10 reasons why Stem majors hate English major

So many stem students hate English majors which poses some questions.

Why do stem students hate English or humanities, and what are the things that make this major scary or bad for them?

In this article, we’re going to discover the 10 reasons why stem students hate English majors.

English is hard for stem students

Many stem students think that stem is the hardest branch, but when getting a chance to study humanities or English major they find other kinds of unexpected difficulties. In other words, find English hard to deal with.

Being excellent in math doesn’t mean succeeding in all branches. So English is hard according to what stem students say.

They find English heavy due to the voluminous content they have to deal with. Sometiems, need to focus a lot to get the right meaning of sentences. It creates for them such a form of mental disorder.

They find words hard and not controllable than numbers, that carry exactitude and clear meaning.

English is scary

People are afraid of the idea of writing a long essay and being rejected. So many stem students don’t imagine having the scenario that the professor would judge them how bad or stupid their sentences are. They don’t accept that at all.

It is stupid for them to make large sentences of an essay when the meaning stays as it is without any changing. It kind of time lost and energy. Stem students find it busy work for nonsense.

They have a habit to write specific assignments in physics or chemistry that focus only on the core scientific details, not how essays should sound to the reader.

Stem students are math minded

Many stem students choose this path because they find themselves more in scientific subjects. So don’t find themselves in writing and learn history or physiology. Simply, because it seems not interesting and doesn’t drive anything inside them.

Stem students find humanities or English subjects boring, and not make to them any sense. As a result, it is normal to find these stem students hating English majors.

The majority of the time, these people are doing good in math and science subject. They have a talent and genetic factor that makes them hugely attracted to scientific topics. Also, tend to be more logical and solve problems persons.

we can consider them as persons who have INTJ’s traits.

Stem is more respected than English or humanities

Many stem students hate English majors because stem majors are propelled by society. For this reason, many non-stem majors are locked down and feel despised for choosing non-stem majors. This superiority is still increasing day after day.

People put stem majors on pedestals and give at the expense of other majors. In other words, thinking that non-stem majors aren’t productive and don’t contribute to social development.

They look more at the technologies and forget that humanities are making and evolving humans who created this system. By teaching them how to think properly.

That is normal because in most times economic and material dividends are more sense for humans. Also, can be easily observed and touched. In reverse humanities have a deep influence that is hard for everyone to notice.

For instance, inventing technology is instantly creating a difference in life for people. But adopting a different concept of thinking like philosophy vision or interception is hard and requires time to be understood.

Hate writing

Many stem students hate English majors because of writing. It seems more draining for them and a waste of time and energy. They don’t like the restriction writings in English majors that students should follow.

To clarify English majors focus on writing expressive essays with respected style. Also, they have to respect the organization of the ideas. So students have to take care of many points in their writings.

In a scientific topic that is not interesting. the principal goal is to be concise and note enough information.

Stem majors don’t love to spend long times explaining what is already explainable. So they find writing long essays consumable and don’t have any purpose.

Whereas others find that writing content is not challenging and does not add any value to them. These kinds of students love writing technical stuff because at least it helps them to express something relevant for them.

But what makes really a stem student hate English majors are writing subjects with a determined word minimum. Also providing concise essays without fluff, which become harder than ever mathematic problem has been faced before.

These restrictions make students hate English and hate writing.

But many stem majors give good respect and importance to writing. Because is one of the interesting channels to communicate approach science to all people.

English major is not intresting

Many stem students hate English majors because they don’t see their importance in society. They see it from a capitalist vision. English can not survive without fundings. So, we have to go give it constant support to keep a life.

Whereas stem creates job opportunities and solves critical issues of persons like medicine and technology.

But what can they ignore is English has an interesting contribution of self personal improvement like communication. So forgetting that the most important thing that humans use is language and is one example.

Most wars that humanity has gone through are due to the lack of communication and wrong human predictions, that stem will never be able to solve.

Thus, English majors don’t get the respect they are worth.

English grading is uncontrollable

Getting grades in humanities or English major is hard to control, it tends to be more subjective than rational in stem majors. For instance, you could write an English essay and expose it to two different professors. As a result, you will likely get different grades.

This not happening in mathematics or physics, true is true, and wrong is wrong. There is no something between.

English students sometimes have difficult times trying to convince their professors about their grades or essays. It is hard and sometimes stems from a personal view. So, English professors have a lot of authority in their corrections.

Things suck when English students have restricted professors who point to tiny details. In other words, they seek perfectionism which terrifies many students and makes them suffer.

So, English grading doesn’t have a clear grading frame that students and professors could base on.


Having a good GPA is important to award general scholarship funds. The problem is English majors are crowded and have high competition. So the average GPA in English majors is high than the stem which makes it more difficult and hard to earn scholarships funds.

Some students have this analogy and look from a financial and nuances between majors. So it is better for them to go into less competitive majors regarding their difficulties.

More fees more times

This case is special for people who are studying stem and doing some humanities programs in parallel.

Many stem students are regretting spending their money and time on these classes. In some cases, students spend 20k and lose 2 semesters from their career which becomes so frustrating according to what they said.

They find that useless and a waste of time, effort, and money. Consequently, using subjects that don’t have anything with their major. They are forced to take these classes to rise up and valorize more their degree.

English majors have less paid jobs

Stem salaries are significantly high than non-stem majors. To clarify, stem majors get double salaries compared to non-stem majors. As a result, creates a big difference and changes a lot of people’s perspectives.

According to Leaernhotobecome the average annual salary of a stem major is around $87,000 whereas $45,000 for non-stem occupations like English or humanity majors.

This point is crucial and makes a lot of people doing wrong choices seeking financial advantages without knowing their inner capabilities to integrate into stem market jobs.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.