Fountain pen in elementary school(5 excellent tips)

is wise to give a fountain pen to an elementary school student for use?

do elementary school students find fountain pens nice and good for writing?

should elementary school students learn writing using fountain pens?

why fountain pen was obligatory in elementary schools?

in this article, we’re going to respond to these 4 questions and discover also the fountain pen timeline in school.

Fountain pen in elementary school

the fountain pen has a solid history with elementary school is lasted for over 100 years after its invention in 1840. Students were using fountain pens after the end of the second world war. when engineers controlled and arrived to make good ballpoint for general use.

During these 100 years, fountain pens were so important in school especially elementary school, at this time system the education system was seriously interested to teach students writing.

The fountain pen was the popular one at this time due to the advantage that it has, like smoothness and popular use of calligraphies.

According to our article Fountain pens in school (20 facts to know about) , we approximately predicted based on several surveys that fountain pen users are between 4 to 5 million users in US and UK schools.

But for elementary school student, there is not a concrete survey or study that show the exact data. But the number that we noticed above is enough to confirm the importance of fountain pens in elementary school.

Elementary school students find fountain pens interesting and appealing for them. They have different and unique designs each one is different from others. In addition, the metallic brilliant nib seems more stylish for them.

you can watch this video below to see elementary school students’ reactions to fountain pens and how they found them.

giving a fountain pen to an elementary school student

giving a fountain pen to an elementary school student is good and has many advantages to improve his handwriting. elementary school students find fountain pens:

  • beautiful
  • smooth
  • comfortable for handing
  • have good color on the paper
  • they like the silver nib
  • elementary students like its size fountain are thicker and have more details
  • are colored well
  • have good grip
  • easy to make curves
  • image of smudgy paper

But fountain pens have some things that could represent some drawbacks for elementary school students. In some applications, it consists of the presence of adults preventing making some mistakes like this one in the image below.

Fountain pen in elementary school

5 tips before giving a fountain pen to an elementary school student

giving a fountain pen to an elementary school student means following some guidances and respecting sole rules. We will give 5 principal tips to follow:

  • being present with elementary school students to refill fountain pen ink
  • teach them how to hold a pen correctly
  • advise them about the importance of fountain pen cap
  • not put fountain pen into pockets
  • teach them the importance of cleaning of fountain pens

being present with elementary school students to refill fountain pen ink

for elementary students especially in the first 3 grades, students need help from adults to learn how to deal with fountain pens. Fountain pens ink consume quickly and need to be filed on every while.

So it is recommendable to students who have under 10 years old to not change or refill the ink bottle by themselves. Especially using converters because the results are shown in the image example above.

Parents have two choices refill the ink for their kids or buy them cartridges that are easy to replace. But the parental control always has be present for these kinds of operations.

Teach them how to hold a pen correctly

Teaching an elemarny school student how to grip or hold a pend correctly is important. Students need to learn how to hold a pen to benefit from its capacity and smoothness. using fountain pens wrongly can be discouraging for them.

Students should grip a pen horizontally to not have discontinuities or interruptions in their writings. In this way, smoothness is guaranteed and students will enjoy them.

advice them about the importance of fountain pen cap

letting fountain pen without a cap is detrimental especially when we forget that. Letting a fountain pen without a cap for a week can totally dry the ink inside the pen.

For this reason, elementary students should be aware of that, and learn the importance of keeping fountain pen nibs covered. If they want to go on trips or travel is better to clean them.

not put fountain pen into pockets

fountain pen into pockets can create a significant problem for elementary school students. Students will not commit to keeping every day ahead pen on top preventing the ink leak.

For this reason, is not recommended at all, to let them put fountain pens into their pockets. Getting ink stains on the cloths is difficult to remove and sometimes becomes impossible.

teach them the importance of cleaning of fountain pens

fountain pens elementary school uses need to understand that their lovely pens need to clean up regularly. 2 Months is the maximum duration that fountain pens can last without a clean.

exceed this time risque to deteriorate the pen and decrease its efficiency on writing quality.

Should student learn writing using fountain pen

Is obligatory to use a fountain pen to learn writings, but using fountain pens has a historical aspect more than his famous advantages like smoothness and niceness of writings.

But for elementary students who like arts fountain pens are better to use. They will help these artistic students to show their creativity by writing cruises or learning caligraphies.

you could watch this video below showing some technics to write cursive or calligraphy.

why use fountain pen was obligatory in elementary school

in the ’80s and 90s, the concept of handwriting was important and critical for students. Computers were not used publically at this moment so writings with different and beautiful fonts were manually, So handwriting was important at tath time.

The goal behind that was to teach students calligraphy and writing cruise because this thing was a job and occupation for many artists. But the apparition of computers in 95 and 2000 s changed the game.

Nowadays computers are doing this job with excellence and flexibility. So there is no need to have this kind of calligraphy writer. In most cases, people still do it like a hobby or an art.

As a result, the writing aspect fades away from the education system’s attention. While currently, the focus is completely on computer science and other relevant fields.

fountain pen timeline


The invention of fountain pen


The invention of ballpoint pen


The first ballpoint design patented 


Manufacturing first ballpoint pens

ballpoint pens are invented just after 4 years of the fountain pen are inventions. Fountain pens are in 1884 ballpoint pens are ballpoint pens in 1888. So why do ballpoint pens last 70 years before getting manufactured?.

ballpoint pens weren’t exact and had many issues since their appartion, engineer had the biggest challenges to make the exact design that prevent ballpoint from bleeding or making problems.

The technology at that moment wasn’t advanced until 1950 when engineers arrived to translate and fabricate an efficient fountain pen.


using fountain pens for elementary school students is good and has many pros, but it still needs to be under parental control for some cases that we listed in our article.


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