Stem for INTJ’s (7 important facts to know)

Is good to be INTJ and have a stem career? if yes what are the best stem majors for INTJs? Some people consider themselves INTJs but are struggling with mathematics and science. So could an INTJ be bad at math and science?

In this article, we’re going to discover deeply INTJ and their relation with stem majors. So if you think you are an INTJ and want to pursue your career in stem major this article is for you.

Stem for INJT’s

INTJ stems from introvert, Intuitive, thinker, and judger which are great characteristics of stem majors. Being good in science or mathematics requires having at least 2 traits of what INJTs have, thinking and judging.

INTJs have great capacities to solve problems. So structuring and finding patterns is what INJTs are made for. INJTs could excel in many stem jobs like computer science, medicine, architecture, electrical engineering, etc.

But the downside point of those who have INJTs is they are introverts. In other words, they can not operate well in crowded jobs.

Introverts love to operate solely, and thus don’t love working in communities. As a result, could be bad for some stem jobs that require the spirit of teamwork. Some of them might not operate well under high-stress situations.

It is recommendable for INJs to avoid working in crowded and high-stressful environments.

What is amazing about this character is that INJTs are good even in humanities and liberal arts. A lot of people affirm they do well in these subjects. Even if INTJs are known for logical thinking, a lot of them have linguistic and art talents.

So, it is normal to find some INTJ doing well in liberal arts and humanities.

But in the next paragraphs, we’re going to know why INJTs are operating well in non-stem majors.

Best stem jobs for INJT’s

We’re going to choose the best stem jobs for INJTs depending on the 4 characters that define INJTs. So, the listed jobs need to have the following characteristics which INJTs have.

  • Unsociability: jobs that don’t require to be rounded with people.
  • Intuition: occupations that need some sort of intuition.
  • Thinking: jobs that are based on solving problems.
  • Judging: jobs that require judging capacities.

So we will list the best 10 stem jobs for INJT’s

  • software developer
  • Geoscientist
  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Biological Technician
  • architect
  • data analyst
  • embedded system engineer
  • Veterinarian
  • Radiologist
  • Psychiatrist

Software Developer

what makes software developer the best stem job for INTJs is two essential characteristics, individuality and thinking. software developers work most time alone, also their occupation is based on solving a lot of technical problems which is good for INTJs.


what is good about geoscience is the ability to work in comfortable environments, not in noisy environments such as manufacturing or whatever else. Is a job made for INJTs who like nature, do research on the earth, and create biological solutions.

Aerospace Engineer

Working as an aerospace engineer is a career that INTJs have talents to pursue. Aerospace engineers are developing complex technologies for rockets and planes. They always use their critical thinking to solve problems and break engineering challenges.

Biological Technician

For those who love working lonely in biological labs, a biological technician could be the best option. The best thing for INJTs about this job is individuality where can thrive. The job concept is on making biological research, tests, evaluating samples, etc


structurization and segmentation are special characters INTJ’s know by. So architects do. It is the best job for stem INTJs to make plans and make innovative solutions. That is to say, making buildings more futuristic and friendly environments. Is a traditional job that is quickly evolving with time.

Data analyst

If you love statistics and numbers, you have the ability to extract valuable information from graphs and studies, data analysis is an adequate job. Data analysis is an occupation that uses critical thinking and judging abilities. It is frequently based on calculations and predictions.

Embedded system engineer

Embeded system engineers have the greatest innovative minds in the industry. They use their critical mind thinking and ability to solve technical problems. An embedded engineer builds and programs electronics cards as we have in our computers or cars…


The veterinarian is a great stem job for INTJs who love animals and love to take care of them. Curing animals’ diseases is a noble job that preserves the balance in a biological system. especially for an extremely introverted person who feels drained in crowded jobs.


the radiologist is one of the high-paid jobs in stem majors. radiologists earn more than $200.000 per year. So INTJs have the abilities and capacities to land for this kind of job. Because it’s based on critical thinking, analyzing, and finding the nuances.


Some people are HSPs and INTJs, which means INTJs who are highly emotionally sensitive. In other words, people who feel deep and empathetic of human behavior. Psychiatry is a suitable job for these kinds of people who can understand easily other people feeling.

INTJs who struggle in math and science

Struggling in math and science could be caused to a lot of reasons. But, the principal ones are interest or weak foundations.

==> interest: a lot of INTJs have no interest in mathematics or scientific subjects. It doesn’t mean struggling with them. Simply they are not interested and feel bored studying those subjects.

==> week foundations: a lot of INTJs are struggling in math and science, not because they lack talent. Because they lack the tools and basic foundations in mathematics. As a result, create confusion especially when they hear that INTJs are naturally good in math and science.

The stem is a structural major. That is to say, you will not learn calculus being weak in mathematical basics like analysis and algebra. So the majority of students suffer from this problem.

So, if you have an interest in mathematics and science, going back to the foundations is the key. In addition, having a tutor and additional classes will help so much to not struggle in math and science as a confused INTJ stem student.

INTJ’s for non-stem majors

Many INTJs don’t like to follow stem careers, they find them boring and not interesting. But the majority of them are good at math and have the capacity to handle its difficulties. However, they don’t find it suitable to pursue a career in their life.

So, everything is possible when we talk about INTJs. The qualities that INTJs have, allow them to operate well in both directions, for stem and non-stem majors.

Many INTJs are finding themselves talented in poetry or painting more than mathematics. A lot of them prefer philosophy, and psychology. That is to say, any aspects that relate to humanities or arts.

Others love to use their critical thinking abilities in humanities which could be weird.

These kinds of people love to understand what is behind things. In other words, even in humanities, they want to understand the why of things. It is hard for them to memorize things without digging deep enough and understanding the reasons.

Careers for INTJ’s That doesn’t include math

There are plenty of stem and non-stem careers for INTJs who don’t love mathematics or hate it. So we will list the 20 jobs for INTJ’s jobs that don’t require math.

  • Teacher
  • Scientist
  • Writer
  • Judge
  • programmer
  • Project management
  • Systems administration,
  • research analyst,
  • project management,
  • business analysis,
  • marketing
  • journalist
  • coking
  • therapist
  • graphical designer
  • technical writer
  • structural architect (UI/UX design)
  • Hospitality management
  • technician
  • copywriter

I will add some explanation about some jobs noticed above that could create confusion for some people.

For programmers, mathematics is barely used except for some basic operations like addition, multiplications, and subtractions. The only job that programmers should be away from is data science which requires mathematics.

To not use math as a scientist you should follow biology, not physics.

The exception for technicians is they must work in less crowded and stressful environments. INTJs are mostly not good in stressful and competitive jobs.

Best jobs for non-stem INTJ’s

Being an INTJ and non-stem major still has a lot of opportunities. So, we will list the 10 best careers to pursue as INTJ and non-stem majors.

  • Teaching
  • cooking
  • judging
  • law
  • programming
  • marketing and sales
  • designing
  • business management
  • copywriting
  • writing

A lot of people would say that programming is for a stem. The answer is not at all. Being a web designer or application designer does not need any scientific or mathematical skills. So it does not purely stem.

Stem jobs to avoid for INTJ’s

INTJs have special characters to integrate into various careers. They can thrive as stem majors or non-stem majors. But two points are critical to avoid for any INTJ, Social and stressful jobs.

Sociable jobs: These are jobs that base on working indispensably in teams. that is to say, being rounded and in contact with a lot of people. INTJs are introverts, they feel drained working in communities. They always prefer working alone.

Stressful jobs: working in a position that needs the ability to be under pressure is not for INTJs. They love taking their time to analyze problems and find the proper solutions. Rushing and falling in randomness is something that can drain them.

INTJs can be very productive in isolated and non-controllable situations than others can do. It is like a meditator’s mind.

You can watch this video to learn more about how they behave with stress INTJs.


Being an INTJ is a great character. INTJs are not dommed to be stem majors they can thrive always in not stem majors as we’ve seen in our article.

They are two exceptions that we talked about that could not be suitable for INTJs. So, all the rest it depending on the personality’s interest. We could find a lot of people who have different interests. So, what to say about people who hate coding and love technology.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.