Is Remarkable good for students(9 things to know)

is Remarkable good for students?

In this article, we’re going to list the 9 principal things that students should know about remarkable before making a killer buying mistake.

1 – Porability

The good thing that students like about remarkable is its portability, students can carry it easily is lightweight. It doesn’t exceed 450 grams, which is lighter than any tablet device even the iPad.

The second is thickness remarkable in its second version meaning remarkable 2 is thin with only 4.7mm. So students can carry it easily with them without taking care of notebooks. Because the majority of notebooks are thicker and exceed 5mm in thickness.

10 inches is the resolution of the screen, and the one page of a notebook varies between 8 to 10 inches. So students will rarely find notebooks that have a 10-inch page. This gives a student a better and broader space to write and take notes for.

The last thing is Remarkable good for students who love to take notes and don’t carry notebooks with them in school or college. the majority of students would not care when you add a leather folio to a remarkable, it seems like an agenda more than an electronic device.

2 – 2 weeks of studies without charging it

Remarkables has the best durability battery that students would like. The second version of remarkable could last for 2 weeks without a need for charging. There is no electronic device that could last that much time.

The maximum time that an iPad could last, is between 8 to 10 hours, which means 40 times less than remarkable. The iPad user will charge 40 times his iPad while you need to do it once.

It doesn’t mean that Remarkable has a superpowerful battery, but the limitation that comes with allows it to not consume battery. We’re going to talk later about them.

Remarkable is good for students who go in outdoors and love reading and writing. It takes 4 to 5 hours to be charged to last for the next 2 weeks.

3 – Remarkable is expensive

Remarkable is an expensive device, the second version cost $400 which is not affordable to have especially for students having limited budgets. It is not an option to look for, there is a lot of alternatives that student could look for with this budget.

$400 is enough to look for an iPad tablet, or laptop, or even discover google products such as Chromebooks. But before looking for or buying a Chromebook you have to read this article to not fall into a trap.

Remarkable doesn’t come with a pencil. So you have to invest $100 to get a pencil with an eraser or $50 without an eraser, which means adding $100 to a bill for a good quality remarkable pencil.

For students who are stylish and want to invest in some good folios, they need to spend $150 on leather folios to make their remarkable tablets much more appealing.

The accessories of tablets are always expensive you can look at how much there are with iPad.

Do not forget remarkable pencil use tips and if you lose them you need to invest $14 to get new tips for your pencil. Also, if you want to transfer data from your phone to a tablet, $19 to add a USB c cable.

So to sum up for students the Remarkable acquisition cost will be:

  • $400 for a tablet
  • $100 for a pencil or a cheaper version for $50
  • leather folio $150
  • pencil tips $14
  • USB cable $19

The total bill will reach $700 This price is heavier for a limited tablet device that could run also pdf and documents.

4 – Confort for eyes student

According to Reviewob, nearly 70% of students experienced some form of digital eye strain. This is due to the long hours using screens such as phones, laptops, or even desktop computers.

Students always affirm that electronics and digitalization are important and become part of their studies. For this reason, remarkable has come up with a solution for these kinds of people.

Remarkable is a good option for students for long hours studying. According to Mayoclinichealthsystem adults should spend a maximum of 2 hours a day in front of a screen. Is that possible for students?

The American high schooler student studies an average of 3.5 hours a day doing homework, students are smashed under stress assignments you could discover more about this topic.

The average time spends on-screen is between 7 to 10 hours a day. So 5 times more than is recommended.

Remarkable doesn’t have light and color that could be damaging your ways. You see things in 2 colors back and white, it gives a realistic experience of traditional books or paper. There is no video to play of flashy things that could exhaust your eye.

For students who like to go away from entertainment and noisy colors, remarkable is the best choice. Also, a good device for strong readers or writers who love spending long hours and keeping their eyes healthy.

Studying using an iPad and remarkable is like the difference between studying using a checkboard and whiteboard.

5 – Remarkable is not for artistic students

According to Artjounal 1 million public school students are enrolled in arts education. While 2 million us citizens affirm working in art occupation.

Students who like art and design, have to forget about remarkable because is not a tool for them. To clarify, Remarkable is a tablet made for writing or reading. Moreover, it has only 2 colors to operate black and white. It is like using a pencil and paper.

It can be a good start for students who love to go into digital art and only use it with pencil and paper.

Some students could use it who like sketching such as some CAD engineers, But not designers who need to use different colors.

6 – Students can send emails

According to an article that we wrote “Do professors care if you skip classes,” we exposed the research that says 50% are attending office hours while the rest of 50% don’t. Office hours are so important and a good way to build relationships with professors.

Sending emails to professors using remarkable is possible. As much as you have a good relationship with him and attend his office hours. you can write your document on a table or import a document from the internet and read it conformably there are no issues with that.

So for students or even professors remarkable is simple, basic, and doesn’t have much of complications. It will be a good communication bridge between students and professors.

7 – Remarkable recognize your handwriting

70% struggle to read other people’s writings according to network posts, which means only 3 from 10 persons have good and easily readable writings. This problem is a big struggle for students and professors.

Students are struggling in writing and professors find it difficult to read their work, especially in exams. Remarkable has a good option for students and professors that solve this issue.

The remarkable software is able to read handwriting and transform it into text. Students who have bad writing will never be ashamed to send their notes or works to their professors.

To make this option work well is recommendable to write straight lines in order to help software recognize it well.

8 – Remarkable can’t be used for online classes

According to Insidehigher in one year 51% of student has taken at least one online class, and the number of online students has increased from 3 million to 5.8 millions student today. Online teaching is a sector that is booming.

Unfortunately having a remarkable tablet will be not useful to benefit from online classes. It is right that you could send and read some online documents but has very limited options for students studying online.

Remarkable has poor storage of 500 MB of ram and 8 GB of internal storage. It is less than 8 times than any regular smartphone that we use today and 15 times less than iPads.

Remarkable can’t be used instead of a laptop for studying or taking notes, students can’t watch videos or follow their professors in live like students do online today.

In addition, Remarkable doesn’t have a camera it got only 2 colors white and black so students have to forget about picking pictures or videos using it.

For a teacher who corrects exams online, they can’t do that with remarkable. How teacher going to correct an essay or exam with the same writing color? There are no colors like red or green.

There is one color “black“, it is like correcting an exam written by a pencil with a pencil. You can imagine that.

9 – Remarkable is not tradable with iPad

For students who are thinking of choosing between iPad or remarkable, they have to forget about that. remarkable is not comparable with iPad or laptop. Students can’t trade iPad with remarkable.

We will list in this table below the key points that differentiate remarkable and iPad for students.

Students activities



remarkable gives an experience fo writing on paper



writing colored notes



for people who love sketching with pencil and paper



read for a long hour without eyes strains



blind spot while reading


dosne't exist

the screen is reflective



distracted notification


 don't exist

 using social media



watch video lectures




good storage 

poor storage

teach online


barely impossible

teacher can mark exams



battery life can last for 2 weeks





not raisonable


 less poratble 

less protable


having remarkable as a student is something to take into consideration, According to the 9 insights that we listed in our article remarkable could be the best option for students who:

  • read for a long time without damaging their eyes
  • love sketching with a pencil or pen
  • love to get away from distractions such as social media
  • have a high sensibility to a screens
  • use it as an extension device not to replace a laptop or iPad
  • can afford it high price $400

But for students who are thinking to use principally instead of a laptop or iPad, remarkable is very limited and don’t worth investing that much money.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.