Being bad in math means I’m stupid? (solved)

If you are bad at math that means you are stupid? Or there are other things to consider?

Should all people be good at math? or math is not for everyone? in this article, we’re going to respond to the most popular question about this topic.

Being bad at math means I’m stupid?

Absolutely no, Being good or bad at math relates to the interest and diligence of people. We cannot deny that talent plays a big role in being good at math. But it is not determining or forcing you to be suck at math.

Even if you don’t have some inbound talent in maths, mathematics is still achievable and at the reach of anyone.

Who would say that Einstein would be one of the best mathematician and genius physicians in history? All stories say that Einstein wasn’t good in school. He was slow and don’t understand well in class.

As much as you have interest and dedication you could overcome your problems. So, instead of letting people judge you for being bad at math, focus on yourself and work on week mathematical issues that you have.

What makes people lose confidence in themselves is the problem that math is sequential. If you don’t understand a part of the lecture you won’t understand the rest. That explains the hard effort that makes some students without having any results.

To understand math or be good at it, The working methodology is important. So, it doesn’t matter how many hours working having the wrong strategies.

Simple steps to not be bad in math or feeling stupid at it

we will list the 3 principles to help you become good at math and stop feeling stupid at it.

==>having mathematics basics:

First of all and before anything, studying basics is the core strength of good mathematics students. The more solid basics you have the more things become easy for you.

The majority of students who suffer in mathematics have weak basics. They don’t have good basics in algebra, analysis, fractional numbers, and so on.

So when students go to the next level or next year’s mathematics classes they are stuck at it. Because they didn’t understand well the basics in the previous year. So things pile out and grow like a snow bole.

The first thing to do is to detect which basics are messing and work on them. There is no problem going back to previous year’s lessons and studying them. it will be a lot helpful.

Basics are foundational tools for mathematics if you don’t understand them no matter how many hours you are working in math.

==>organization and discipline:

The more you are organized the more you will learn mathematics. These subjects require you to organize your ideas to be able to analyze them quickly and correctly.

being organized in math means writing your idea one by one in an orderly way. So, working step by step is the key to solving mathematical problems.


To be good at something you need a lot of practice, the same thing for math. If you don’t put it in the work and spend a long time practicing, nothing could be reachable. So this is one of the important sides that stem students don’t understand.

Practicing allows students to memorize and systemize their minds with mathematical solving methods. It is an experience, the more you do math the more you become good at it. Thus to understand something well you need to practice it enough.

So first understand the lessons, thus go make a hell a lot of exercises. if you don’t understand something there is no problem going back to previous lessons. In addition, having a tutor will be a lot helpful to give you guidance.

Can a very intelligent person be bad at math?

Yes, he could if he didn’t learn math the right way. A lot of people are relating a lot between natural intelligence and math which is not the right assumption. Math has principles and rules to follow. So falling into these comparisons is not healthy thinking.

The interesting thing that allows you to be good or bad at math is interest. if mathematics topics are interesting and appealing to students, the mission is accomplished.

There is a lot of intelligent people who are bad at math not because they are naturally bad. Simply because they are not interested in it. As a result, they don’t put an effort to learn mathematics.

For instance, Thomas Edison was a genius, So nobody could doubt that. But he wasn’t good at math, he was hiring mathematicians to help him. So do we have to call or consider him dumb in mathematics? The response is clear.

Being a genius is not meaning being good at mathematics. The genius aspect is a broad concept. Thus we have many geniuses in many different domains arts, physics, mathematics, science, and so on.

So it is a question of interest before discussing natural talent.

Being bad in math means having a lower IQ

We could not deny that IQ is important to perfecting some tasks. But there is no study are proving that. Being good or bad in math doesn’t rely on IQ levels only. So, a lot of things to take into consideration.

Before talking about the principal determining elements for having mathematician qualities, we will list some famous and lowest IQ mathematicians as examples.

Feynman and Julia Robinson have made an interesting contribution and worked for mathematics. Especially for Feynman who was a winner noble prize. So, we would not imagine someone reaching this level with below 125 IQ.

So other factors are still essential and important to reach honorific career success. In addition, if IQ were the only factor determining success we would not have the highest IQ man as a bouncer.

It is not the demise of this man but just giving an example of how things are going.

It is called Chris Langan it has a high IQ of more than 200 which is higher than any inventor or scientist, including Einstein, Galileo, Darwin, and so on. You could watch this video to know more information about this guy.

How slower IQ levels succeed

we’re could not deny that IQ is an interesting factor in success. But it remains unuseful without having these 4 characteristics:

  • curiosity or interest
  • unique perspective
  • hard work
  • perseverance

Curiosity or interest: is the fuel that drives a person or researcher. Discoveries are made by people who were interested in their domain. Curiosity is what makes people ask for the right answers.

Unique perspective: It is a different way to look at things. People who have unique perspectives, look at and treat problems from different angles. As result, create different outcomes.

Hard work: this is an essential part of success. Edison did not light a bulb with one trial it took them 1000 attempts to make one successful lighting bulb. So we can expect how much hard work was deployed.

Sometimes having a high IQ could ruin people by making them lazy and arrogant.

Perseverance is the ability to continue to push against the pushbacks and not give up. It determines the mindset and the will of the person.

I suck in Math, Am I stupid?

There is no one stupid person in the world, society put them on a pedestal and values people who are good at mathematics. So there are many brilliant talents in different domains, arts, writing, philosophy, etc.

Having this feeling of being stupid in math classes is due to wrong comparisons. There are other subjects to talk about later. But the majority of people are sick in math not because they can’t understand it, but because did not understand it well.

For instance, having a bad teacher could make you hate STEM not only mathematics. In addition, more factors could role in the subject.

But the most common factor as we said above in the article is people struggle in math because they don’t have a foundation or basics. Math is not like any subject that is constructive.

If you don’t understand in mathematics what you studied before, you could not understand what is awaiting after. So a lot of people are interested in stem and ask if stem could be without math. Because they think they can’t do well in math.

Is not being good at math shameful?

The shame is stilling, bullying, and making fun of people. Being bad or good in math does not have anything with shame.

Society is expecting people to be similar and follow the same road which is not rational. society has mathematicians, artists, writers, physicists..etc. So talents are different. and this is should be.

Diversity is the concept of life. But shamelessly some people don’t understand it.

Being good at math is possible if the student is interested and ready to put in the hard work and dedication. The system doesn’t require you to be a genius in math to succeed. So, it is affordable for any serious student.


A lot of students who have trouble in math get bullied and disrespected which is a shame. Hence we find a lot of stem majors putting down non-stem majors just because they don’t do math well.

So people don’t have let someone to judge them for the way they thinking of. We are humans not products in manufacturies.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.