STEM Ph.D. students and writing(5 things to know)

A lot of stem Ph.D. students who have good grades have writing problems. In Ph.D. studies and research, writing is really important.

After this long run could student fix their writings? or is it too late?
how much they can improve at this age?
Do they have an interest to improve their skills?

So in this article, we’re going to respond to these questions and other popular ones. So keep reading.

Can you fix a bad stem phd writer?

Yes, Ph.D. stem student can improve their writing skills, if professors force them to do that. Some professors force their Ph.D. students to read a lot of literature after pointing issues in their writing styles.

Most stem students don’t know that writing is a big part of Ph.D. classes. Otherwise, many stem student Ph.D. applicants don’t even know that their writings are not suitable for this level of study.

The goal is not to make them master writing but at least have correct sentences and well-structured ideas.

In other words, they don’t admit essays that have mediocre writing. Moreover, teach them how to present and articulate ideas. Especially not accepting grammatical issues or incoherent content.

So most stem Ph.D. students will learn how to write adequate essays if they are forced to.

Non-native English speakers have a big chance to improve their level in writing. They will have more permeability and reaction than native ones. Because they already have a goal in their mind to improve their language.

Some professors use different technic by pushing them to draft their own work and find the problems in it. It’s a good option to help students to accept the critics and help them to correct their works.

As long as a stem Ph.D. student is interested to improve his writing quality, there are big chances to improve their level.

STEM undergraduates take classes to learn how to write

There are some stem Ph.D. and undergraduate students who take writing classes. It is a requirement from a lot of professors to write coherent and correct grammatical reports. So, students decide to have some classes to prepare themselves.

Improving the process is taking some time. The more practice is devoted the more results are shown.

There is a lot of stem students who are good at writing. They have also, interest in literature and Some of them love to write poetry. These kinds of students probably would not have this issue. but the majority of stem students ignore the importance of writing in this field.

For instance, a lot of people are doing technical reports like engineers. It is required for them to have both design and communication skills.

In other words, it is important to have good writing and communication skills to provide clients with resonant ideas. So they can understand and interact well with.

It is an issue that a lot of students recognize. So, there are many programs created to help these kinds of students. It is recommendable to add a writing and communication subject in stem majors, thus helping stem Ph.D. students to have good writing and communication skills.

learning how to write scientific essays is extremely easy. For instance, working in labs a preparing reports that professors revise is one of the best ways to do. Moreover, there are seminar classes to attend.

In these seminars, they present research papers where it is a good opportunity to discover and get used to high-level writing skills to inspire from.

Phd stem student become good at writing after graduation?

We can categorize Ph.D. students into three groups:

  • good writers
  • mediocre writers
  • very poor writers

Good writers don’t represent for sure the majority, most writers have mediocre writing skills. Even after a Ph.D. journey few of them get some reasonable and acceptable level writings.

Having good technical writing is hard and not easily achievable. Helping or training the student to prevent making grammatical mistakes doesn’t mean becoming a good technical writer. The core thing is about presenting logic and Clair content.

Improving Ph.D. level students to acceptable levels is possible. But reaching high levels requires time and interest, that most stem students don’t have. Because they don’t consider themselves writers as well as scientific researchers.

This is the principal reason why the majority of students would never become good technical writers. simply because they’re not interested.

Another factor is international or non-native English students. These students have more abilities to write good technical essays than domestic students. That is due to the way they had learned the English language.

But reaching the level of writing Clair and professional papers is far from anyone, native or not native.

Although of all what we noticed, working with students to improve their skills is crucial. It will help them a lot to gain some confidence and encourage them to continually enhance their works.

Some bad advisors don’t help their students localize their mistakes or fix them. They just dismiss and criticize the work which is bad.

how to improve a writing level skills for PhD stem students:

Some excellent Ph.D. advisors organize private tutors or make one-to-one coaching sessions. students expose their paper where they get analyzed and improved. So, some students are lucky to have theses sort of support.

Another recommendation for the unlucky people who could not have this kind of help is analyzing strategy. That is to say reading and analyzing the awarded winning papers. In other words, observe how they are structured, their rhythm, briefness, and their communication genre.

In addition, having help from friends or colleges would be a good and helpful idea.

Do stem student aim to improve ther skills in writing

Not all stem students love or are interested to improve their skills in writing. But professors and advisors are forcing that. So the majority try to take classes and enhance their level writhing because is just one of the university requirements.

A lot of stem students see that writing does not have anything to do with stem. Many of them think that writing is made for liberal or arts majors.

While writing going beyond that level. Having poor writing or communication skills can be a major issue for a lot of stem graduates students. As a result, they don’t have the essential skills allowing them to defend themselves in the market jobs.

It is true that stem majors depend on scientific skillsets. But having a mediocre level of communication will not allow the student to thrive in a socialist economy.

How do PhD Stem programs improve writing skills?

Writing technical scientific papers needs to express clearly the ideas. The worst thing is to dive deep into complications that make the content understandable or hard for readers. So keeping things organized and structured is a challenge.

But during this struggle process, students learn many things during the journey. So, we will list principal actions that stem Ph.D. students learn from their Ph.D. journey.


Reading is one of the interesting elements that help stem Ph.D. students improve their writing skills. Students are spending a lot of time reading a lot of papers and scientific documents to get inspired from.

It is a lot helpful to see other people’s works and predicts how things should be. It is a repeatable process. As a result, increase the awareness of how a student is writing and what are mistakes to autocorrect.

make notes

collecting information is reading and extracting a lot of scientific rules and equations. get other writes lab reports, papers, grant proposals, and so on. Writing technical content based on unique not duplicated works.

in addition, learning to use personal writing methods helps to increase the level of awareness and discover the correct writing methods.

Having a lot of reviews

The best thing allowing the Ph.D. student to improve their writing skills is having a lot of feedback. It could be painful and for sure not an adorable part. But knowing and being under control push students to make their best writings.

It is perfect and challenging for stem students. Writing every word and having self-criticism increase the writer’s abilities.


The toughest thing for stem Ph.D. students is getting hurt many times. Spending long hours preparing drafts, and finally get smashed. This process is hard. But it makes the best version writer’s students if they accept it.

Loving subjects doesn’t mean having good writing. The essential part is to be cold and not have a warm writing style.


In general, the majority of STEM Ph.D. students lack writing abilities which makes them suffer a little bit in their PhDs. But as long as students are persistent and use the technical strategies that we mentioned above. As a result, they will survive and reach the finish line.

A Stem Ph.D. degree doesn’t require writing a Marie curie or Einstein dissertation. But being able to express them clearly scientific research and prevent using warm sentences.

A lot of stem Ph.D. students who feel comfortable with writing or are strong in language are making law schools.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.