9 Best Digital pens for engineering students to love

Digital pens for engineering students are the best way to take notes. Also, get rid of paper organization and put them on the shelf. Paper notes take spaces in shelves and get hard to access, which makes engineers lose time.

So why not use tablets and pens where engineers could digital anything and get access to it instantly.

In this article, we’re going to give guidance for engineers to choose the right digital pen for taking notes. Also, warn you about some products that could not be fit for engineering.

We will list 9 digital pens that engineering students should look at.

Active stylus $17

The active stylus is the best and cheap alternative to an iPad pencil. To clarify, it got a big difference in price. the active stylus is cheap 8 times than an original iPad pen.

So, it is one of the greatest Digital pens for engineering students could use with almost the same characteristics that the expensive and original version has.


It comes with a cable charger USB. It takes 1.5 hours to be fully charged and gives an autonomy of 8 hours of consistent work. Approximately you can charge it for only 15 minutes and give you 2 hours of work.

This is good for students who forget to charge their pens before starting working, taking notes, or doing homework.

The price is very encouraging for iPad users who can’t afford an expensive pen. Also, it is easy to pair with an iPad just by pressing a button. That it.

It is suitable to take note to draw simple graphs and diagrams, meaning the most important things that engineering students want from a digital pen.

It sticks magnetically to a side of the iPad which is a great option for portability.


What you should take into consideration is active stylus has a metal nib which could damage your iPad screen. So if you don’t have a protective screen iPad, we recommend buying one and adding it to your iPad.

This pen doesn’t charge wirelessly which means as a user you need to charge it every while before you start using it. For instance, if you want to use it as an engineer for a full day study, means you have to prepare it by letting it for 1.5 hours in a charge before you could use it again.

The third thing is this pen doesn’t have pressure sensibility which is not suitable for engineers who use drawing software and look for drawing thick or finner lines like artists or some engineers would love to do.

You could watch this video to know more about this topic.

lastly, this pen is not usable and compatible with windows devices like a surface pro or any other windows device.

Jam jake stylus $40

Jam jake stylus is one of the best Digital pens for engineering students who love to use digital pens and benefit from a drawing sensitivity option. To clarify being able to draw like thicker and finer lines depending on the pressure you exert on the pen.

It doesn’t differ from to much from the precedent version except the sensitivity option that it has. So it is good and enough for iPad user engineers for taking notes or even drawing or sketching.


you can take notes and draw with this pen without having any problem So for engineering students is suitable and cover the meets.

It has a sensibility pressure that allows you to have more freedom in drawing diagrams or graphs also coloring surfaces as expensive pens do.

A full-time charge can last over 20 hours of consistent work.


It doesn’t support windows applications meanwhile the whole apple game production only support:

  • Ipad pro 3rd generation
  • iPad Air 3th generation
  • iPad mini 5th generation
  • iPad 5th and 6th generation

it doesn’t charge wirelessly so you have to charge it before you could use it. In addition, It takes 90minut to get fully charged.

logitech $70

Logitech is a famous replacement for apple pen pads used by students it cost half price of an apple pen, keeping the same characteristics that apple put in their expensive pen. Using Logitech instead apple pen means saving $60 which is very encouraging.

But it has a killer downside, if you have an old iPad version before the 2018 release this pen will not be compatible.

So if you have a 2017 or older iPad you don’t have to look at the pros or cons. go to the next product…


What is good and noticeable Logitech takes only 50 min to get fully charged. The full charge lasts 7 hours of consistent work which is a half time compared to the precedent products that we noticed previously.

It got also the tilt support which allows you to draw from different angles such as using a reel pencil.

not rollable that means you won’t be afraid of dropping a pen from a desk like apple pencils


The killer downside is that Logitech doesn’t support pressure sensitivity. So as a digital pen a lot of engineers students won’t love to use it. Especially those working in CAD or manufacturing design.

The second downside is the compatibility problem Logitech only supports ios operation system. So it can’t be used in Microsoft devices like surface and surface pro.

Huawei mate pen $80

Huawei pen is one of the elegant Digital pens for engineering students could have. In other words, it covers all the necessities and all sophisticated characteristics that famous pens in the market have.

It can be used for design and note-taking so there are no worries for engineer students who majoring in a design field like mechanical engineering or manufacturing design.


Huawei mate pen is magnetically sticked. To clarify, you can put it on the side of the tablet without the need to have a case holding it.

Once you put it on the tablet corner it gets stuck to the tablet and wirelessly charged. But what is fascinated is letting a pen only for 30 seconds charging give you 10 minutes of use. So the problem charge will be never noticeable.

12 hours is the battery life of a full charge, it is good for any engineering student who works for long hours.

It has very good latency which allows you to write or draw fastly, this is so interesting for engineers who are sketching. the Huawei pen gives an exact response to what users predict.


the only thing that can talk about is Huawei pen support only IOS and Android. So it doesn’t support windows tablets like the surface pro.

Adonit ink pro $90

if you want to talk your pen then you should use Adonit ink pro is a good pen, it is fittable with Cortana. this pen is made to support windows products like a surface pro and other Windows tablets.


  • It has a sensibility sensor that allows sketching for artists and engineers designers.
  • it works almost with all Microsoft products
  • 18 hours of battery autonomy
  • a good tool for taking notes


  • it doesn’t charge wirelessly
  • it doesn’t support iPad or and Android devices
  • you can’t stick it to the tablet it has support standing out

wacom bambo ink $100

Wacom Bamboo is a good pen to use instead of a mouse it has a cursor teaching allowing users to deterrent exactly the position of the pen head. This characteristic is the same that computer mouses have.


has a pressure sensitivity
4A battery Duracell that last 5 months
it has pressure sensitivity
work with many windows devices you could check the compatibility list.


you have to buy a battery that is not chargeable
it doesn’t work in ios or android devices like iPads or android

Livescribe $100

if you don’t have a tablet or don’t love to use it, Livescribe has come up with a revolutionary idea. You can use an ink pen as a digital pen at the same time.

This good alternative allows engineers who love digital pens to digitalize their notes instantly without the need of using scanners or losing time taking photos of notes.


transmit immediately the notes from paper to phone or tablet
14 hours of battery autonomy
digitize your notes and lessons which is good in case of losing notebooks
you can digitize your lessons or notes even if you aren’t connected. Once you go back and get connected with a device the whole writing gets automatically digitalized.


you need to use specific paper(it doesn’t work with any paper)
you won’t be able to use it to sketch or write on tables it an ink pen.

ipad pencil $130

What can we add to the video review is apple pencil can work in any iPad version. But I won’t do with any other products like windows or android. you can read this article in detail about apple pencil. In addition, can last for 12 continuous hours from a full charge

surface pro $100

the little thing to add to this video review is that surface pro is a pen that was designed for Windows devices so it can work with almost all windows devices you could check the compatibility list


choosing a digital pen for engineer students depends must base theses 3 following things:

  • cost
  • brand tablet
  • quality

So you could look at the balance between these 3 criteria and find your best digital pen.

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