Give a STEM majors a bad rap(9 things to know)

Giving Stem majors a bad rap means ruining it for the next generation. So many students face problems in their stem programs. As result, they start complaining and give stem studies a bad rap which ruins a lot of future life students.

So, how do these students give a bad reputation to stem class? and how could we stop this phenomenon in our society?

How could stem majors give a bad rap?

The stem program is a little bit heavier compared to others programs. So it creates some difficulties for the students and makes things hard to absorb. But some students don’t accept that and start promoting badly for stem majors.

we will list the most common bad raps that stem student talk about:

hate on people who have less complex assingnments

During their studies, a lot of students hate others just because they see them working less than them. hang out with them to the coffees or libraries, they see and start comparing their works and other people’s works which create jealousy and hate.

Stem strand is more mathematical engaging subjects than any other field. But it doesn’t mean anyone would taste it similarly.

A lot of stem students complain and think that other people have fewer workload assignments. While the majority of them would not see how hard might humanities or liberal arts are working in their domains.

Everyone is seeing things from a different angle. A lot of stem students see philosophy and art a hell difficult than mathematical classes. So, it depends on the self-awareness and the interest of the student.

quantum physics

Quantum mechanics is considered one of the thought subjects in stem classes. Because it purely uses mathematics which is the enemy of a lot of students. people are afraid of a lot of quantum exams.

But stem isn’t a quantum physics alone, there are many subjects to afford for stem future students.

Moreover, there are a lot of students who don’t find a problem with quantum physics. So not anyone would have issues dealing with physic stuff. But a lot of people are talking bad about physics and describe it like a beast to fight against.

A lot of students talk badly about physics. In this case, stem majors give a bad rap to this stem field.

comparing between majors

Many stem students fall into the mistake of comparison between majors or fields. As a result, create many issues like hate and disrespect. So instead of looking at their occupation, they start counting how many hours other major students work.

Also, it is funny to find someone who is envious because they see other major students partying more than them.

But, truly no one knows how much hard both majors students are working. It is just unfair comparisons that mostly happen during libraries meetings. This is not happening also between different majors, but it might happen between two students from the same field.

So, working much or less is depend on feelings and ambitions not counting how much less other people are working. theses debates make stem majors give a bad rap to a stem field.

stem is burning out major

Studying a stem is a burning field, a lot of students say that. But, do all people who are studying in stem become miserable? or just a personal view that stems from a personal experience and troubles that the student faced.

Yes, working long hours for many different subjects could be burning for some students. The problem is stem is not suitable for these people. That is to say, they are not interested or like the process.

So, being forced to work long hours every day in something you hate could lead to burnout. But what about people who are passionate and find themselves in the stem?.

if the interest and passion are not present, the likelihood of burnout is high. So, projecting this idea to stem majors is unfair.

stem majors give a bad rap by generalizing their failed experience.

Putting down non-stem majors

This day’s people talk a lot about superiority stem majors, it catches a big portion of the interest. Some non-stem majors feel disrespected by stem majors which could indicate that stem students majors are arrogant.

The arrogance in STEM fields is toxic and makes a lot of students hate this field.

stem students think they are doing complex stuff and helping society. While other majors aren’t good that much to be at this position. they relate between stem and intelligence which is arrogant thinking.

But, what solidifies these thoughts or beliefs is society pushes these kinds of people to have this behavior. If society changed trends this phenomenon will decrease.

Everyone has his part to play, the hard and easy is different from anyone. Many talented people made revolutionary contributions away from the stem field. So a lot of students have to change their minds and look from different angles.

Putting and disrespecting non-stem majors is toxic. So, STEM majors give a terrible rap doing this.

non-stem majors should not complain

A lot of people are complaining about how much stem subjects are difficult. But when they hear from non-stem majors complaining they demise and blame them. They disrespect non-stem majors and think they don’t have the right to complain about their subjects.

A lot of students felt tired of always being told that isn’t hard that much. As a result, create hostility and hate. Because is due to the wrong thinking and image stem students have in their minds.

In art majors, some students are working hard than stem students. So a lot of people ignore that and don’t know how things are going.

The stem superiority is bad for itself more than any other major. Therefore create a bad rap for stem major.

Bad in math then ayou are stupid

Being bad at math means you are stupid, a lot of students are thinking this way. They relate between intelligence and math skills, which is disrespecting and humiliating. So a lot of people get bullied due to this problem.

Being bad in mathematics result from different factors and circumstances. Bad in math doesn’t mean stupid it means having different intents or talents. Even the majority of students could be brilliant in mathematics if they have an interest.

A lot of students are interested in going to stem classes. But hearing this propaganda makes them afraid to go on this journey. As a result, it put a lot of talented people away from stem strands.

So, bullying by labeling them stupid in math is a terrible thing that gives stem majors a bad rap

Stem students are genius

if you studying stem, in a lot of people’s minds you are intelligent or even genius. They think that intelligent and genius people only study in the stem field. So form where is coming from this beliving?

The idea is inherent from society and media that put stem domain on the pedestal. While stem fields are not requiring to highest IQs or genius characteristics.

Some people see stem students like heroes and important persons, otherwise less deemed and less intelligent if they are not.

Stem students are just people who have goals and commitments to go in the science field. They are considered as the same other major students who thrive in art and liberal majors.

In addition, the word engineer in this day has become a brand, which is funny. People are looking differently at the engineering field. They expect all engineering working in rocketry and some genius stuff.

In some cases, art majors work harder than stem ones. This is not important. The key is to identify and clarify the rules to stop harming other majors. Because, if stem students harm other majors, the stem by itself will have a bad rap and disrespect.

Is a boomerang effect

Writing lab reports

One of the known and complaints about stem activities is writing lab reports. Especially in biology or biochemistry, A lot of people hate to stem lab reports because they find them long and painful to make.

Writing lab reports is not meaning to make long pages to be more detailed and oriented. the core is responding to principal questions not filling pages with additional thoughts. So the is no need to write long reports

A lot of people are complaining about lab reports which makes a lot of people fear them. On the opposite, a lot of students don’t find any problems with lab reports. Some of them love and enjoy working on them.

So describing lab reports in this way, ruins and gives a bad rap for future stem students who want to go into the biology field.


Stem and non-stem majors are different, each major has a part to play. But a lot of people don’t understand the meaning of diversity in life. So as we’ve seen there are many detrimental behaviors for stem and non-stem majors to avoid.

The combination between these two majors creates an equilibrium and personal fulfillment.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.