Students should walk with headphones or earbuds?

Should students walk with headphones or earbuds? is our topic to answer today.

In this article, we’re going to discover the best tool to walk for students or even non-students in street college or school.

Also responding to the popular questions about this topic.

So if you want to read what is the safest and best tool to use while walking, keep reading.

students should walk with headphones or earbuds?

before responding directly to the question we will discover the 7 killer points that earbuds and headphones have for walking. These 7 points can change your opinion and maybe shift your direction from choosing headphones to earbuds or vice versa.

The 7 interesting points that we’re going to treat and respond to the question of if students should walk with headphones or earbuds are in the list below:

  • weight
  • Price
  • safety
  • portability
  • health
  • style
  • sound quality


Walking using headphones is very different from earbuds, the average weight of earbuds is around 30 to 50g while headphones are heavier so much than that. The weight range of headphones varies between 100 grams to 400 grams.

That is to say, headphones are heavier 5 to 10 times than earbuds having this weight means extra load to a neck.

As a result, means that walking with headphones is equivalent to carrying 8 earbuds at the same time. So you carry only the weight that 8 persons hold using earbuds.

In addition, the force applied to a neck is 8 times bigger when students walk using headphones instead of earphones. It is noticeable in a long walking that could students make like jogging or walking for long distances to a school or college.

In this case, earbuds are better to walk with, they are lighter and not tiring for long runs or walkings.


on average headphones are costing 2 times than earbuds, the price could change depending on the product quality but on average good headphones cost at least 2 times more. For students who think about money, they have to take that into consideration.

we’re not talking about $20 or $30 headphones, we’re talking about headphones that have reasonable quality, costing around $100 or more.

earbuds are costing between $50 to $100 or even more while good headphones are worth $100 to $400 and can exceed that for premium quality.

For students who love walking and listening to music, lectures, or anything else, having a strict or limited budget could be an issue for buying headphones. Hence earbuds are more affordable if we compare them to the price and quality side.


Walking with headphones in street is more dangerous than earbuds especially when using canceling voice option. You completely lose contact with the outside world, which can cause dramatic accidents.

both headphones and earbuds are dangerous to wear in walking but there is a slight difference that we will talk about.

According to our article For online classes, Headphones or Earphones?(3 keys), headphones have a better capacity to reduce an outside sound. The canceling voice option in headphones can reduce 30dB.

Earbuds can’t reduce this amount of sound which is a good and positive point for headphones. But in street or using it in walking becomes a major issue it disconnects you from the whole world.

At least earbuds help and keep users or students a little bit in contact and aware of what is going on outside. So in this case we can assume that earbuds are safer than headphones.


there is no arguing that earbuds are more portable than headphones, earbuds are:

  • lighter
  • don’t require power
  • small size
  • can work with any devices
  • lighter: as we noticed above in our article earbuds can be lighter 8 to 10 times than headphones, wearing them for long-distance is not a problem
  • don’t need power: earbuds come with batteries that can last even for 10 consistent hours of work while means spending the whole day without needing a charge. In addition, some good headphones qualities need amplifiers which can be a major issue for students or any users.
  • small size: earbuds are smaller 10 times than headphones, the driver’s headphones are at least bigger 5 times than earbuds. So there is a big differentiation in size.
  • can work with any device: earbuds can get connected with any device that has a bleu tout or wifi option. So you can use them with phones, desktop computers, laptops, etc, they don’t need to have a jack or amplifiers for some cases.


the 20 mm that headphones drivers have makes them healthier than earbuds. earbuds have smaller drivers with 7 or 8 mm diameters which makes them closer to the ear. While headphones drivers are less closer and concentrated to ears.

In addition, the good sound isolation that offers headphones makes students or users not increase the volume and damage their ears like earbuds or earphones users can do.

Because earphones or earbuds users are affected by a lot of noises around sides, which automatically force them to rise a volume sound and damage their ears.

The range that specialists recommend is not exceeding 60% of maximum sound while using them. But for walking, we recommend lowering up and keeping them in the 50% range to not lose completely the sense with an outside world.


earbuds are more stylish and look minimalist and professional. Wearing “200g a cap”, as some students say is not going to be appealing that 50g or less tool.

Some earphones are very stylish and fit completely with an ear, you can even know if a student or user is using something strange on his body. you can watch this image below.

students walk with headphones or earbuds

walking inside of corded people wearing headphones might sound not weird and don’t comfortable for a student who cares about their appearance and loves to stay tidy at all times.

sound quality

to guarantee good sound quality many factors rely on that but if we compare between earbuds and headphones 2 major things make headphones provide good and better quality than earbuds.

  • driver size
  • noise-canceling capability

Driver size: hearing a sound from 50 mm drivers will not surly be like a 5 or 6 mm driver earbud, the headphone sound will be clear and noticeable, students can hear and sense well the difference between musical notes. As a result, makes the experience more appealing and lovely.

Noise-canceling capability: The protective rubber headphone ear helps a lot to isolate the sound and enhance its quality. Students wouldn’t be forced to rise the sound which means reducing its clearance like earbuds.

So what is the best for walking earbuds or headphones

this table below will resume our 7 points killer and determine the winner in this battle.

walking criterias










sound quality

The green color means good or better while the red color indicates not better and less capable.

according to our table, we find that earbuds are the winner in this battle:

5 points for earbuds and only 2 points for headphones. to know why you can go back to the article and see the details and proofs.

Is it good to wear headphones while walking?

It is acceptable not too much good to wear headphones while walking, but globalization life forces us to do that. It is not feasible to say to students or people not wearing headphones or earphones while walking.

headphones and earphones are useful to use at walking they help students to take advantage of a time like:

  • listening to lectures in the way of school or college
  • relaxing by listening to music
  • talking on the phone to people comfortably when walking
  • listening to audiobooks for busy people who don’t have time to read books
  • listening to music while jogging or walking, is more exciting and helpful

But students should be aware of these 5 things before walking with headphones:

  • down up the sound to let you able to hear cars people sound around you
  • use earphones in street and busy environments (because it doesn’t isolate the noise like headphones)
  • remove headphones or earphones when you cross the road
  • use one earphones piece and let another ear free “is better
  • don’t use them walking at all in wilds sector when predators could be existent

Why do people like wearing headphones when walking around?

people like wearing headphones when walking around because headphones have many advantages for them but 7 interesting reasons are:

  • listen to music and have some fun
  • listen to podcasts
  • access to audiobooks for busy people
  • get excited to do sport
  • discouraging people to take with them
  • studying or memorizing lectures
  • they can talk for long calls comfortably (instead of sticking phones to their ears)


using headphones or earphones depends on the ability and the preferences of students. In our article we knew together:

  • what is the best for walking earbuds or headphones
  • what are the reasons that make students or normal users use headphones or earbuds while waking
  • Also, the goods and conditions that make headphones or earbuds safe to use in different environments.

Gathering this whole information helps students if they should walk with headphones or earbuds. for further information, you can watch this video about the best headphones and earbuds for walking or running.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.