Do professors care if you skip classes(6 things to know)

Do professors care If I skip classes? many students are wondering about that. Attending classes is something interesting and has a lot of positive effects. But students don’t know what is the effect of skipping classes.

In this article, we’re going to give 6 insights about skipping classes and preventing mistakes that could ruin your life as a student.

Skipping classes and getting good grades is for fewer people

According to class120, in some cases, the skip classes rate could reach up to 70% in the US, which means 14 million US students skip classes without having concrete reasons.

Skipping classes has multiple reasons, But The most reasons that students affirm or justify is these 5 following reasons:

  • hanging with friends
  • weather
  • being tired
  • attending events
  • studying

We’re going to take about this last “studying“. Many students think that studying alone is more effective and they don’t have to attend lectures.

Getting good grades while skipping classes is very hard and not for everyone. It is right that some student pass their exams without attending lectures but fewer they are. Moreover professors today focus and give importance to attending classes.

Most professors say they give 20% of their exam questions from their lectures, meaning things that students would not find in textbooks or anywhere.

Professors do that to encourage students to attend their classes. In other words, if a student falls with these kinds of professors it is almost impossible to get an A grade in exams. Hence skipping classes is not recommendable at all.

It is a hidden message that professors send to skipper classes, fair or not fair is another question that we could talk later about.

Skipping classes for professors means they don’t provide a value

According to a 3.1 million tweeter study of class120 that we linked above, 11% of students skip classes because they say they were studying. All that reflects in one meaning, college professors don’t provide or add value to what a textbook has.

This is a message that would anyone understand doing this behavior. Some professors find it subjective and disrespectful especially if they observe that their students attend other classes more than they do with them.

In this case, many things could happen you could not expect what the professor would do. Some professors list the students they attend and give them bonuses. While others give some additional information about exams and so on.

So the student is always the only loser part of this equation. Not attending give an impression to a professor that you only care about grade not getting an education.

Students learn 10% better in lectures than in textbooks

According to a survey conducted by Harvard which found that students learn 10% better by attending lectures than by studying alone.

This number is a little, but it was a survey, not a general study which we could expect more. The key reason that makes students understand better is the reaction they have to a professor and the quick priceless tips he can provide.

Students attend classes to take notes principally, there are a lot of things that students wouldn’t find in a book. Also, explaining the context textbook by a professor is totally different from what students might understand behind the scenes.

The last and most important thing that many students don’t take care of is time. How much time you should spend searching for something that you didn’t understand versus asking a professor about it.

Studying alone means spending hours looking for a single response to one question. While it can be immediately done in 5 seconds by a professor. Even if the professor would not care about you skipping a class.

But are ready to spend that much time studying

professors could curve marks for students

Most times professors curve notes by 5 to 10% it might seem a little, but it creates a big difference for students. You might listen from your professor that he doesn’t curve notes.

But the reality is different, the professor sees the difference between who cares and not cares and gives credit for that.

The question is what is the kind of students that professors love to curve their notes?

Of courses definitively not skippers classes. Professors might not even know them as their students. It is very rare to expect from a professor who doesn’t know you to curve your notes.

professors curve note for 3 types of students:

  • work hard and prove that
  • attend classes
  • attend office hours

But the most important thing that creates a difference is when a student needs a little push to get from B to A. That could be very important for students who are looking to get a high GPA like 3.8 or even 4.0.

For students who have good relationships with professors by attending their classes, it won’t take that much to convince them. But for skippers, it could be very difficult and hard to make a professor curve their notes.

You could read this article about the inspiring GPA success stories and discover their routines are very useful.

Skipping classes is bad for students doing office classes

According to the Journal of Educational and Psychological Studies shown in Reschgate, it showed that 42% of students rarely attended office hours, while 11.2% say they never attended office hours.

As a result, means 54% of students rarely attend office hours or have never visited before.

attending office hours is very interesting it is the bridge that allows a student to build a good relationship with professors. Also, get a valuable response to their question about lectures.

Students don’t attend classes for two principal reasons:

  • they are intimidated
  • they don’t think they have an interesting question

Buth the third reason is the class skippers who don’t even show up in classes. These kinds of people can’t go to office hours for the 2 following reasons:

  • professors won’t recognize them
  • they will be picked up

Professors won’t recognize them

many students are wrong and think that the numerous number of students makes it professors impossibly to differentiate between students. This is wrong, even though professors recognize and differentiate between students.

So for skipper classes students, once they visit an office professor they will be noticed. Professor will notice that the student in front of him skips his classes. So he will immediately ignore him and don’t give him enough time or attention.

They will be picked up

Even if the professor doesn’t recognize or know if a student attends his classes or not. It is enough for him to ask some questions about his lecture, thus a student will be easily picked up and can’t deny that.

It is very hard to explain to a professor that you are skipping classes and attending office hours. Professors see that as rude and consumes their energy or time. They won’t give you time or interest.

professors don’t care if you skip classes IF

Professors respect skipper class students if they have some circumstances that force them to not attend classes. It is normal, Us students are adults and have some responsibilities and major forces that push them sometimes to skip.

we’re going to list 3 principal reasons that force serious students to skip their classes and will professors will not care about:

having interviews jobs


According to aaup 80% of students are working part-time to cover their needs and support themselves for 4 or 5 years of study journey. professor understands that and knows what students are going through.

The 80% of students who talked about, work 20 hours per week which can be exhausting and makes them skip classes sometimes.

Having jobs interviews

The average students get 2 to 3 interviews with a single employee or manager before getting hired. It is an engaging activity and makes students skip classes. It annoying a little bit to get interviewed 3 times without any certitude of getting a job or not.

professors understand this process. Students have to explain to them their circumstances and obligations.


According to npn, each year 1 of 4 college students get sick which means 5 million students could get sick one time per year. so skipping classes because of disease is frequent and professors are used to that.

Especially for a college student who attends usually, a professor will notice their absence in the lectures and wonder about them.

Regarding all of that, professors should be informed, and the best way that students do, is by emailing their professors which is looking professional.

Professors love this behavior and prove to them how much a student is respecting their professors and what they provide for them.


Skipping classes without any concrete reason is the worst thing that students could do. According to the 6 insights that we noticed above you understood the importance of attending classes and knew if professors care if you skip classes.

For students who look for high grades and enroll in good grades institutes skipping classes is like committing suicide.

Having the mindset that I m good and I’ll do it myself is arrogance and the enemy of students. Because if you get used is very hard to attend classes anymore. As a result, could ruin college grades.

For college students who work while studying this article will be helpful for you.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.