Hate coding but love technology(what should I do)

A lot of people affirm that coding is boring and make them hate their life, But they love technology. Does technology is based on coding or anything else?.

For others who are doing coding for living is there any alternative to get rid of?. Or changing career is the only track?

So, in this article, we’re going to answer these questions and know more about the coding and technology topic.

Hate coding but love technology(what should i do)?

Technology is not only doing the coding. Technology is a wide industry that holds many filed like design management products, data analytics, and so on. So if you hate coding and still love technology, many other opportunities and occupations are available to choose and test.

It is very hard to stay in a profession you hate and why should you do that? when other alternatives are available.

The IT domain is expanding day after day and new occupations are showing up. Having a technology background allows going in many associated industries, where is possible to make living without writing one line of code.

Data analytics and software project management are both high demanded occupations nowadays. These occupations base on management and analytics. They allow you to go deep in technology without going into development and coding aspects.

In the next paragraph, we’re going to list and detail, the best jobs and alternatives. In addition, these tips or advices are not for students but for people who are experienced in coding and know what is coding.

So, if you are a student it is hard to judge hating coding while you are in the beginning stages.

I’m student i love technology but i hate coding

As a student stumbling in coding could be the principal reason to hate it. That would not be the reason to judge finally and say I hate code but I love technology. You will need more practice and enhance your capability before anything.

A lot of people don’t do well and suffer in coding. As a result, anything that we don’t perfect, our brain avoids it and hates it. So it is still early to judge like that.

It is recommendable to take courses and work hard until you become good at coding. At the moment when you reach some levels of professionalism or excellence, you could judge and see how much interest in coding has become.

It happens with a lot of students. When they find something hard they dismiss it and judge it quickly. So many students have started to love coding after a long boring and painful practicing hours.

The brain is the enemy of what ignore. You could watch in this video some tips to stay motivated learning coding.

after all these processes if you still find coding boring and hate it. Then many alternatives are in the technology market to look for.

Alternative jobs to do if you hate coding and love technology

coding it just a small part and tiny domain in technology. So there is no reason to worry. The future is shiny and opportunities are endless. So, I will list the 14 jobs for lover technology and hater coders.

  • Networking
  • Data warehousing and mining
  • blogger
  • data analyst
  • sales engineer
  • computer hardward
  • designer
  • ui/ux
  • technical writer
  • Seo manager
  • Content marketing manger
  • softward test engineer
  • game tester
  • technical support


To explain easily networking is connecting computers and other devices together in order to share information and do tasks. you will be working with computers, servers, access points, switches, cables everything that relates to sharing data.

For instance, setting your wifi home device is a networking job. But in companies, you will do it on a big scale.

Data warehousing and mining

As a data warehouse developer your responsibility will be on delivering data and information relating to business. that is to say manage and help companies to store their data asset like customer data, employee data, sales data, and so on.

It is the hottest job of our days. Data become an indispensable asset for any business to scale their activities. Moreover is good to do if you love technology and hate coding.


Being a blogger is the best option if you want to become free and work from anywhere. Blogging is making a website where you write content about certain topics. In this case, writing about technology and even giving technology products reviews.

Bloggers are making their living from advertisers and affiliate links. creating content is the best way to build a passive income.

Data analyst

I love numbers, statistics, and graphs data analytics would be a good option. Data analysts study data and extract valuable information to help businesses to make the right decisions. for instance, decreasing expenses, choosing the right products to sell, and so on.

Moreover, data analytics help companies to expect how much a market will be in the next years. So the experienced data analysts are valuable in society.

Sales engineer

if you love selling and interacting with people, being a Sales engineer is a good job to do as a technology lover. your goal will be to sell to the people the technology products that help them in their business or personal life.

To explain more if you want to sell a machine you have to convince a buyer by explaining to him what is the role of this machine, how it works,s and how they can benefit from it. So the principal goal is to make sure that customers have a solid awareness of a product.

Hate coding but love technology will no longer be your problem in this job.

Computer hardward engineer

Having an interest in engineering and hard research. That is to say, design, develop and test computer components or PCB board. the computer hardware is for you, this job allows you to make circuit board that means dealing with a lot of electric and electronic components.

The job is made for makers and tweakers people who love working on building and fixing stuff.


Being an artistic person is good for design, having a high sensibility and touching details will make you a great designer. if you are a fan of photoshop and love colors you could become a designer for many industries.

the designer could work in web, paper magazines, advertisers online and offline. This domain has huge potential for passionate people.

UI/UX designer

You hate coding but still love technology and problem solving, UI/UX designer is a good choice. You will play the role between businesses and users. In other words, you will be interviewing people, taking notes, and organizing the data collected from customers.

You will collect information and make workshops helping people to enhance their business or make new products.

Technical writer

loving technology and having a passion for education is good for technical writers. Technical writers are people who are responsible for creating technical content guidance. For instance, creating technical guidelines to use software or service.

That is to say, you will create technical content that explains or guide people. For example coding instructions, full steps to building something, and so on.

Seo manager

You love handling websites and growing their traffic resources. The SEO specialization is might be good for you. this job has the goal of creating content that respects the rules and guidances of search engines.

For instance, writing articles with short paragraphs, not including difficult words, putting links of other people’s articles in text, and so on. All these technics to be ranked and be the first search results.

Content marketing manger

A content marketing manager is a 21-century business. It just needs passion and social skills to go in this industry. So if you like managing other people’s pages like Facebook, youtube, Instagram, tweeter, etc. So this job is for you.

The goal of the content marketing manager is to put consistently the content and manage social media people account. For example, celebrities have millions of followers on their social media account. Do you think that they have time to put content or answer the question by themself?

So the content marketing managers do.

Softaward test engineer

Software test engineer is a good job for people who hate coding but love technology. Also, for people who are thinking to quit their coding jobs. Having experience in coding helps you to become a brilliant software test engineer. So, your goal is to determine and localize the issues in the given software.

In addition, creating new methods to effectively test programs. you will run reports and make improvements.

Game tester

If you love gaming and have a solid background in the gaming industry. Working as a gamer tester would be fulfilling as a career. Your goal is to test games, find bugs or issues and recommend improvements.

This industry is rising due to the huge and fast gaming growth market. So it is a good opportunity to become one of its first promoters.

Technical support

Responding to people’s questions and having guidance about technology products is the job of technical support. If you find yourself having patience and good communication skills you could apply for this occupation.

It will a good opportunity to share your passion love for technology.

I hate programming, it is possible to like it?

If you are in the beginning, yes it might be possible. But if you are experienced it is hard to assume.

To clarify, for beginners who are struggling in programming, it would not be an indicator to judge and belive that programming is not for them. It is normal like any process, when you want to start learning something you will likely fail on it. So a lot of people create a relation between failure and hate.

That is to say, having 3 or 6 months will not allow you to know if you hate or love programming. So, you still need to deploy much effort and learn whatever it takes. It is normal for us to hate something we struggle with.

But, for other cases like people who have many years of experience in the coding area, it is difficult to guarantee that. You don’t love it which means you don’t love it. It is a genetic factor that we could not control. So finding other purposeful jobs could be the best option.

Disclaimer: we are preventing this advice for people who work in a sound environment. That is to say, are comfortable in their environment not working in toxic jobs. Because having bad environment work makes people hating the world.


The world is full of opportunities. So, why stay or carry about jobs that could be harmful to our health in a long run. We don’t want to fall in regret as many stem majors had in their lifes.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.