Do Students use backpacks?( key numbers to know)

Do Students still use backpacks or things has changed?.

Do students prefer using backpacks or messengers or maybe anything else?

How many students are using backpacks and what are the preferred ones?

In this article, we’re going to respond to these questions by giving the useful number and knowing what is the behavior of the student and their preference?

So if you want to know the interesting information about this topic keep reading.

Do Students use backpacks?

According to earth policy, Us consumers use every year 100 billion bags, which is equivalent to using a single day new bag. So the consumption of this product is high in the marketplace.

Backpacks also have an interesting part in the market, they are used for students and non-student for many different areas of life.

According to Statista, the backpacks market size has grown 4 times this last decade from $1.5 billion dollars to $4.1. The market is growing and people have more tendencies to backpacks in their daily lives.

According to the network times, 174 million backpacks were sold in 2015. You can see in the graph below the growth rate expected in the next 10 years of this market.

Do Students use backpacks?

We could notice that the market size of backpacks has decreased during a lockdown, and that was normal. The whole economy has declined, students were not going to classes, only online education was allowed.

So it is expected in 2025 to reach 500 million sold backpacks in the US. As a result, indicate the market size of this industry that actually worth 16 billion dollars.

According to Dataintelo, the market is expected to grow by 6% in the next 5 years and reach 22 billion dollars in 2026. But what is interesting is that women are a big part of this market. Women are buying 3 times than mean.

In other words one backpack for one man and 3 for a woman. we can show it in the graph below.

Do Students use backpacks

Do college students still use backpacks?

According to al, 79 million students carry backpacks in the US which is a big number to take into consideration. Backpacks are an interesting element of students’ life. But for college students, backpacks are less a bit used compared to schools.

The majority of students affirmed to prefer using backpacks almost 95%. The rest 5% is divided between shoulder bags and purses. Students prefer to use backpacks because it give them flexibility and comfort using heavy tools.

People spend a lot of time in classes and libraries. So it is almost impossible to not use a backpack or at least a messenger bag. Even for students who live in dorms, the gap between classes is too short and does not allow to change of notebooks or books.

Even so, it will be just a waste of time, that students rather spend on useful other things like studying in libraries.

Otherwise many students use iPad or laptops to study. So carrying notebooks and laptops is not feasible and could be impossible. Especially on rainy days where the value of a backpack becomes very critical.

Why backpacks are better

Backpacks are better than shoulder bags or purses, they are comfortable and spacious. So you could put a lot of tools that most student colleges need like:

  • pencils and pens
  • laptop
  • water bottle
  • notebook
  • books
  • tablet for taking notes
  • binders and so on

Many students switch from using shoulder or messenger bags to backpacks because they weigh on their shoulders. Backpacks help to divide the weight effectively which gives confront and usability.

In addition, walking with a shoulder bag is annoying and requires every while to set a bag again. It becomes frustrating and painful especially if you have to walk daily carrying your heavy stuff like a laptop and books.

you could not use backpack if you

==> having your car: If you have a car that means you have a big backpack that holds you and holds all your tools. So it makes things easy to change notebook and book without any problem and go back to class.

But on rainy days, that will create a problem especially if you want to use a laptop or iPad. It could be a huge risk to carry an expensive device 2 or 3 minutes before getting a class.

==> if you are 5 minutes away from class: having near habitation like a close dorm or near university house is so useful and gives you flexibility. But the same problem happens on rainy days.

The majority of students who have these circumstances use backpacks because they find them feasible.

Do most girls use backpacks or totes in college?

According to DTATINTELO, approximately 65% of market backpacks are women’s domination followed by men’s and kids in the last ranking. In other words, women are buying 3 times than women do.

For the majority of cases, backpacks are preferred over totes. Girl students affirm that backpacks meet their needs and especially over these days where tablets and computers are used commonly in college.

Currently, backpacks are becoming unisex and still do not have men’s tendencies. It is the best thing that could hold all college stuff.

The need of having backpacks increase when having multiple classes in a day. Shoulder bags are still good but not comfortable as much as backpacks do. The main problem with shoulder bags is concentrating the whole weight on one shoulder.

It is more painful for girls than boys. The specialists recommend that backpacks should not exceed 15% of the weight body.

According to Systemryhealth 5000 cases go into the department for injuries backpacks. So what expecting for having a heavy shoulder bag that weighs on one side?.

It might be that backpacks don’t have a fashion statement. But its utility is what makes girls use it to carry all their necessities.

Some girl college students are alternating between backpacks and purses. They use purses in lighter study days, like having one class or two. But still depend on backpacks in heavy days to carry all their tools(Books, notebooks, laptops, or iPad).

Why some schools don’t allow backpacks?

Many schools have banned backpacks. This created and changed hugely the state of many schools and made created some funny environments like this below.

But the questions is why schools have banned backpacks?

We will list 4 reasons that made US schools ban backpacks in their classes.

  • Hiding illegal components
  • Taking space
  • Health issues
  • Get bullied

Backpacks are taking spaces

Having a necessity of space is one of the reasons that made some schools ban backpacks. Using backpacks in school requires having an immense space to store. In other words a big number of lockers that not any school has the capacity.

It is more likely that these schools don’t allow using pack backs in classes. So banning them make the best solution for them.

Hiding illegal tools

Many students have been detected to carry drugs and even weapons such as knives and pistolets. As a result that creates and makes a school a non-safe environment. It can be transformed into a criminal space that threatens other people’s life.

This is exactly what happened with a 15-year-old kid. You could watch the story in the video below.

Health issures

5000 cases go into the department for injuries backpacks are recorded yearly according to systemryhealth. So a lot of students are using heavier backpacks which cause damage to their health.

heavier backpacks can strain shoulders, alter postures and cause problem necks.

Get bullied

It is a weird reason that you might hear about. But it is true wearing backpacks that hold some popular personality cartoons can cause some bullying phenomena. Also, create some inequality and some sort of discrimination.

So this is what happened with a 9-year-old who transformed from a school student to a home student.

Out of school or college and still use backpacks!!!!

Many people who are out of study and classes environments still use backpacks. So why still use it and what is the common thing they carry instead?

Because backpacks are useful at all ages of life and in many careers as well.

According to wyse backpacks are frequently used between 20 to 30 ages above that the use of backpacks decreases by 50% and more, reaching up to 70% for more than 40 years older.

But many people are still attached to backpacks and use them in their daily life. So we will list the 4 reasons why older people still use backpacks:

Adults use backs going to work

many people prefer to use backpacks to go to their offices. Backpacks are big and can hold anything that people use. Some people put their clothes and utensils in it, and other put electronics devices like laptops and their chargers.

Riding a bike

When it comes to riding a bike and being used to going to work or doing some essential works, backpacks are essential. So it is very hard to use other bags like messengers or purses riding a bike. It’s so annoying.

Backpacks are used a lot to carry laptops

Many people use backpacks for a principal reason carrying laptops or tablets. Today the majority of backpacks are electronics devices protective. So it savest way to carry these devices.

Use it in raining days

Using backpacks for rainy days is essential especially for people who are traveling and love to carry their laptops with them. Also using a waterproof backpack for people who love photography ensures them to keep their expensive materials like cameras and laptops safe from any damage.


Do Students use backpacks? the response is yes and they will still. According to what we noticed in our article backpacks use will increase depending on electronic devices that we use daily and other reasons that we talked about.


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