Hate physics classes But love doing by myself!!!

Many students hate physics classes But love doing them by themselves. In classes, physics is boring and embarrassing. Whereas prefer to study physics alone. It is more valuable for them and appealing.

So in this article, we’re going to discover the reasons why students hate physics classes But love doing them by themselves.

Why do people hate studying physics in classes but love to study it alone?

Studying physics classes is very different from studying alone by doing self-research or browsing the internet. Both sides have their advantages and disadvantages.

So we will list 10 reasons why a lot of stem students love studying physics alone and hate studying in classes like schools or universities.

Scaring and not meaningful classes

The method of classes and universities used to teach physics is scaring people. Using pure mathematical equations and uncomfortable content seems confusing and scary for a lot of future students.

Physics isn’t an easy subject it is a topic that requires some skills and abilities in mathematics. So many students have problems with mathematical bases and foundations. They are interested in a topic. But don’t find the supportive environment to keep in this scary advantage.

Unfortunately, this leads to many dropout cases who switch to different careers.

physics must be present in a way that could be affordable for a student. Teaching physics must respect a balance between a theoretical aspect and a practical one.

The key is to always accompany physical content with practices and experiences that put students into a good perspective, at least knowing where they are.

Physics in classes are non-interesting

classes in physics are not interesting say, students. The majority of them consider physic classes like mathematical ones, who Boring for students and also hard for teachers to catch the attention of students.

Watching youtube videos talking about physics and giving real-world examples is more appealing and lovely to pursue. To clarify, students prefer watching youtube and pop-science videos more than engaging in traditional classes.

A lot of scientific YouTubers or content creators, in general, succeeded to exceed the traditional quality education.

In other words, they provide understandable content. So, they put a lot of effort into animations and give relevant topics or examples for explanations.

This is what should be included in traditional classes. But things that students have to understand are youtube or any flashy video might not cover all details. That being said missing some interesting parts of the lectures.

In classes, there is more math

Some people love studying physics by themself because they don’t love mathematics or understand it. But studying physics without math is like fishing without bait. So math is an indispensable tool that physicists use in their works.

many stem students have difficulties in studying and understanding mathematical equations because either they don’t get interested or do not understand them.

Having problems in understanding mathematics have a solution. But the dangerous thing is doing physics without having any interest. Just attracted by some flashy physical phenomena like black holes or relative theorem.

So students have to understand their intent, physic is purely a mathematical subject.

So as the quote says love it or leave it.

Being bad in math doesn’t mean the non-ability to follow physical students. It is possible for anyone who has the interest to study physics to improve his level in mathematics.

Students only take the part of physics they enjoy

Studying physical classes is hard and always requires much energy to pick up information. So it is being in an uncomfortable zone. In the opposite house, cafe shop, or library no one will force you to study what it should be.

this creates problems and makes a lot of students skip topics that seem hard to absorb for them. They always stay in their confront zone.

A lot of students fall into this mistake. Physics has its good and bad. Students have to include all subjects and take them into account. There is no domain to love 100%. Life is about 50% gratification and 50% sacrifice.

Unqualified professors

Having unqualified or non-passioned teachers is a major issue. Many students suffer from boring professors who don’t explain and approach physics to students. Hence so many students quit the stem field.

Teaching is a domain that requires a lot of patience and flexibility to be able to provide and spread value.

So many professors are not passionate about their job, which make their jobs painful and heavy to deal with. As a result, students pay the price of this problem outcome. For example, Professors don’t explain well, give enough time to understand or encourage their students, and so on.

This behavior makes students hate physics or even all stem field. Sometimes it causes major issues like dropouts.

Following the teaching job must require having both character passion and patience. So having the lack of these last two things could influence badly a quality education. To understand this meaning you can watch this video.

Education need like these professors who have exploding energies

Limited time to study

Many students don’t have any problem with classes except for one thing, which is time. They can’t find enough time to study or pick notes. This is happening frequently in college which becomes frustrating for so many students.

Students can’t go in parallel with the speed professors are going. they lose a lot of information.

This problem could stem from both sides students and professors.

Some students are used to working with slow methods, which is unacceptable in the stem field. Because there are a lot of topics to cover and the program deadline is ruling. The second reason is professors don’t organize the lecture time well.

So they rush into some interesting parts where they should devote more time. This is one of the major problems that students are suffering from in college.

Reading physics is not learning it

A lot of people trait physics like humanities. In other words, they love reading about physics and only imagining the conceptual theories without using their critical thinking to analyze things.

Reading books or watching videos doesn’t mean you are doing physics. physics requires engaging and practical activities. For instance, solving equation problems, learning how to use mathematics to explain physic phenomena, and so on.

So being a passive student is appealing and comfortable. But in fact, physic is not like that. The more you engage and practice physics the more you understand his foundations.

Introvert or HSP students

Many students are tuned to studying alone. To clarify, and especially for Highly sensitive people who find classes too noisy. Because they are too sensitive to noise and crowded environments like classes.

These kinds of students get drained easily. As a result, don’t like to study in these kinds of environments.

Also, INTJ’s stem students to clarify students who are introverts and find their peace away from people. They prefer recharging their batteries in their private spot-like rooms or alone on one of the libraries’ corners.

These people don’t prefer to study only physics alone. They prefer to stay away from people because that helps them to be more focused and productive than during class sessions.

This is a treat that people are born with it. Is not a behavior or bad attitude to correct. So many people should understand that. you could watch this video to understand more about it.

Having flexibility and freedom

Studying alone is not like being in class, you are under restrictions and rules to follow. So this is what a lot of students are disliking, it is discouraging for them and freedom robbers. In other words, they want to become more flexible and free.

High school and college students have different freedom degrees. but high school students are much concerned about the problem.

Spending 2 or 3 long hours of physics and mathematics might not be suitable for many students. Moreover, sometimes you have to show interest in front of a teacher, especially wordy professors. It gets feeling like a mind exploding.

Hence many students prefer to study individually. So they have the flexibility to control themselves and be where and study when they want.

Some students think of non-needing teachers

Some students think that and find the non-need for teachers. To clarify they prefer to study by themselves and believe they are intelligent to absorb complex physical topics. As a result, make us ask a lot of questions.

It is real and possible for a physic student to study alone?

it is possible But it doesn’t seem like it is. not attending stem or physic classes and doing individual effort will lead to some part of success. But it will be time costly and ineffective way to study.

Otherwise, students will skip many aspects and points they would not observe on their own. In general, it might indicate some sort of arrogance and ignorance.

The most intelligent people in history have mentors or teachers who guided them during their journey. So humility and asking for help are what lead humanity to reach this level of awareness and power.

To sum up you will need a mentor or someone to learn from. Simply because intelligent humans learn from others’ mistakes and knowledge. As a result, preventing falling into the same mistake is insanity.


Hate physics classes But love studying alone is the right of any student. But as we said in our article we have to look at it from different angles and know its pros and cons.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.