9 famous reasons why students drop out computer science ?

Many students drop out of computer science major regarding of the promising opportunities that offer.

Computer science is the fastest-growing major today, approximately it produces a half-million job opportunities per year. Also, considered one of the highest job salaries in the market.

At the same time, computer science has the highest dropout rate among other fields with 9.8%.

But what makes students drop this field regarding all its opportunities?

In this article, we’re going to discover the 9 famous reasons why students drop computer science studies.

Comptuer science is full in math

Many students aren’t aware that the computer science branch is one of the fields that is mathematically heavy, especially in the two semesters of the first year. Computer science students are demanded to pass:

  • calculus 1
  • calculus 2
  • calculus 3
  • linear algebra
  • discret mathematics

Many students can’t handle those subjects and pass their exams. They find them tough to absorb which makes them quit and leave definitively the field.

Computer science is a field that doesn’t include also programming or doing some sort of hacking. So many students aren’t aware of that until they find themselves in unexpected situations when things became hard.

finally, they find themselves forced to quit and lose their money and time.

Computer science is logical and requires critical thinking

Many computer science students don’t have the aspect of critical thinking or are biased solver thinkers. This branch is all based on solving problems activities and tasks which is not for everyone who has this trait.

For instance, in some cases, students are demanded to create solutions on their own without having any special map to follow.

Also, computer science students must have the mind of an issue solver. In other words, building programs or software that solve problems. So daily computer science students are solving a lot of problems consistently which might not suitable for everyone.

A lot of student drops, for this reason, they don’t love to be consistently solving problems it drains them.

The classes are to easy for experienced students

Other drop computer science majors because they find them as beginner studies.

These kinds of students, already have experience in the field, working as freelancers or many personal projects. In other words, they are good at c c++ and java through working on many professional projects.

They learned early about programming due to their passion and interest in the computer field. So they already have what they need.

The majority of these students went through professional Bootcamps in programming that helped them to learn the necessary about computers science in the market job. Or self-thought coders who learned by themselves through personal development.

You can watch this video below is useful and talks about the difference between

  • Self-Taught Programmers
  • Coding Bootcamp
  • Computer Science Degree

People are not intresting in CS

The other reason that makes people drop out the computer science studies is a lack of interest. Many people choose this field just for the money without taking into account what it takes to get there.

Today computer science is overpaid field. Because with only two years of experience you could get 6 figure income, that many other major graduates would never dream about.

According to indeed the median salary of a computer science engineer is $100,000 per year. So this is what pushes many people to go without asking themselves if they have the abilities to complete a degree.

But what is forgettable is they have to pass 4 long years of math and discipline to get a money dream job. So most of them quit and could not bear with hard situations. Thus the summary is

Computer science is not an easy path to make moeny

lack of discipline

This field is not for undisciplined people, and many people don’t support how much discipline they should have in their classes.

To succeed as a computer science student, on average you need 8 hours a day, 5 hours to consider for college classes, and 3 to 4 hours doing homework or assignments. Also, skipping classes is something to forget about.

A lot of students can’t survive and be persistent doing this hard work throughout the 4 years. The primal reason is boredom or not having the self-discipline to stop watching tv and commit to work.

They used to party with friends, sleep late. Also, consider CS as like majoring in history or communication where you have more spare time to enjoy your life.

They get a job in CS without a degree

Many people go into this industry with having a CS degree, some students have different college degrees. some others don’t find it useful to invest 4 years of time and money to get a job. While a 6 mounts BootCamp could do the job.

Many students drop and go into Bootcamps because they find it a wise investment of money and time. Especially some Bootcamps have accompaniment and help for landing jobs. So think why do they have to wait for 4 years and get $100,000 of debt?.

Even without going to Bootcamps they could become self-thought programmers and find jobs. This is what makes this field great and affordable for people who are interesting in it.

you could watch this video below of an inspiring story case that became a software engineer without a degree.

So this is what makes a lot of students drop out of computer science majors. Is for people who are thick and don’t care bout the status of having a CS degree.

Week foundations

Having weak foundations in mathematics is what people struggle with within their first years. Computer science classes or professor provide their lectures expecting from students having good math levels.

Many mathematics courses are labeled as computer science subjects which surprise a lot of students to the amount of math context to deal with.

Computer science relates to heavy programming subjects such as machine learning or data analysis and so on. computer science programs focus on calculus, algebra, and district math which a lot of students suffer from.

Being passionate about computer science doesn’t mean succeeding in math because both are different. Especially for people who have a weak foundation in math things become hard and most of them don’t resist. Thus drop out.

For people who see themselves as interested and like programming math should not be a barrier. They can overcome this problem of math.

Require programming skills

Students don’t realize that computer science is focusing on programming as well as mathematics. So many students expect to study programming and do fancy things like games or web applications.

But they aren’t aware of, is the hard work behind these things. They have to dive deeply into the core of language programming like data structures, oriented programming, pointers. So, students deal with difficult and unexpected programming parts.

Some students find the bad side of programming that could not deal with. Especially for people who are not patient to spend long hours understanding or fixing given programming issues.

Programming is based on trial and error experience, not anything else. So there is not for everyone.

CS is a new world

Many students face their first experience of impostor syndrome and lose confidence in themselves. Especially for people who are completely new to programming. In other words, for those who have never programmed before.

It might seem very hard to learn a first programming language which many students aren’t aware of that. Unfortunately, many students experience this feeling and make wrong decisions.

Especially with a transition from high school to a college system that addresses student struggles.

So many students don’t understand that these moments are just temporary and that things will become more stable with time.


Studying or choosing a field should not be only based on money. This is the core reason why students drop out of computer science. Because even if you succeed to pass and have a degree in CS you are likely to end up quitting the field as many people do.

So making a little money is wy more better than making a lot of sad moeny


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.