It is too late to get into robotics(4 important things)

It is difficult and too late to find a robotic career when you are old. for people who might int their 40s or 50s, it is possible to start in robotics?

if it is yes how they can start properly?

In this article, we’re going to answer and give guidance to these kinds of people who want to start from scratch.

It is too late to start in robotics?

It is not too late even if you are at the age of 60, as long as you have persistence and will to succeed. people in their 60s did it. So why not for people in their 30s or 40s. The question is about mindset and will to sacrifice.

But things differ from one person to another, some people have already some experiences while others don’t.

So the student has some engineering background like electronics, electricity, programming the road will be much easier than starting from scratch. But in both cases, it is possible to get there when you have passion and determination.

If not, many resources are available, it just needed to deploy some effort and push against pushbacks.

starting a career in robotic as aged people will not differ from young people. You need to learn the 3 basics of robotics electronics, mechanics, programming. As long as you have some background in these filed as long you could make a quick jump to the robotic field.

So age is not an obstacle, many people start late robotics and make a jump in their careers. So being afraid of failure is not a good option to prevent you from reaching your dream.

What is the maximal age for robotics?

As long as you could do robotics there is no limit. up to 70s and even more if no health contradiction disturbed you to do that. What is good about robotics is that is a broad domain. So even for people who have disabilities, it is possible for them.

simply because robotics embed 3 majors programming electronics and mechanics.

Mechanics might need some physical effort while electronics or programming in most cases a static job. So being old will be never a problem for roboticists. Except in some environments or some jobs like robotics technical do.

A robotic technical and mechanical engineer is a job that requires some physical effort that might be not suitable for aged people(above the 60s).

But what is funny, people in their 30s or 40s even 20s asking if it is too late to start in the robotics field.

Can I get into robotics without a degree?

It is possible to get into the robotics field without a degree. But finding a job in this area will be so difficult it requires having a solid network and showing a tremendous capacity and talent to be hired.

So for people who want to get a job is recommended to get a bachelor’s degree because it is so important in the resume.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t find a robotic job without a degree. But you will need to prove a strong background in programming, electronics, or even mechanics. if you don’t have the solid experience you will be less paid in case you’ve been hired.

The other option is if you are thinking to become a robotic entrepreneur and have the network and financial resources, So there is no need of having a degree. But you will need to be mentored by engineers to give you guidance and valuable knowledge.

Going solitary in robotic is hard, it requires financial resources and steady experience. So having support is primordial.

To sum up, if you are not thinking about entrepreneurship having a degree is a safe and intelligent way to go into this field. learning robotics requires dealing with expensive materials and tools. So, you will not be able to afford it as a person.

In robotics universities, you will find the environment and build a solid network with people. A lot of people have to understand that robotic is not building elementary projects school using Arduino. It is much far than that.

Steps to pursue a robotic career for old people

It is not too late to get into robotics and will not be in the future. So for passionate robotic students of any age, robotics is possible to be learned. So I will give the full guidance that will allow you to learn robotics and make an effective jump to this career.

STEP 1 learn robotics basics and tools

learn electronics

The first step to begin in our journey is to take courses in electronics. You will begin from scratch learning the basics about electronics such as resistors, transistors, capacitors, etc. Then start applying the electronics rules by building different circuits.

it is the first step to begin for people who want to go through the robotics field.

So there are two best courses that we found on the internet about learning electronics, the free video youtube tutorials, and the electronic Udemy course.

As a recommendation having a paid course is well structured and allows you as a student to ask questions. Moreover, cover the whole topic.

So learning electronics is essential. That is to say, you will need to practice a lot to understand electronics basics. Once you make your electronics projects then you can consider yourself good to go to the next step.

So it will require at least to have 6 months of practicing electronics as a part-time activity.

Learn C language

At this stage, you can make your electronics circuits. So you will need to learn how to make programmable circuits. Hence learn C is a way to do that. C and C++ are considered the first language adopted in robotics.

So the goal in this stage is to learn C until the section of pointers. Thus stop at the pointer lecture.

In this case, you don’t need to invest any penny. You can find all that you need in this tutorial. It covers everything to learn C from scratch. So if you follow this free course you will need to follow only the first 100 videos.

For people studying with books, you could use the book ” C HOW TO PROGRAM ” …

So the plan that we recommend is to study a video per day. You will need 3 months to finish learning the basics of C programming. So don’t rush and skip steps if you don’t want to go back again.

Learn arduino

Getting a solid foundation in electronics and c language will make it so easy to learn Arduino. So you will apply and practice the previous knowledge (making electronics circuit projects and programming them). So the Arduino is the best beginning to automatization.

The learning process of Arduino is easy and won’t take more than two months to absorb. That depends on how much you understood the electronics and C language.

To learn Arduino, it is way more than enough to just follow this free tutorial on youtube.

Learn AVR or PIC

In this phase, things become more professional, learning Avr or Pic will allow making industrial electronics boards for robotics or any special electronics subject.

We will recommend learning AVR instead of pic because Arduino is based on AVR.

AVR, in a simple definition, is doing circuits like Arduino but from scratch. That is to say, you will make your previous Arduino project with AVR. It will be much more difficult but detailed oriented.

Arduino has a lot of libraries and functions that facilitate the coding process. So your goal now is to understand deeply what is going on in microcontrollers.

You could follow this tutorial video on youtube. if you are looking more investing in some AVR courses could be the best.

Learn python and use rasppbery

python is an essential language of robotics after c and c++. What is good about raspberry is that allows you to make a lot of robotics projects at affordable prices. Moreover, it has a hugely supportive community providing help and resources.

For people who have solid bases in c and electronics raspberry will be easy to learn. It will need one to two months in this case.

I will let you this tutorial to start learning python and doing some projects with raspberry pi.

the process of learning python will take you 2 months. It will be easy for an ancient C student.

Learn data structure and algorithm

learning a data structure is very important for roboticists, It is the art of making clean and efficient code. As a result, create fast and effective robots and systems. So it is important to learn the foundation of data structure.

in this free course, you will find the all needs for this topic.

Step 2 get a college degree

To work in robotics companies the are two ways:

Having a college degree from accredited robotic engineer programs in special robotic universities.

or getting a degree in the following majors:

  • mechanical engineering
  • electrical engineering
  • computer science
  • software engineering
  • mathematics

So, almost all stem degrees are conducted to have a robotic career path.

Learning the basics of robotics tools noticed above will accelerate the process of learning robotics. As a result, succeed and get easily a bachelor’s mastering in robotics.


Age has been never a problem with learning and robotics is not late for anyone. But as we noticed in the article some technics must be applied to learn the fast and efficient way. So this is what allows you to switch to a robotic career.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.