12 reasons Why do students love Nintendo switch?

in this article were going to list the 12 reasons why students love Nintendo switch.


Students love the Nintendo switch because of its portability, they can bring it to the school or college. It doesn’t weigh so much, the complete version with the Joy-cons weight 400g while the:

  • screen alone weight 300g
  • joy-cons 100g, 50g for each side

The last version of the Nintendo Switch comes with a 7-inch display which is comfortable for students who like portable and the big size screen devices. Students love to play with Nintendo switch at school buses, study brakes, and So on.

The third thing that student love about Nintendo switch portability is its joy-cons, Nintendo switch have succeeded to create a portable device that’s come to compete against traditional console games like Xbox or Playstation.

It is true that Nintendo Switch can not replace Xbox or PlayStation consoles totally, but it has some positive things that make the gaming experience more appealing.

The ability to connect to a TV monitor

The ability to connect Nintendo switch with the TV is the greatest thing that students love. This option help students to use Nintendo switch and a have close sensation like using PS4 or Xbox.

the Option that Nintendo switch dock offer is to upgrade the image quality from 720P to full 1080 HD. So students can raise the quality of games images and enjoy playing games with friends or family.

The Nintendo switch connections to TV monitors is done by 2 methods:

  • wireless connection
  • Cable connection

Is it recommended for students to use cable connections to prevent some interference problems that could happen with wireless connections.

bigger screen

The 2017 version of the Nintendo Switch comes with a 6.3-inch display, while the last version of the Nintendo Switch, (the Nintendo switch OLED) comes with 2 screen advantages:

  • Replacing old LCD screens with OLED screens
  • Making bigger display than the old version

OLED screens are the last technology in the screens today, they are way better than LCD screens. That reflects on the image or video quality, the colors are sharper and the contrast is better than the LCD screens.

The last version of the Nintendo Switch has a 7-inch display which is bigger by 0.7 than the last or old version. It’s a strong point advantage that’s Mobile game players lovers won’t find any smartphone.


There is no better device to play nostalgic games like the Nintendo switch. In other words, it gives precious memories to 80s and 90s games. It remembers the old generation of students of game boys, sega, or even the first version of Nintendo.

For instance, Super Mario and Sonic still popular games in Nintendo switch after 30 years of its apparition.

These kinds of games are becoming simple compared to the last and most complex video games today, even though they are still addictive and appreciated by many people. Nintendo Switch is a Bridge that protected the only game versions from dying.

Also, it helps a lot of people to enjoy their old preferable video games. It’s a nostalgic aspect.

8 students can play with nintendo switch

What’s makes Nintendo switch beautiful is the ability to play with students colleagues or friends. That is to say, you can play against your friend or have a group to compete against. So the Nintendo Switch is a sociable game tool, but a lot of sudden don’t know how many players Nintendo switch can support.

Nintendo switch dock allows up to 8 persons or colleagues to play the same game, most students don’t know about that. They only think that the maximum of people who can play with Nintendo switch is 2 persons.

Nintendo switches only support 2 joy-cons. To clarify, for students who would love to play in a group, they have to bring their Joy-cons or any suitable Nintendo switch control monitors. This option is good for family members to participate in this fun video game.

Use Anki

Anki is a famous application for students, especially for medical and biology students. This application helps the student to memorize and study using the flashing card method. But what is the relation between Nintendo switch and Anki?

The Nintendo Switch Joy-cons help Anki users to use this application more effectively and to make the education experience more fun and appealing for students.

Using Nintendo switch Joy-cons with Anki makes the study process more endurable, the active recall option in Anki is boring and not easy to swallow. Using Joy-cons facilitate it which makes it more encouraging to recall the hundred a Flush in cards information.

You can watch this video below to discover how to set up Nintendo Switch Joy-cons with Anki.

Play in educational games

Nintendo Switch has a lot of educational games that help students to increase the value of learning through play. This option is valuable especially for school students who get easily distracted or attracted by the game consoles.

90% of school students are playing today video games which means 45 million School students, they represent 30% of global American players. According to our article 7 reasons to avoid Nintendo switch as a student, 8.4% of children are addicted to video games.

we will list the 6 best educational Nintendo switch games.

  • Labo plaster kit stem game
  • Scribblenauts megapack
  • Snipperclip plus
  • captain toad’s treasure tracker
  • math land

Take screenshots of lovely gaming moments

A lot of students and game users don’t know that the Nintendo Switch allows you to take your fun impressive gaming moments. For instance, if you break a record in any given game you can take a screenshot and share the image with your friends.

As you have seen in the image above the Highlighted button in red on left of the joy-cons is responsible for taking screenshots. Once you press a button, the image is directly saved on the album photos.

Students can take their images screenshots and share them on social media with people of Freinds. In Addition, they can edit them by adding text or doodling their images to make them in good appearance and expressive More

Expandable memory

The old Nintendo switch version has 32 GB as internal memory storage, while the last version of the Nintendo switch OLED has a double. So 64 GB as an internal device storage capacity would give students a lot of space to install and play multiple games.

In addition, With the Nintendo Switch, you can expand the memory device by adding an SD card. You can add up to 400GB as an SD card no problems would happen with the Nintendo switch.

If you invest $40 you could have 464 GB storage because today’s SD cards are better and cheaper. This budget is able to bring you the 400 GB good quality SD card.

A lot of students love the extension SD card option that Nintendo switch has while you can’t find an Apple product like iPads.

Students can track their playtime

For Students who can’t control themselves playing a Nintendo switch, they could use the tracking gaming time option. This characteristic helps them to know how much time they spend playing games. As a result, is good for school students to find a balance between studies and playing times.

This option is much useful for parents, to know how much more time their kids are spending playing. Thus detecting if their kids are playing more than studying.

as a recommendation students should not play games for more than 2 hours a week, especially for school students who need more accompaniment and parental control.

Having fun moments

Students can have fun moments playing with Nintendo switch, they can play outside or in a home their preferable games. What makes Nintendo switch appealing for Students is its ability to run almost all PlayStation and Xbox games on a 7-inch portable console.

Students can play the famous game like

  • Fortnite
  • animal Crossing
  • Minecraft
  • Valorant
  • GTA
  • league of Legends
  • crossing wild World

Playing this game on a portable device like Nintendo switch it’s something brilliant and very encouraging. That is to say, the Nintendo switch made what was impossible previously, possible today.

The joy-cons

The interesting thing that creates a difference from Nintendo switch and makes it is a successful product for users like a student is their Joy-cons. This portable device has made the experience different from the previous ones like the switch Lite version.

Joy-cons can allow a student to have a portable device experience like having PlayStation or Xbox wherever the students can go.

Playing games with joy-cons is very different from traditional buttons, it has more control and accuracy for pure motion games. For instance, playing “Super Mario Party” is impossible with the old versions like Nintendo switch Lite.

Because this version didn’t have joy-cons which makes it not feasible for students to play it.

With joy-cons, students can play any game that is used to play with PlayStation or Xbox. The only thing that creates a difference is the graphic or image quality but is acceptable depending on the price of the device.

Nintendo Switch has a good option to solve the normal loss of the joy-cons accuracy, users can recalibrate their joystick if they have a problem or see some response troubles.


Nintendo Switch has a lot of positive sides for students but it has the 7 killer points that could make it not so suitable for a lot of students.

You could read this undiscovered is 7 shortcoming using Nintendo switch as a student.link there is an alternative and upgraded Nintendo version you can watch in this video.


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