10 famous reasons why teachers prefer fountain pens

Teachers prefer to use fountain pens but why?

what is attracting teachers to use fountain pens? This is what we’re going to respond to in our article

Here are 10 principal reasons why teachers prefer to use fountain pens:

  • Using a fountain pen reflects elegance
  • Using a fountain pen means uniqueness
  • Great for marking paper
  • Have historical sense
  • It gives amazing quality writings
  • smooth writing
  • Improve handwritings
  • Environmental friendly
  • Has large community
  • Position posture

Using a fountain pen reflects elegance

Having a fountain pen is reflecting nobless and luxury, it gives the feeling of uniqueness, according to the high price these pens cost the average cost of a fountain pen varies between $50 to $500. So it reflects the importance of personality and gives some sort of branding.

whereas ballpoint pens in the majority of cases don’t exceed $50 while most users don’t spend more than $2 or less for these kinds of pens.

In classrooms, teachers love the reaction of students, how they are interested in fountain pens and want to try them. It makes students more curious about the details of the fountain pen and asks relevant questions about its color price etc.

Also, people get fascinated and curious when teachers are using fountain pens in meetings. In some cases, they are labeled by ” a teacher who uses the mysterious pen“.

Owning a fountain pen for a teacher is branding more than anything which reflects the personality and could get even more respect from students.

Especially when we find some fountain pens sold by a million-dollar today.

Using a fountain pen mean uniqueness

According to orfonline and writepads In 1950 the annual production of fountain pens was 10 million pieces yearly while ballpoint or traditional pens were at the roof with 1.5 billion produced pieces every year. As a result of 150 times less than traditional pens.

This reflects the uniqueness of these pens which a lot of teachers love to have this sensation of being noble or unique.

Students almost wonder about the weird pen teacher is using, it is a contagious feeling, many students get inspired and decide to buy fountain pens. Even kids ask their parents to buy a new one.

This feeling gives teachers proud and increases their self-esteem. Due to how much interest they get and the feedback of students around the pen.

Great for marking paper

Teachers prefer fountain pens because they came with a variety of nibs that can be changed. The average nib fountain pen used is between 0.5mm and 0.7mm. But the finest nib could reach up to 0.2mm while the broad one 1.5mm.

Some teachers prefer using a fountain pen with broad nibs and other looks at the opposite, for a finner nib like 0.5 or less.

fountain pens give the flexibility of use that traditional pens could not offer. But require some technics and circumstances to use these kinds of pens.

Also, English teachers or liberal majors prefer to use finger nibs versus stem majors who tend to use broad nibs like mathematics teachers.

So having a range between 0.2mm to 1.5mm is what makes fountain pens more appealing for teachers who love to use them depending on their needs. Especially for marking, it also gives a great feeling of correcting paper exams using a fountain pen as a teacher.

Have historical sense

Many teachers are inspired by the history of writing. The quill pen was invented in the 6th of century in Seville, Spain According to Wikipedia. Writers were using two different quills, the first and premium quill pen was made from swan feathers and the average quality from goose feathers.

The quill pens last for a long time more than 1300 years. Over a long period of time, many civilizations died and many others flourished. until the 19th century when ballpoints were introduced.

fountain pen keeps and preserves this history by reminding 1300 years of quill pen adventure, which a lot of people prefer to belong.

It gives amazing quality writings

Writing with fountain pens gives an amazing writing quality, especially when you understand the right rules that were going listed in the video below. With one fountain nib, you could write finner lines and broad lines at the same time.

This operation depends on the angle you hold the fountain pen. holding the fountain pen horizontally will give you the finner lines, the more it tends to be oblique lines get broader.

From 30 to 60 degrees the fountain pen lines get broader by 3 times. As a result, many art teachers love use showing their creativity in front of their students. Consequently, that amazes a lot of students and makes them inspired to mimic their teachers.

Smooth writing

According to choosemarket ballpoint ink pens take 20 seconds to be completely dried, while fountain pen ink writings take longer times to dry. It could take minutes even some people wait a little bit before turning a notebook page.

This long time of drying keeps the ink wet which gives smoothness writing experience and ensures a high quality of writing.

Fountain pens don’t require pressure like ballpoint or traditional pens do. So they are more comfortable and smooth to use for long writing. Teachers prefer fountain pens because they get used to their smoothness that you can’t find any other pen type.

Mathematics teachers use broader nibs because they find them more smooth than finer nibs that tend to be more scratchy.

Improve handwritings

From personal experience, fountain pens increased my writing quality by 20% which is not quite so much. But I can still see the difference between my ballpoint and fountain writings. We’re going to list 4 ways how fountain pens improve handwriting:

Less pressure

using fountain pens allow users to apply less pressure than any other type of pen. It requires little force to get ink to the page. this pressure varies between nib sizes the more nib is broader the less pressure to apply.

But the most important thing is the weight difference between traditional pens and fountain pens.

The important thing that teachers don’t take into account is fountain pens weigh almost 2 times more than ballpoint pens. So the weight on the pen help to reduce the pressure significantly.

Flexible writing angles

Teachers prefer to use fountain pens because of the flexible writing angles they provide. You could use a fountain pen for a 30-degree range without affecting the smoothness of writing. Consequently makes different fonts with different thicknesses.

Easy to hold in hand

The diameter of the fountain pen is approximately 2 times bigger than the traditional pen which gives more comfort to hold in a hand. famous fountain pens exceed the 20 millimeters thickness while the majority of ballpoint pens stay less than 1.5mm.

Variety of nibs

fountain pens have a wide range from 0.2mm to super broad nibs of 1.5 mm, which allows teachers to choose the preferable writing style. Moreover, fountain pens have some special nibs that bend in writing which gives flexibility and expressiveness to the font.

You could follow the guidance of how to choose the right nib depending on your needs.

Environmental friendly

1.6 billion pens are thrown each year according to greenamerica the composition of traditional pens is 80% plastic. So each year we throw 8000 tons of plastic pens that require 500 years or more to be decomposed. while fountain pens could last for decades for many reasons.

The first reason is fountain pens are expensive, thus we would not expect to throw a $50 or $70 fountain pen each year or even every 5 years.

The second thing is fountain pens are refillable, they just require filling the cartridge and working again.

The third thing is fountain pens have replaceable nibs. Most people repair their fountain pens.

fountain pens can last for decades while many people gift them to other people, it is a piece of art and history, not just a writing tool.

Has large community

The fountain pen has a community and a lot of followers on Reddit the number of fountain pen communities exceeds 200,000 followers. A lot of teachers belonging to this community share their fountain pen collections and the artistic design of these pens.

Many people love to gather fountain pens and build collections to expose in events like the Washington events and many other events organized around the world.

Position posture

Using fountain pens allows teachers to have a much more comfortable posture for hand and back positions. Many traditional pens users twist their back for more than 45 degrees which is detrimental. One reason for this is to push a lot of pressure on the pen.

The low pressure that fountain pens require helps to eliminate this problem which many people have to be aware of that like doctor explains in the video below.


according to these 10 reasons we discovered the reason why teachers prefer fountain pens, especially for people who love to keep older notes.


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