with a Nintendo switch. Smartphones have sharper and darker colors than the screen Nintendo switch doesn’t.

To play video games as a student you can’t trade Nintendo switch by PlayStation or XBOX. If you are a student and you think a Nintendo switch will be like a portable Playstation or Xbox you are wrong.

Battery life

The Nintendo switch constructor says that the device can last until 9 hours, but for consistent and intensive work the Nintendo Switch doesn’t exceed 3.5 to 4 hours. This is not good for students who are strong players.

So Nintendo switch is not an excellent portable device to bring with you as a student for long outsides. In other words, in the holidays when students are off of studies. They should plug it in a charger at least two times a day.

the battery life of the Nintendo Switch doesn’t differ from smartphones, some good smartphone batteries can last more than this game tool.

The major drawback is Nintendo switch cant be charged in a stand-out. To clarify you can’t put the Nintendo switch on the table and charge it at the same time. it has a USB port underneath the Nintendo switch body.

you need to use this product in the video below to understand more.

So if you want to play against your college student you have to do these, 2 following things:

  • Charging it before starting playing
  • Put something underneath the screen that allows you to charge it while playing
  • Buy a charger grip which adds costs $30

Nintendo Switch doesn’t have a promising good battery life compared to other electronic devices.

Nintendo switch is not good for student Outdoors

Using Nintendo switch in school and especially on sunny days could create reflection problems. That is to say, playing outside in the shiny days makes things difficult to see the screen.

Using Nintendo switch for outside forces Student to use its maximum capacity of brightness, as a result, decrease the life battery for only 3 hours.

In addition, the Nintendo switch is not a great tool to carry with you outsides, it is big you can’t put it in the pocket and for smaller size bags. you need medium bags or having a backpack.

the question is do students still use backpacks.

avoid Nintendo switch as a student

As you’ve seen in the image the Nintendo switch is bigger, is 10 inches long, and 4 in high so there are no trousers or pants that can hold this device. So we can’t consider it the best tool for the outdoors.

joycon drift problem

Investing in a $300 Nintendo switch doesn’t guarantee the durability of this product. Many Nintendo Switch users have faced a lot of technical problems with their devices. While some organizations have filed lawsuits against the manufacturing company.

Since the Birth of the portable joy-cons idea, Nintendo switches users have had several problems with their joy-cons. We’re going to list the four famous problems known in the Nintendo switch.

  • the syncing issue between Joycons
  • Interference issues with other Wireless monitors
  • Dust problems
  • Some joy-cons might not respond well

You can watch this video below to see more details about this subject.

Nintendo switch is distracting in school

According to review42, 2.5 billion played video games in 2019 the total revenue of the gaming industry is 150 billion dollars. This indicates the hugeness of this industry and how the market is fastly growing and expanding every day.

60% of game players prefer to use a smartphone because of its portability and easy hand use. But having portable gaming tools has dark sides for students and could be the principal reason that holds some students to get a high GPA.

8.4% of children and teenagers are addicted to gaming, of which, 11-12% are boys, and 6-7% are girls.

Games have the ability to be more addictive like Nintendo switch or smartphones. In other words, means 4 million school students are addicted to these kinds of devices.

Nintendo Switch is a 100% entertaining tool, is not going to be an educational device. Its portability makes it easy to be addictive which can influence the student’s performance.

It is Recommendable for students to use it sanely and don’t Exceed 2 hours a week.

Smartphone are better

Smartphones are better and risk replacing Nintendo switch in future times, investing $350 is not competitive as smartphones today. We’re going to treat this subject in 4 principal areas.

  • graphic difference
  • Battery durability
  • portability
  • price

graphic difference

Nintendo switched in his ultimate versions with OLED screens can’t give a student high-quality graphical images. 720P is not a good quality for gaming today while you could have with the same budget an HD full resolution screen smartphone.

Playing with an HD screen smartphone is different from the Nintendo Switch screen.

Battery durability

The Nintendo switch battery durability is limited, student can’t go for long outsides without bringing the charger. The maximum time that’s could last Nintendo switch outside the home is 3 hours.

While smartphones can last double of this time. In addition, smartphones can be used for a lot of other things.


A smartphone is more portable than the Nintendo switch, the smartphone can easily behold why Nintendo switch needs to have a special bag. It becomes very noisy to hold a Nintendo switch if a student doesn’t have a backpack

Smartphones can fit in any cloth pocket so students don’t have to care about that.


The last version of the Nintendo switch cost $350 this budget is enough to buy a good gamer phone that exceeds all capabilities that’s Nintendo switch offers.

Nintendo switches investors are only skeptical and think that smartphones are going to beat these old technology gaming devices.


According to the 7 reasons to avoid using Nintendo switch As a student, the Nintendo switch technology has some major flaws and shortcomings like:

  • Price
  • Portability
  • Technical issues
  • Competition

For students to have a limited budget there are more common devices like iPad or laptops better than investing in an entertaining and Limited tool.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.