STEM students bragging too much (5 important facts )

A lot of debates happen between stem majors and non-stem majors. Many non-stem majors think that stem students are arrogant and bragging too much.

This is true or just personal views. So, in this article, we’re going to discuss this subject from different angles.

Are STEM students bragging to much?

Generalizing that stem students are bragging would be unfair for all students. Although many forms of bragging are shown in some libraries or coffees when non-stem majors and stem majors accidentally meet. As a result, create hate.

We cannot deny that this phenomenon is increasing and a lot of students are getting mad at that. But the majority of stem students respect other majors and know the importance of their major and how hard they also work.

Is right that stem students are putting in a lot of work and suffering to get and acceptable scores. But talking much or loudly about their experience reflect problems in self-esteem and confidence in themselves.

Stem students are different from each other, some of them complain so much about their studies. So complaining is a personal choice and there is no problem with it, as long as they respect others.

A lot of people are majoring in stem because they find it the easy path for them. While others do the opposite. So, it doesn’t have any relation between complications. It desires questions and interests. This is what arrogant students don’t understand.

Sometimes non-major students don’t have to take it seriously. The majority of them just want to destress and engage others to give them support.

Stem students are two types of responders and kind people who have positive energy. But Some narcissistic and arrogant ones ruin the reputation of stem major.

STEM student bashes liberal arts and humanity majors

Stem students put down non-stem majors, they don’t respect how much of the work could be liberal arts or humanities deploying. A lot of non-stem students suffer from arrogance and non-respect towards others.

These kinds of people don’t know well other majors and how people are choosing majors.

A lot of stem students affirm that art or humanities are hard for them and difficult to grasp its content. It is not venting for non-stem-majors, someones would say, but it is a truth. In art classes, students work for long hours and sometimes for longer times than stem do.

The easy is hard for someones, and the hard is easy for others it is a point to clarify.

For instance, if we put a stem student major in arts, it guaranteed to succeed in arts because arts is easier than stem or another thing to take into account.

Responding to this question is the only thing that differentiates sound thinking from arrogant one. Unfortunately, the world is ruled by the law of supply and demand which non-study majors always lose.

So we cannot restraint creativity in stem and ignore other major. The solid proof that affirms the bonding between humanities and stem is a lot of genius had social and scientific works.

non-stem majors are just a wast ot time and moeny?

A lot of people look down on stem humanities major, that due to many reasons but we will list 5 principal reasons that made this arrogant and individual thinking.


The principal reason why stem majors put down others is money. Stem majors have good salaries and more opportunities in the market job. As a result, give a lot of respect to people who are making more money.

It is hard but is true. Those people are materialists and belive so much in money over any other core values.


These days society is putting a lot of focus on stem majors. It creates the image that stem majors are only contributing to society. People relate between stem and genius which magnifies the respect to this major.

For instance, saying that I’m studying maths or science makes you more superior than other majors.


Mostly, the people who put down non-stem majors have the followers thinking. They unconsciously repeat and mimick the trend of society. So without having any information about other domains.

So, do not expect someone who ignores the concepts to know the importance of humanities.

media lack of contributions

Media are focusing on topics that give suspense and entertainment. we have a lack of tv programs and events that introduce the role of humanities through human civilization. As a result, decrease automatically the respect of humanities and arts.

Education is investment

Some students treat education like investments or business. So they calculate how much they should invest and how much are the gains. As a result, non-stem major is losing business for them. They think like bankers, not students looking for education.

But a lot of them understand the lesson lately and know that having a well-paid job won’t lead them to happiness if the passion is lacking.

why stem majors have so much opportunities that non stem majors?

What is ruling is the law of supply and demand. So as long as the demand for the stem is high, opportunities are going to be favorable for this major. But we have to understand that steam majors are a pillar of any technology and discoveries made by humans.

But some non-stem majors feel that is unfair and unjust for them. While stem majors are feeling that is worthing due to the hard work they are putting in.

The principal reason is not that stem students get paid jobs because they work hard. Liberal and artistic students work also hard but don’t get credit for that. The core and true thing are stem majors made a big impact in people’s life more than any other majors.

This is not a put-down of other non-stem majors. But it is the reality that a lot of people don’t love it at all.

Even in some time doctors and scientists get underpaid based on the value they provide. They get a lot less than famous artists or promoters. Moreover, many non-stem majors are getting paid the doubles than stem do.

The difference between those no stem majors who get paid well to others who get paid less is understanding the law of supply and demand.

The market doesn’t oppress anyone if you have an artistic product that could be interesting to people you could become rich no matter who you are.

It seems hard. But if we want money we have to follow the market first before anything else.

Why some engineer student are arrogant?

many engineers are arrogant and feel so much about themselves. they think they are superior form other majors. In other words, they are looking down on other specialties and consider their programs easy and useless.

But this doesn’t happen with only engineers, it happens in many majors. Even engineering majors are bragging to other engineering majors.

So the question is, why do these people have these bad traits?

we’re going to list 3 reasons that are remarkable in arrogant students:

superiority need

Superiority need is a feeling that arrogant people should receive every while. As a result, cause arrogance problems and non-respect to others. It is like a drug to take to be stable and cover the poor self-esteem.

Hence some arrogant engineers do some arrogant and provocation behaviors, which create hate and give the stem a bad rap.

Is true that engineering is hard. But why talk so much about that?. These kinds of people are complaining so much and lose their energy for free. While the successful engineer or whatever else people focus on the work.


Some stem students like engineers are bragging and feel superior to other majors because of the money. Unfortunately, society gives respect to financial gains and ignores other core values which create this kind of thinking.

So, a lot of students look down on others because sadly think like ” The more money you make the more valuable and intelligent you are “.


Studying a lot of math and physics makes blow up some weak personalities. They think that non-stem majors don’t have the abilities to study maths and physics. While mostly, majoring in engineering or arts is interest no capability question.

Many students are excellent in math and physics. But they choose arts or humanities because they feel more purposeful.


I’m a stem major and I see how society is putting non-stem majors aside. I said if stem majors allow us to make rockets humanities tough us how to think to get there.

STEM is a noble major, not a tool that some students use bragging others. So the arrogance disease is findable in any place where the feeling of inner peace is absent.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.