Is GR1 good for college students? (15 important keys)

is GR1 good to use for students, high schoolers, or college students?

what are the differences between GR1 and traditional backpacks?

It will be a good investment to buy such an expensive backpack for college?

what is the thing that most students don’t know about GR1?

In this article, we’re going to respond to the most popular question providing the student’s experiences with GR1. So keep reading to before making a decision.

Is impossible to steal your laptop wearing GR1

Carrying a GR1 backpack ensures the high security of stealing accidents. In other words, it is impossible that someone would steal your laptop in your back. Because the zippers are in front of you your back, thus the thief would never reach them.

So to open a laptop compartment, you have obligatory to remove your backpack and remove the shoulder strap another way to reach a zipper.

with 400,000 pickpocket accidents that happened daily around the world, this was a brilliant idea.

GR1 is Is spacious

GR1 has multiple versions, all of them are spacious. The famous versions are 21L and 26L. Those both versions have the same width and differ in height by 5 liters more. The backpack is big it allows you to carry all the stuff you would think about.

You could carry books, notebooks, laptops, and iPad at the same time if you love taking notes with an iPad. Also, shoes and so on.

The 26L version cames with this Dimensions: 12″W x 20″H x 6.75″D / 26L Weight: 3.2 LBS

Laptop compartment

GR1 has the best laptop compartment to protect your laptop. It got close to your back, but there is a thick layer made from a plate and soft materials that guarantee the protection device and have a nice and soft feeling of your laptop.

The version 26L gives you the flexibility to use and carry wide laptops. The compartment laptop dimension is 12″Weight x 20″ Heigh, which allows you to carry the longest laptops on market, up to 17 inches tall.

The only thing to take into consideration is the oldest laptops, they are thicker and could not fit with if they are close to 17 inches.

Flat design

The thing that stylish students don’t like is the flat design. GR1 has a military background, so the bias company is toward toughness and endurance which does not appease a lot of students. “Some college students see GR1 users like carrying a big sandpaper in the back“.

It is a clamshell backpack, it opens completely like a language bag. GR1 has 5 compartments:

==>2 outside compartments: laptop compartment is close to your back and another one in front of the backpack.

==> 4 inside compartments: all these compartments are inside the backpack, 1 spacious compartment to put all the bigger things, 2 pockets, one mesh, and the other discreet. The last one for putting your tablet like iPad or anything else.

All these compartments are flat and don’t have easy access for students to organize things.

iPad compartment

GR1 allows you to carry two electronics devices laptops and tablets, both compartments are isolated each other by plate and thick layer to prevent scratch accidents. So GR1 it is good for college students who love to carry, both their laptops and tablets.

This pocket or flat compartment could hold your 11 or 12.9 inch iPad without having any fear of being bent. The pocket is elastic and thick which guarantees full protection.

Forced handle

GR1 has a forced handle that can carry heavy stuff, many people test it carrying 50kg and more without any problem. The handle has 3 stitched layers, double, triple, and cross-stitch above each other. So it’s ridiculous in terms of weight resistance.

50kg is an impossible number to carry for a student but just indicates how tough the handle is.

GR1 is good for students who do hicking or rucking

GR1 is good for college or high school students who love rucking or hiking. It allows them to use the all necessary element in this field carrying big boots water bottles, rocking tools. So it will be good for students who have heavy hobbies materials.

There are many rockers who carry 30 to 40 kg weight in their back without any fear of damaging the backpacks.

GR1 has two different versions 26L and 21L

GR1 has two close and famous versions the 26L and 21L versions. Both versions don’t have big differences except the 5L add space. But it creates some big differences for several cases.

For people who have a wider laptop, the 21 version can create a problem. You won’t be able to carry a 17-inch laptop with a 21L version. meanwhile for thicker 15-inch old laptops.

The oldest laptops are thicker, so they can cause issues. To sum up, the 21L version can only carry 15-inch tiny laptops or below. While 26L Could support up to 17-inch laptops which most users don’t exceed.

GR1 is expensive

GR1 is made from high-quality materials, is made to fit military circumstances. It is highly resistant and durable. Hence the 21L version is worth $325 while the 26L one is worth $10 more, $335. So there is no big difference in price between these two versions.

But for college students, GR1 is quite expensive The majority of students don’t exceed the $60 backpack version. So it is very expensive and not affordable for any student to look for. It is the equivalent of buying a backpack a year during 5-year college studies.

GR1 will last your lifetime

GR1 product is durable and could last for your lifetime. It is like a fluke multimeter you buy it one time. Electrical engineers would know more about that. The only thing to do is to choose the right size of the backpack that will last for all your life.

The number of backpack users is declining by 50% when people get 40 years old ages or more, But The invention and wide use of laptops made things change. currently, The majority of people are using backpacks going to work.

you could watch this post making reviews about 8 years of GR1 uses and what has changed.

It has a lifetime guaranty

if something bad happened to your back you could contact the GORUCK support. They will get in charge of repairing or replacing your product which is very very rare that happened with users.

So investing this amount of money in a backpack is combined with high-quality customer service. You could go and see more info about that.

Flat compartimetns

The downside of GR1 is it doesn’t have a lot of small and regular pockets to put your pens pencils and school stuff. It has a bigger mesh pocket which makes things missy to find out. It is impossible to sort out different things.

This is the big downside that most college students talk about GR1. Accessing school or college tools like pens stickers pencil is hard and require you to buy another small bag. In other words, you don’t want to lose time looking for a given pen or pencil.

Most people recommend buying a GR1 pocket to put inside, it comes in three versions 4L,3L,2L. You will likely need to spend $50 more to have a field pocket.

This is could be frustrating for many students to pay $400 as a global for a backpack with field pocket GR1.

you might not like the clamshell design

There are many students who don’t like the clamshell design of their college bags. It seems like you are on a trip, it doesn’t give them the feeling of studying. Many students find clamshell design GR1 annoying.

They said that It makes them hard to deal with a bag while sitting or standing. Especially holding heavy stuff like laptops or textbooks. For more cases, they need to put the backpack on a table or something else.

They always have a feeling fear of dropping something standing out.

GR1 can be used for several things

What is good about GR1 is a durable bag that can be used for many things. Regarding some downsides that the backpack has such organization and hard access. The backpack has a generalist use and can fit for many applications like:

  • you can add source hydration to it
  • use it for travel especially the GR2 version 40L
  • holding things on rainy days

It is highly resistant to water

GR1 has high water resistance to keep your components safe on rainy days. You can run for miles without taking care or being afraid to moisten your books or notebooks. This is so interesting in the case of carrying electronic devices such as laptops or iPads.

Many people have told their experience in rainy moments. They said they were completely wet such as being soaked in the water. although the inside of the bag is still completely dry. You could watch this video below.


GR1 good for college students only if you:

  • Don’t like to changes bags
  • Have a durable and resistant product
  • Hauling a bigger things once like laptop and textobooks
  • Love traveling and so

you could watch this video explaining in detail about GR1

But for people who have a limited budget and don’t like to spend a lot of money on a backpack, spending $400 will be a hell lot that rational.

The other thing that we can ask about, Do student colleges still all use backpacks?

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