Is stupid STEM to STEAM(20 popular thoughts)

Is stupid to turn STEM into STEAM?. Does art can become considered equal to scientific and mathematics majors?.

Arts can be looked at as stem subjects or there always going to be a difference between art and stem?.

In this article, we’re going to discover the supportive opinions of STEAM and their opponents’ who see STEM—>STEAM as a stupid idea

STEM to STEAM is a good idea

A lot of people see that turning stem into steam is considered a good move to add artistic skills that could helpful for society. They have their opinions and point to defend. Thus, STEAM supportive people say:

Design and Music does help the world objectively

Supportive STEAM says that design and music help the world by providing multiple forms of art. As a result, increase creativity and enhance learning and memory in others studies.

Also, think that arts are helping people to engage and connect to the world. In other words, it will give stem the ways to communicate and explain well scientific or mathematics topics. So, it is important to add for them A to become the STEAM.

Also design is part of engineering

Many people have an artistic interest but it makes it hard to access design professions like graphic design and making 3d tools. They aren’t pure mathematics but what drives them a lot is their passion for building and designing.

For this reason, they support STEAM and think that is a great opportunity to convey people in their desired specialties. Also, staying under the umbrella of arts not only science or mathematics.

For them is a great idea to put their artistic passion into a scientific world.

Liberal arts education teach critical thinking

Many people see that liberal arts education is teaching critical thinking. So this aspect is not restricted to stem majors. They consider that including arts in a stem is a kind of democratization that creates equity in society.

Adding arts will become a strong alliance to raise the stem level and encourage more people to join this area.

So why not include and support stem to become steam in a society, that put down non-stem majors and beat the stem superiority.

People are consuming arts and don’t give it so much credits

People ignore art and dismiss it although it is an essential part of our daily life. Art is almost used in all areas of our life so why deny or dismiss it. Every technical object has an artistic aspect around it.

Art and engineering, are the same thing. So why accept engineers and deny arts? jus for mathematical reasons?

The supporters say that people are consuming art and don’t give It credit. Because art doesn’t give them job opportunities as other majors do. Including arts in stem help to beat this definition and encourage more people to follow their artistic passions.

Art is what builds up the human culture

Arts is what made stem majors thrive and transformed humans from backwardness to civilization. Before mathematics or science, Humans were using their artistic intent to build the tools that helped them to persist along with harsh circumstances.

So humans were using arts for a long time before that science came to life. Arts were the first step that made humanity use or invent mathematics to uniform artistic creations.

So this is what make arts the base of humanity, STEAM supporter says.

Art is actually big business

Art is an interesting part of the economy that most people ignore, it’s based on the famous entertaining industries that make billions of dollars. Some marketers and business owners are making than more any stem major job could do.

The stem is not the leading way to make money, making money in our generation is based on how much value you are giving to the market it could by arts or mathematics. For instance, marketers are and salesman jobs could make that no one of the stem major dream about.

Adding arts will encourage kids to study stem

Adding arts to stem classes will encourage more people to engage in this field. This field has a big shortage while other majors are saturated. Many people are good in math and science but arts are what drives them. So why stem lose these kinds of people.

Steam will be the best idea to take advantage of these double talented people and serve the organizations and populations. Many people are in between arts and stem. So it is a great thing to do, supportive STEAM says.

STEAM, is including creativity into arts

Art is an element that is based on intuition and feeling which we could not ignore. Many STEAM lovers think that arts will add value to technology and science. As a result, will change a lot of aspects of our lives.

building products with an artistic tone is a powerful tool to target customers and attract their attention. People are ruled far more by felling than numbers. marketers and commercials know that exactly:

People buy feelings but deny to affirm that.

Arts is needed in stem

Many engineering courses and Ph.D. students find big problems in their careers. Engineering or sciences classes require writing concise and not fluffy reports. This problem is noticed in a lot of Ph.D. stem students who suffer in their Ph.D. studies as professors talk about in this article link.

So arts or humanities can’t be out of the game. What is the value of great scientific work while people don’t get well?

Architechture is peice of arts

If architecture is a stem, why do people deny include arts in stem?. people buy buildings or houses because not only tall or spacey but they look good. So why exclude arts out of stem?.

Architecture is working in both sides engineering and artistic. making fancy work is a combination between math physics and arts. So there is not an essential reason to exclude A from the stem. supportive STEAM says.

STEM to STEAM is stupid idea

many people see that the idea of STEM TO STEAM is stupid and non-sense. So will discover their arguments and see their own reasons. The opponent’s stem says that:

Arts have uselss jobs

Is true that arts or liberal majors have a useless jobs, the majority of people are struggling to get a job after 4 years of debt college. So finally they might find themselves working for less than $20 for an hour.

Stem jobs today offer opportunities like software engineers who can earn more than $50 an hour which create a big difference and prevent crappy lifestyle, according to what they say.

Inculding arts to stem will make it broad more that it is

The stem is broad, it contains SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY ENGINEERING MATHEMATICS. For them is insane to add such an art field in this area. Do students have to go for painting classes or do and solve complex assignments in mathematics?.

it is not feasible and makes things embarrassing. It will put a lot of students in heavies situations that no one can bear.

Liberal arts is just a waste of time

Many people see that adding art to the stem will just be a waste of time and energy. Instead of focusing on scientific topics and solving major issues. Students will have to do an irrelevant thing to market jobs.

people want to rise and work on the skills that improve their ability to find employment opportunities.

How they going implement arts in stem?

Many steam opponents think that stem is not steam and is the stupid thing that could happen in stem history. They ask:

Do we have to study history again in stem classes?
Is painting is going to be credited so much as mathematics?
How we’re going to find time especially between heavy mathematics and scientific assignments?

So they find it nonsense and don’t understand how it is possible.

Adding arts to stem just for appeasing reasons

Many stem students find that adding arts is just for appeasing liberal arts and giving them credit for their work. It doesn’t have any other advantage that can add value to stem majors.

It just makes liberal arts students felling good and raises society’s respect toward them.

Stem is very different to liberal arts

People are against the transition of the stem to steam and find it stupid. They don’t find any correlation between stem and arts and why to add into the stem. They see that stem and arts should stay separate and anyone have to understand their specialization.

Merging arts and science will create trouble and attract students who are not math-minded. As a result, create frustration and rise dropout’s college numbers.

The stem is different and not made for anyone.

Is not called arts is called engineering

Many people argue that art and engineering are the same. Whereas engineers and stem defenders affirm that engineering is far from art. In other words, engineering is not designing using also feelings or getting inspiration.

it depends on following the natural rules that physics and mathematics put into the frame. People design something by taking into account its scientific possibilities by making calculations and tests, not just a feeling and sensation.

Stem save people lives

Stem saves people’s life,s not what liberal arts can do, a lot of stem supporters says. Going to war to protect a country is not going to be done by sound or painting works. We will need rockets, guns, cars, planes, medical services, and so on.

stem offer and teach the essential basics of life so adding dispersing subject like arts is not suitable and consumer energy.

Arts take a lot of practice

Arts consist a lot of practice and stem student are enough with their subjects and challenges. Many stem students don’t accept at all the idea of being overloaded with the non-interesting subjects for market jobs.

Especially arts that require long hours of work. So do they have to spend long hours with painting or mathematics?.

Stem lift people from povertey

stem domain is a domain that helped a lot of people to lift of poverty. it worth investing time and money for 4 years of college. loving arts and being poor without having the ability to support family could be miserable and make people feel guilty about themselves.

So many people prefer to follow money over passion. They say we’re passionate about arts, but how we’re going to live with arts. So for them beating poverty is important than any other else.


These thoughts are extrait from other personal opinions. So our personal viewpoint is not included at all in this article. But what we can say, is that nobody could expect or say that stem to steam is stupid if we don’t test this strategy.

we need to know more about how steam will affect future studies?


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.