Biology is less respected in the stem? (5 popular facts)

Is true that biology is less respected in the stem field?. do people look down on the biology field compared to other stem majors.

In this article, we’re going to respond to the question and know what is the reason behind that.

Is right that biology is not respected among stem fields?

Yes, a lot of biology students are less respected by other stem majors. They bring them down and don’t respect them. Other stem majors think that biology is less stressful and don’t carry the challenges they face.

That creates a feeling of despising and superiority. In some people’s regards, biology must be classified out of stem major.

Even for some kind people, the respect seems too low compared to math or computer science. So it is very hard to understand.

It could be rational to make the comparison between stem and non-stem major. But what about the close stem majors?.

Even, some people are called dumb, (Because biology is an easy subject and based only on memorization). They get bullied even on social media by using memes and funny images. As a result, create sickness and hate.

A lot of students Consider biology as a literature subject, not a scientific one that should be misled to be considered as a stem major. They think that biology is less demanded in market employment or less paid compared to other majors.

So people are excluding the S from the stem which makes asking a lot of questions about.

So, we will discover in the next paragraph the principal reasons why is biology is less respected in a STEM field?.

Why biology is less respected in stem field?

A lot of people disrespect biology stem majors due to their multiple thoughts and visions. We will list the famous thought about biology majors that brings down this major.


Biology is a broad and not detailed field, a lot of student says about it. They find that biology is a very long-scaled field that covers a lot of contexts to memorize. That is to say a lot of talking and writing.

Haters of biology consider it like a lot of bunch pieces of information to memorize. Not scientific aspects to analyze and get inspired from.

Not fractional

A lot of people see biology as a not fractional subject. That is to say, lectures in biology are very long and strongly connected. Also considering the field lot detailed and got heavy context to absorb.

For instance, if you take one biology section and compare it to a mathematical one you will find a big difference in volume.

Biology is based on analysis and conclusions it teaches students the real process of how scientific discoveries are made. In other words, to reach a biological fact we need to analyze a lot of scientific experiences or data to get results.

This not happening in mathematics. Mathematicians have a logic of beginning from A then arriving at B. So the process is different which a lot of students might not understand.


Some students consider biology the easiest field in the stem. Simply because it doesn’t include a lot of mathematics like complex algebra or hard differential equations to solve. Hence they think is like historical lessons.

Their definition of hardness and easiness relate to mathematic existence.

They don’t see how many names to memorize how many graphs to analyze and things to prioritize. Biologists have a lot of things to consider that most students don’t aware of that, which might create some wrong assumptions.

So it is impossible to assume that major X is hard than major Y. It depends on the interest of students. Some students could find biology hard than mathematics and vice versa. So seeing things from one angle could lead and create arrogance between stem majors.

Everyone is comfortable in his own spot and everyone is facing problems. So there is no comfort while requesting education.

require memorization

Biology indeed requires a lot of memorization which some people get it differently. They said biology is a pure memorization field and doesn’t require solving problem skills and innovation.

They don’t understand that biology is a high detailed subject that requires combining a lot of details and putting them in the right perspective. So it is easy to fail and struggle if you don’t have sharp analytic skills and critical thinking.

Biologists have a lot of things to memorize and a lot of things to analyze. This last thing, a lot of people don’t understand.

Less paid

A lot of people don’t respect biology because it less paid job. Biology is indeed less paid than a computer science field, as an example. So Software engineers could have more comfortable job positions than biologists.

But the question. Do people pursue careers for money or just something else more important?

if the money is the only reason. So it is normal to see biology and other majors less respected. Having a job that does not bring happiness and fulfillment is a big trap where a lot of people fall into.

A lot of students don’t realize that until they live and feel it. So people are not stupid to choose biology to get less pay. It is so simple people choose biology because they love it.


Students find biology is a boring subject. As a result, project his thinking to the biologists by disrespecting students and don’t give them value. So, a lot of students consider this field much boring than others majors.

Why physic majors disrespect biology ?

we will list 3 principal reasons why physic majors disrespect biology:

boologist memorize more than physistcs

biologists are known for memorization, they love memorizing. So it’s their domain. They memorize hundreds or maybe thousands of organic parts. As a result, could be frustrating and boring for physicists.

Their excellent capacity of memorization put them down by physicists. Because they think biologists aren’t using logic as much as memorization.

Biologist analyzing more than physistcs

It is very hard for a physic major student to have the analysis skills that biology has. Sometimes it makes a mind explode when we try to compare between different patterns that no one seems similar to other.

Physicists don’t like that, they love to break things down and work individually. As a result, that is impossible for biology. So, biologists might have problems understanding logical rules, and that is normal due to their field nature.

Biologists get the rules from hard analysis work, whereas physicists work individually using math and approximation. Hence biology is misunderstood and brought down.

Physicsit ignore biology

physicist look at biology from one single angle. They think biology is just memorizing a lot of rules and organs. physicists don’t see the enormous work doing biologies to understand and relate between patterns to make sense of things.

Biology has an enormous scientific content to absorb more than physic or mathematics.

Is biology harder than math?

Biology is not harder than math and math is not harder than biology. Even humanities could be hard than math. Things are relative. So the definition of hard or easy does not depend on how many mathematical equations you solve.

Many mathematicians are excellent in their field. But if we put them into humanities they could be terrible. So, the question depends on talent and interest.

That being said mathematics might seem hard for someones and easy for others.

In addition, there is a lot of biology student who is excellent in math. But didn’t choose it because they find biology is more interesting than math.

So for people who don’t love memorization and dealing with volumized context, Biology would be very hard and painful. The same thing for students who don’t find interest in solving complex mathematical issues and consistently use their critical thinking.

To sum up, Instead of asking hard or easy, You could ask interested or not.

biologist are less intelligence than physicists?

labeling and judging people of intelligence or stupidness is one of the sicknesses and non-respect biologists suffering from. Yesterday humanities were stupid, Now biologists added to. It is a disease that society has to stop spreading.

if biologists are less intelligent we would not have the greatest minds in the world “Charles Darwin” with 165 IQs. The biologist Darwin had a higher IQ than the physicist Einstein did. So it is the sound way to discuss this problem?

people are looking down on biologists because they work and think differently. Some students judge biologists because they can’t solve physical issues.

The question is do physicists could analyze and memorize more than biologists. It is like blaming pigs for not flying.

Every major has its specialties. So we have to understand.


The ignorance and less misunderstanding of diversity are what make biology less respected. This phenomenon is tougher for non-stem majors who suffer way more than biologists.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.