Engineer to STEM Teacher(7 important things to know)

Making the transition from Engineer to STEM teacher is a desire of a lot of people. Due to many reasons like job satisfaction or passion and so on. Engineers want to make this jump, But don’t know how to make it properly.

So in this article, we’re going to give full guidance to people who want to make this transition.

In other words, explaining to them how to make the right decisions and what mistakes to avoid.

Engineer to Stem Teacher

Having a lack of interest in engineering jobs is the main reason why people switch to other domains like teaching. So, a lot of engineers feel dysfunction and lack of pursues. As a result, they decide to make a jump and look for other domains.

Enjoying teaching is the best alternative, especially in stem strands. A lot of engineers teach part-time in a summer camp which considers a savory experience. As a result, push them to stay forever in their passion.

On the education side becoming a teacher requires having teaching experiences, getting technical credentials, and finally adding some optional certifications.

So basically you will need to have two principal things experience and a teaching credential diploma. So having experience could be through making a lot of teaching activities like summer classes, private classes, etc.

While taking teaching credentials consists to invest some time. As a part-time enroller, it will take almost 2 years to have the teaching credentials. As a result, allowing to make a jump from engineer to a teacher as a stem major.

So, we will list in the next paragraphs the detailed steps to make a safe and steady jump from Engineer to stem teacher.

From Engineer to Stem Teacher 4 thing to know

Going from engineer to stem teacher is a courageous decision that less passionate engineers would do. So we will offer full guidance for any engineer who wants to make this transition in his life. As a result, there are 4 things to take into account :

Getting a teaching credential

The first requirement to go on this journey is to have teaching credentials. It is an educational diploma that allows the applicant to do a teaching job. That is to say, going under several preliminary tests, Then having legal permission to teach.

So first you have to choose and enroll in a suitable program depending on your circumstances. There are many online stem teaching credentials to opt for. So, all you have to do is to find the suitable one.

The average duration of these credential teaching programs is between 1 to 2 years. So, as an employer who might not have a lot of time, spending 2 years is what to expect.

These programs offer formations in pedagogy, linguistic, Communication. That is to say all aspects of educational sciences. Also, have a side some internship, teaching students.

finally, after completing the full program you will pass the certification exams to get certified.

Get experience

Growing from engineer to stem teacher requires having multiple experiences in the educational field. for instance, make some volunteer work in classrooms, organize summer camps classes, or at a small scale, make a one to one tutoring sessions.

You will exam your capacity of patience and abilities to explain scientific concepts in an appealing way. This job is based on repetition. If you could do it well once you will do it forever.

Moreover, looking and getting advice from friend teachers would be a good option to prevent making mistakes.

In some cases, paying college or any organization that will allow you to hone your skills is indispensable. The more experience you get, the high odds of being quickly hired.

The best and recommended way is to work a part-time job as an assistant teacher. Being mentored and guided by a professional teacher will allow you to learn all the necessary skills in a short period of time.

As a result, that will create a big difference applying for future teaching jobs.

Stem teacher have high demand

Stem teachers are in high demand compared to other majors. Many American states are facing a shortage of strong backgrounded people in science. So as an engineer who wants to switch to teaching stem is a good opportunity to prove your existence.

English and math are the highest demand field expected to grow in the next 10 years. So it is much easier to find math educational occupation than other subjects.

For the stem major, math is the high demand among all subjects. Having a solid background in math like engineers do, allows them to be qualified to gain more opportunities jobs than their peer’s teachers.

So, there are two choices to find and look for high-demand subjects:

The first choice is to stay in your city or at least around the state. So, looking for available demanded subject to teach in your location which will prevent you from moving.

That depends on personal circumstances and ambitions. It seems the best choice for people who don’t want to move from their cities.

The second choice is for focused and are ambitious people. That is to say, the engineers who want to teach specific stem subjects like math or physics or whatever else. They can choose what they want and apply anywhere for their dream job around the whole state.

these kinds of people, their dream job is above any other thing.

Stem teacher are underpaid compared to engineer

One important thing to expect as an engineer who wants to teach stem is the wage. Stem teachers are underpaid compared to engineers. So, it will likely to get a half wage that you were used to receiving from engineering.

According to Ziprecuiter the average annual salary of stem teachers in the US is $46,110. There are some exceptions of stem salaries who get $70 000. But always there are others as low as $24,000.

Stem engineers earn way more than these numbers. So the question is are you ready to sacrifice the paycheck cut?

A lot of engineers are aware that they decline their huge salaries to follow their passions. It can be financially restricting but it remains more fulfilling.

Having a stem specialty allows you to run between many specialties like physics, math, and science.

Why teaching stem is good oppurtunity for engineers?

As a beginner in a teaching journey is being lucky to start in the field you want or in the city you want. Beginner teachers work hard for a few years before they could land their dream job.

But stem majors have more chances and flexibility to teach multiple subjects. Especially the toughest ones like mathematics that has shortage in many states around the US.

So will list the 4 reasons why engineer majors have more opportunities to find job teaching than non-stem majors.

People apply more for primary grades

The majority of applicants have teaching credentials that allow them to only teach primary grades. Some others could teach middle school. But few applicants are applying for high school classes.

There are many reasons explaining that. But the principal one is hard teaching high school students. Their credentials are hard to surpass. So, the people follow the easy path.

This is an advantage for Engineers who wants to become stem teachers. Their majors allow them to be more flexible and solid to overcome what a lot of other students could not do.

Applicants apply a lot to humanity and art subjects

18% of bachelor students are stem which represents a low number compared to other majors. 40% of stem students drop as freshmen, switching to other careers. As a result, there isn’t a lot of applicants for the science or mathematics field.

Depending on the number that we noticed, a lot of students will apply for humanity credentials teaching programs. In other words, create a shortage in the stem field.

So, it is a good and unique opportunity for Stem majors like engineers.

hard credintials

A lot of positions are difficult to earn like Special education or Stem subjects. Math and science are interesting examples. So, fewer people will have the ability to succeed and surpass exams.

Applying for stem teaching is not for everyone, a lot of people have Stem grades, but they struggle in math or science subjects. So, qualification is determining factor in this field.

high competetion

High competition is a positive factor for engineers who want to teach stem. Simply because engineers already have the experience and scientific background that allow them to integrate easily into the job market.

Especially being an engineer and passionate about teaching will be adding a special value to the field. Being a teacher with engineer experience will allow students to see and sense the different quality of studies.


Being an engineer and becoming a stem teacher will be adding priceless value to education. The education system is needing creative teachers who create diversity and value. Not teachers who are giving a bad rap to stem majors.

Your goal as Engineer is to approach STEM students more to the reality of science. Because your engineering experience will allow you to do more than any traditional teacher can.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.