Can Ipad replace paper? (12 things you should know)

It is true that the iPad can replace paper or it is just a commercial promotion?

In this article, we’re going to know more in-depth about this topic and discover the 12 things that you wouldn’t know about this topic.

Can iPad replace paper?

Completely no, iPad and its pencil are still out of range for many people. Investing approximately $1000 to have a digital notebook is not affordable. But for people who can, apple will never go against the following traditional advantages:

  • price
  • portability
  • the risk of being stolen or broken

So expecting to use digital pencils is still far and has some obstacles. But today iPad is considered one of the best and productive tools that helps students to take notes. So we will list the 12 important things that most people don’t know about iPads for note-taking.

iPad pencil doesn’t come with an iPad tablet?

If you want to take notes using an iPad you have to invest and buy an iPad pencil to use as a notebook. iPad pencil is not cheap, it will cost you $120 to add to your collection, which is no comparison at all with a notebook.

the majority of students who are afraid for their screen iPad. So they need to use screen paper protection that will add $40 to a bill so the total menu will be like:

$800 for iPad if you use the 11-inch version
$120 for iPad pencil
$40 to protect your screen against scratch

So the total bill for students who want to have a digital notebook is $960.

It is clear that transforming from a traditional notebook to a digital notebook has significant costs to afford, which might not be suitable for all students.

Apple pencil tip could only last 4 to 6 months

If you are an art student you will likely need a new tip on each 4 to 6 months of use. The cost of one apple pencil tip is approximately $5 that being said investing $10 to $15 per year.

It is not expensive but a lot of people aren’t aware of that. Because if you don’t do that you might scratch your iPad screen. So if you feel any roughness or broken lines, those signs indicate that you should change a tip of a pencil.

But for normal use, the apple pencil tip could last for a year or more than that.

It might be discouraging for some people who are used to only spending pennies on traditional pens. But this is what should be aware of.

Apple pencil could last 12 hours of full charge

What is good about the iPad pencils is the ability to endure for a long period of time. The first version of the iPad pencil is plugged directly by a USB port to charge. That wasn’t feasible, and make you wait for the pencil charging before starting the work.

But in the second version of the iPad pencil has come with a creative solution. The pencil is charged wirelessly at the same time and has a magnet stuck on the iPad edge.

The pencil is durable and could last for years, at least it will last for 3 years of use without any accident like drops or any other thing.

iPad is great tool for takining note

iPad is considered a great tool to take notes using an apple pencil as a digital pen. It allows users have many advantages over traditional notebooks. It helps them to be more flexible and do the 10 following things that pen and paper can’t do.

  • writing with different colors
  • drawing with any color you want
  • converting handwriting to keyboard text
  • signing contracts and filling administrative directly without printing them
  • editing any document, pdf, image
  • recording classes for teachers who have moving disabilities
  • making online courses
  • add sounds and recording to personal notes
  • save notes on the cloud and easily index them
  • save space by getting from old notebooks

So there are many advantages that make students use iPad and replace paper in their principal times. It just makes their work more productive and easy to adjust. It will be impossible to edit notebook writing whereas with iPad it is possible.

This is the key point that every student likes to use the iPad and replace paper in taking notes activities.

iPad has a good alternative

Many students have the freedom to choose an alternative to iPad products. According to many problems that student face with windows IOS compatibility, students prefer to use windows tablet that has the same features that iPad does.

we can take surface pro as our example. This device is a Microsoft product, so it supports all the common apps and gives the freedom to choose the apps you want. Therefore, students won’t be afraid of losing something in between such as sending broken files between iPad and windows.

you could read this article we explained the details and the difference between iPad and Surface pro.

iPad could not replace a computer

If you think of investing $1000 and using an iPad for all your tasks you’re wrong. iPad is not a device that could replace laptops like windows or MacBook. Ipad has limited options so students could not count on them mainly.

iPad is a product designed principally for taking notes. So you could not use it for engineering or software development. because iPad doesn’t support the famous programs and ide like:

  • visual studio
  • CAD
  • eclipse
  • SolidWorks and so on

For artists, it can be good but for engineers or computer science students is not recommended to use instead of a laptop.

You could not use iPad normally after 5 years

After 5 or 6 years apple stops supporting the operating system. So you might find yourself having trouble using new apps or features. In this case, you could be forced to buy a younger version to stay on track.

For many people is acceptable but it might not be for some other. Especially for people who don’t invest a lot of money in technology.

iPad has only and fixed internal memory

iPad has internal fixed memory, in other words, it doesn’t support external memory like an SD card slot. Many people would not love to buy a $1000 piece of an iPad with only a 128GB SSD. if you want more, you have to buy more expensive version.

for people who are looking for 1TB, this iPad version will be costing $1800. You don’t have any solution if you want to expand memory you have to spend more. It is too expensive and ineffective.

iPad dosne’t have sd carte reader neither well USB or HDMI port

iPad doesn’t have USB or HDMI port or even an SD reader. So every once you buy an apple product you have to invest in expensive adapters. For instance to have an adapter for USB and HDMI you need to invest $70 for that.

Also, people who are looking to add a keyboard and an iPad pencil they should pay an additional $400 to have a keyboard that costs $280 and $120 for a pencil. So if you bought the iPad pro 12.9 inches version the bill will be like:

$1100 for iPad tablet
$400 keyboard and pencil
$70 for adapter
$40 screen protector

so the total cost will be $1610 to spend which can offer you the best quality laptops in the market. iPad is not for people who haverestricted budgets regrading of the advantages that we noticed early on in the article.

iPad is enough to repalce all you notebooks

Depending on the advantages that iPad has, students can count on it 100%, taking notes and writing lectures. Especially for professors who delivers hand paper for studies, this device can save a lot of fo time and reduce chaos.

So professors would accept using iPad as a principal notebook it will be more than enough and replace the traditional notebooks. iPad can save a lot of fo time and headache.

iPad take 2 hours to be charged and last more than that

iPad has an extremely battery-good device to use as a student. Using a powerful battery charger such 29W version will allow you to completely charge your device in just 2 hours, which is very good compared to smartphones.

Smartphones are taking approximately 1.5 hours to be charged while iPad takes only 2 hours with a doubled screen size.

You could make one charge per day, because iPad will last with last for 7 hours of continues studies. That being said using wifi and even watching videos while taking notes, is a great thing for students.

You might not be able to transfer between ipad and windows your documents

transfering documents from iPad to windows or vice versa can make some problems. you might not able to transfer some documents like you want, and preserve the same quality.

For instance, some fonts and bidirection texts are not supported by iPad, which can create problems. So you always have to check the apple guideline website to see what is supported and what is not.

Most students are always afraid to do some serious assignments on iPad. They don’t know what to expect sharing some iPad’s file. So the majority of them prefer to use laptops.


iPad is the best product that could replace paper on many occasions, but not definitely yet. Depending on theses 12 things that most the people don’t know about iPads, still an alternative device that might be more flexible and have fewer flaws as ipad. You can watch in the video below.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.