Fountain pens in school (20 facts to know about)

should students use fountain pens in school? or is too early for them?

Does a fountain pen a good option or alternative to using in school?

In this article we’re going to respond to the most popular questions about fountain pen uses in school. There are many important numbers and facts that school students should know about.

So keep reading to know the full insight about this topic

Is good to use a fountain pen at school?

According to Ukfountainpens survey, approximately 9% of users under 21 years old were responding about their fountain pens experience while the 21-30-year-old range represented 24% of fountain pens global users.

As a result, makes us have an approximate constatation of school and college fountain pen users.

others” are the persons over 30, which mean that this survey doesn’t include the students who might have more than 30 year old.

So we can approximately estimate that school fountain pen users are between 4 to 5 million school students around the united state and UK . 4 million is not an easy number, it reflects the interest of students in these fantastic and weird pens.

The fountain pen has many advantages for school students, to use in their daily classrooms. In other words, students can:

  • writing short lectures
  • taking notes
  • filing sheets
  • doodling
  • passing exams
  • writing cruises in English subjects
  • solving some math issues or problems
  • writing caligraphies
  • using fountain pens to improve handwriting at school
  • enjoy the smooth writing classrooms

But there are many things that school students should be aware of about fountain pens. The most famous problems that students face are tethering and bleeding problems. That is to say, the ink pen runs into the paper, so the page could be easily smudged.

Were going to talk in detail about fountain pens problems that school students should be aware of in the next paragraph of our article.

should you take notes using a fountain pen at school?

According to Science Direct, 91.2% of students reported that they take notes because it helps them to learn new information. while (94.5%) of students reported that they take notes because it will give them material to review for the exam.

Taking note is something that any student could not argue about, It is the nerve of the studying process. But using a fountain pen at school taking notes could add something special?

fountain pen gives a student a good experience of writing notes, the majority of students use fountain pens for taking notes, not for long writing. The principal reason for that, is fountain pen notes are more beautiful than ballpoint pen notes because:

But for beginner students fountain pens need to have some practice before performing good writings like this example below.

Fountain pens in school

7 things to know before using founatain pen at school

We will list 7 important things for newer school fountain pen students to know about fountain pens. So to prevent falling in some beginners’ mistakes.

fountain pens are expensive for school students

a fountain pen is not a cheap pen, the cheapest fountain pen in the market costs $4 but the most important thing is cartridge prices. The smallest cartridge costs $0.5, which means $5 per 10 refills. Each refill lasts regularly 3 days.

That is to say, a school student has to spend $3 every month to take notes or write small essays using fountain pens.

Fountain pen needs consistent cleaning

Specialists recommend that fountain pens need to be cleaned once a month for intensive use and not exceeding 8 weeks at maximum. ink and dust build-up on, which interrupt writings and create problems.

Normal fountain pens could last for a decade but if a school student doesn’t make periodic cleaning sessions. This could dramatically shorten the lifespan of the fountain pen.

you need to have a specific notebook in school for

Fountain pens need to have good notebook paper quality to prevent bleeding and feathering problems, you can watch this video below to know more about details.

Letting fountain pen without a cap in school classroom means

if you forget to put on a fountain pen cap, the ink inside a pen could be dried along the time. Letting fountain pen without a cap for 15 days, the ink will completely dry inside a pen.

The cleaning process will be painful and the odds of damaging the fountain pen are high in the cleaning process.

fountain pen bleed easily

fountain pens bleed easily, which depends on 3 principal things:

  • paper quality
  • nib size
  • ink quality
  • Having bad paper quality creates bleeding and feathering problems as you’ve seen in the video. Because paper doesn’t have the ability to absorb big ink quantity which makes ink run out along the paper.
  • Nib size: the more is the nib broader the more ink drop from a nib, which requires investing more in a higher quality paper.
  • Ink quality: having bad ink quality delay the drying process which increases the odds of smudging paper. Also, get stained with ink

fountain pens have multiple nib sizes

Fountain pens have multiple nib sizes, the range is between 0.4 to 1.9mm, But school students use between 0.5 to 0.7mm nib to take notes or write.

These size nibs are good and don’t require expensive paper as needed for broader stocks such as 1.9mm.

fountain pens can improve your handwriting at school

Students say that fountain pen improves their handwriting and see a noticeable difference between writing with standard pens and fountain pens.

This is normal because fountain pens are smother and have good ink quality than ballpoint or traditional pens. In addition, all fountain pen users write in good paper quality.

These 3 factors help and rise the handwriting quality of school students.

what the issues that can cause a fountain pen in school?

school fountain pen users can face many problems with fountain pens, but we will list 10 famous ones that any student is prone to affront.

  • bleeding or feathering which means running the ink along with the paper
  • fountain pen end up quickly need consistent refills (the details are in the next paragraph )
  • fingers are always stained with ink
  • school students will forget to put pen cap causing the ink drying or bleeding up
  • school students might forget or not respect the cleaning schedule of fountain pen
  • the cheapest fountain pens can crack by dropping or forcing to them
  • putting fountain pens wrongly in the pocket (fountain pen head should be always on the top no the bottom to keep ink away from a nib)
  • school student colleges would want to test it which could be annoying
  • it needs some practice at the beginning, writings could not meet the expectation in the first trials
  • it can be stolen or loosed (students have to be careful)
  • fountain pen needs extreme care for a school student to keep, for lazy students this is not a good pen to use.

can you use everyday a fountain pen in school?

Yes, it can be used every day, but do school students ready to afford that?

According to our experience that we noticed in our article Are fountain pens practical? (12 important things ) we found that writing 2000 words with a fountain pen cost $1 of ink which is not suitable for a strong writer.

for students who write a lot, around 1000 to 2000 daily words, with a fountain pen they need to spend between $15 to $30 a month for ink. This budget is not comfortable especially for school students who still rely on their parents.

Hence, school students should take only notes or write small things that can make their ink fillings durable and economic.

can you use fountain pens in exams?

There are no problems, fountain pens can be used in exams but students should be aware of these 10 things:

  • have a spare pen
  • use finner nibs
  • it could be distracting
  • you could be slower in writing
  • bring with you a spare cardtridgee
  • refile it completely before exam
  • using quick drying ink
  • use god reasonable quality of fountain pen
  • don’t let a fountain pen on paper
  • is hard to correct mistakes

have a spare pen

fountain pen can end up in any time you don't have to rely on principally

use finner nibs 

finner nibs are good to deal in case of dealing with poor exam paper qualities (smudged paper exam is terrible)

it could be distracting 

this problem happen for beginners they spend time trying to hold the pen correctly

you could be slower in writing

this problem disappear with practice but at the beginning, students should be aware of that

bring with you a spare cardtridge

fountain pen end up quicky in exams students must bring at least 1 supplementary cartridge

refile it completely before exam 

This is so important for students who don't use cartridges and only use a converter

using quick drying ink

you are in exams so the worst thing is waiting for a page to dry in an exam before writing

use god reasonable quality of fountain pen

Lamy safari or metropolitan pens are enough good

don't let a fountain pen on paper  

fountain pens aren't controllable and you don't know what could happen they can unexpectedly drop ink on an exam paper

is hard to correct mistakes 

fountain ink pen take time to dry which make it hard to correct, student have to double-check before writing

fountain pens in exams are good, but using them in exams requires a lot of attention. So for beginners fountain pen school students, we would not recommend that before having enough experience to deal with.

what are the good fountain pens for school students?

fountain pens have a wide range and vary from $4 to $500 prices in this article we listed the best 5 fountain pens for students who have good quality and affordable prices.


using fountain pens in school is good and can reflect the artistic and noble feeling that school students might have. But according to the 20 facts that we listed about fountain pens in school.

Fountain pens have a tax that school students should pay to use it effectively.


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