studying stem but love acting: thoughts and advices

Studying stem and love acting is a singular problem among a lot of similar ones. Is happening for a lot of people who choose the wrong path. So, in this article were going to especially discuss Stem students who are minded in different majors like art and humanity.

So, if you want to discover their experiences and find advice keep reading.

Studying stem and love acting

Studying stem while having a mind for acting could be one of the biggest mistakes that people are making. The majority of students are forced to follow the opinions of their parents. Because stem got more opportunities. It got more money.

People buy their happiness for money without thinking about the outcomes. So this is why society suffers from a lack of competence. People are not derived naturally from their jobs.

Why do non-minded stem students follow stem?

Non-minded stem students follow stem majors for two principal reasons:

  • parents obligations
  • money

Parent obligations

Parents have kids who are genetically minded to humanity majors but they force them to go in the stem. They have a mind that everyone should become a doctor or lawyer. There are no else jobs or occupations on the planet.

The core reason because of insecurity and the fear of people’s opinions. They have a fear that someone would point at them or talk about their kids. But they forget and ignore the most important thing the ” happiness of their kids “.


people follow social media and social culture. As a result, say that stem majors make a lot of money in their job. So the only road is to have a practical major like stem to guaranty job security.

Social media rule people and don’t show real people’s life. It is easy to make a flashy video and lie to people showing them how rich or happy you are. But all that we see in social media is true?.

studying stem but love acting

Studying stem and loving acts could be a tough problem especially for people who are halfway. They don’t know what they should do. Do they have to quit and begin from scratch? or they have to pursue something they don’t are interested in.

On the other side, money is still important in life we cannot deny that. So, following something with full sensations can be a mistake. So students fall into confusion and don’t know what they should do.

we will talk about the 3 most frequent positions that stem students fall into. They don’t know if they have to

  • keep going and finish their studies
  • drop studies and follow act
  • keep studying and do act as a part-time

keep studying stem or following act?

There are some cases and factors that if you have them, it is likely and wise to keep going in the stem major. At the same time for some students, staying in the stem is a waste of time.

We’re going to talk about the cases when you probably should quit and others when it is wise to stay. So, giving advice is from a personal and other people experiences.

You are good at stem subjects

You hate stem subjects and find yourself loving arts like acting. But regardless of that, you still score marks and relatively succeed in exams. This is might a good reason to keep going on the stem domain.

You’re not going to stay for a stem job during your life. But to build a start point to reach your dream. In this case, you should at least keep it until you finish the degree. Even if you don’t think to build a career in the stem. Having a degree in it could be fruitful for a future art career.

Nobody would tell that your dreams need fundings. That is to say money. In the worst-case scenario having a stem degree would offer you a lot of flexibility to find some part-time stem jobs and work at the same time for your dreams.

So, not be blind and follow your passion without any strategies. we’re not gambling.

You are terrible at stem subjects

if you suck and find that stem subjects are hard. You work, you study but without any results. You fail in exams. So, the stem is not for you. were not talking about if you love it or not. But you don’t have any skills that allow you to make some achievements.

So you don’t have anything to lose. If you did what it should and there are no results. leaving stem is the best choice. You don’t have to waste time and money for nothing. The stem needs some skills that not everyone has.

You could switch directly to art majors and choose art. So you could do the thing you love. Being sucked in a stem will not allow you to graduate, is hard. So it is way better to do something you love, even if you failed to become an actor. You will not lose anything.

For this kind of people choosing is easy, not that much painful, As much as others cases.

You are halfway through stem degree

You are halfway through stem degree

Being in a halfway through stem degree is a tough situation. You are in the middle, don’t know what to do. Do you have to stay and pursue the road or change it completely and begin from scratch?

this feeling is paralyzing, the mind is fighting between logic and desire or passion. So making balance and taking things from both different angles, from emotional and rational views.

if you arrived to succeed in a half of stem program. This is a good sign, validating the stem subjects is something very good and not everyone could make it. The stem is hard and requires a lot of effort and inner skills.

So the wise thing is to keep pushing against the pushbacks. if you did it in the beginning you could do the rest.

You just have to be patient even if you like the acting, stem remains an important degree. So we will suggest this plan of having a degree and doing your passion as a part-time. It will be difficult but dreams require sacrifices.

there are a lot of people who would say flip and follow what you love. We need to have practicality and don’t let feelings overcontrol us. reaching dreams require financial sources and strategies to follow.

Nobody would talk about a thousand actors who are starving” sad truth”. The spotlight is always oriented toward the fewer successful people. But nobody would talk about unsuccessful people, especially in the acting domain.

We’re not here to discourage anyone but telling the truth is a responsibility.

So, what we highly recommend in this and out of any irrational thinking is to:

  • finish a stem degree
  • do a part-time stem job to fund a dream
  • work on your dream to become an actor.

learning acting as part time

There is a lot of people who act part-time. So, considering theatre would be the best way to learn how to act. Also, it is a great opportunity to prove yourself on weekends and evenings. But doing on both sides requires having patience and perseverance.

The majority who could not get acting jobs, do this strategy. Almost all of them have a full-time day job, but they fight for their dreams.

Almost all actors are part-time workers. Even the professionals who belong to the SAG/AFTRA, most of them have other part-time jobs to survive. So having the idea of working a full-time job in acting is rare and not feasible.

So as a stem student it would be a great and possible idea to do you’re acting passion.

facts that nobody would tell you about acting(not discouraging)

There is a lot of facts that student should know about acting. Especially for people who are thinking to build their lives in the acting domain. There are no discouraging factors but in order to take into account and know the reality.

Only 2% of SAG actors are employed full-time. So part-time acting is feasible and normal which is the opposite of other jobs like stem jobs. So you will need to have a second job. But in most cases, you could not follow or commit to a full-time job.

Acting times are very flexible and have unexpected situations and circumstances.

Acting for Tv shows has different circumstances from theatres. You don’t want where to start or when you finish. On some days work could last up to 12 or 14 hours long. So there are no schedules.

people don’t have the choice to negotiate time working. Also the most time, you will not have information about you’re future works. So you got to be used to that.

dealing with whether circumstances is something normal. You will face cold, hot, or rainy days. Also, not forget that is a professional work environment. So respecting rules is inevitable.

You have to be constantly ready. So playing with a phone or having distractions is not to expect in Tv acting environment.


Studying stem and love acting is a single problem among a lot of students problems. So as we’ve seen there is a lot of details and factors that could allow people to jump from majors.

So, following feeling is not what lead to success. You got to use both head and heart.

you will find this video talking about the right moment to quit a job it is useful.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.