Is bad having a non-stem degree(7 important insights)

Is bad having a non-stem degree? a lot of people ask this question. Stem degrees have a lot of popularity and states.
On another side, a lot of students are interested in other majors but are confused between society state and passion.

Do having a degree in other majors is not worth as much as stem?. So in our article, we will respond to these questions to help you make the right decision for your career.

is bad having a non-stem degree

Having a non-stem degree is not bad, But it is less practical in terms of job opportunities and salaries. There is no bad or good major. Everyone is meant to do something. In society, there are doctors and artists, everyone has his own purposes.

But people always want to know the differences between stem majors and non-stem majors. So, you have to consider these 7 points before having a stem or non-stem degree.


Practicality means that stem jobs have advantages to set career paths. When you Graduate with a stem degree you will have bigger chances to find a job easily.

For instance, most computer science graduates find jobs directly after graduation. Computer science degree Especially software development is a fast-growing market. As a result, gives more flexibility in choosing between offer jobs.

Having a non-stem major like arts or humanity doesn’t have the same opportunities as the stem. The non-stem majors have common relevant points, which makes intersections in jobs and raises the competition. So you will find yourself competing with different majors.

A lot of people drop stem

According to Cornell, 50 percent of American college students drop STEM. That is to say, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields, which is huge. The stem is not easy and is not meant for everyone.

A lot of college students don’t have math and scientific background to surpass their exams, and get their degree.

The stem domain requires to have a good level which will allow competing for high salaried jobs. So a lot of people are making the mistake of choosing majors that are not matching up with their abilities.

Because students have in mind that going to college is the only way to make more money. While there is a lot of alternatives that you could make money without having a stem degree.

Non-stem degree majors are generalist and flexible

non-stem majors have flexible and a multitude of specializations. As a result, allow them to learn different aspects and cross a lot of industries. The stem means being specialized in a tiny portion of a domain.

This is not bad for stem or not stem degrees. Each domain has its own characteristics. But for people who love to test different things in life. Non-stem degree is a lot helpful.

having a stem degree is not bad if you love to be adaptable in many areas of life. You can test and know the flavor of many cultures in arts or humanities.

non-stem majors have the advantage of discovering multiple cultures, they love writing and expressing their opinions and ideas. So stem majors are restricted and based on facts and numbers, not inspirations.

So, for people who love generality and less engagement career, a not-stem degree is a perfect choice.

Succes dosen’t mean going to college

there is propaganda in the society that relates success to a college degree which is absurd. A lot of people argue that having a stem college degree is practical and the guaranty way to ensure a secure job.

But, they don’t know that stem or non-stem degree has never been the reason for success.

There is a lot of successful people who don’t have stem degrees. They make a good living and some others are rich. What determines your success is the value that you could provide to the market not a paper degree without competence.

let’s take a famous example “Warren buffet” he is economic. He is one of the richest people on the planet, for sure he wasn’t stem student.

There are other examples of people who didn’t step into college and have a good living. There is salesmen, consulter, coach… So, making money from salary is very rare. Most rich people are entrepreneurs.

Being you and triple down on it, increase the odds of being successful in any area. There is a lot of stem graduate who struggles to find jobs, not because of a lack of demand. But because a lack of skills and competence.

Theses non stem degerees are paid well

A lot of people say that a non-stem degree is bad because they rely on wages. But a lot of people don’t know that there I a lot of non-stem majors that paid very well. In some cases, non-stem jobs could be better than stem jobs.

So, we will list the 5 non-stem highest paid jobs that allow you to be financially comfortable.

  • Economics
  • Communications
  • nursing
  • Law
  • Marketing

==> Economics $124,000

Economics is one of the brilliant majors that offer a lot of interesting occupations. Studying economics allow you to interact in many sectors. it allows you to acquire business skills that offer salary opportunities.

There is a lot of well-paid jobs in economics like an accountant, economic researcher, market analyst, and so on.

==>Communications $135,500

if you are sociable and love being around people, a communication major is a good option. Your goal will be to transmit information in a perfect way. it has a multitude and potential opportunities.

You could become a speechwriter, social media manager, event planner, and so many other occupations you could take.

==>nursing $111,220

Having a non-stem degree and working in a stem environment is possible with nursing. nursing is focusing on anatomy and physiology. So if you are social and love helping people, the nursing domain is a successful financial career.

What is good in nursing is it introduce you to related professions like working as a nurse-midwife, pharmaceutical nurse, or working in an emergency.

==>Law $180,000

Everyone knows that having a law degree has a respectful state in society. Even if it is not a stem degree, is not bad to follow a lawyer’s path. Being a lawyer have big potential opportunities in different sectors.

Having a law degree is not only allowing you to be a lawyer, you could become a contract administrator, legal consultant, or even a law professor.

==>Marketing $208,000

When we talk about marketing, is a powerful domain. No one could make as much as successful marketers are making. Even for the highest-paid stem jobs, marketers don’t have limits. As much as you could drive customers to the company as much your commissions are high.

if you have the skill and could sell anything to anyone, you have a treasure key. You just have to look for it.

As a marketer, you could become a copywriter, product manager, content creator, and so on.

stem degree is more expensive

having a degree in the stem is not cheap it requires heavy investments. The average cost of a stem degree could reach $80 000 for a student. On the opposite non-stem degrees like humanities or art don’t overcome $50 000 in most cases.

So, spending a double amount of money needs to have wise thinking and a good future strategy.

What is hard and painful is to invest in a stem degree without having good reasons. Some people behave with a stem degree like a business. But don’t know if they would have the capacity to earn a degree.

So, there are many people who risk their parent saving or take loans. Thus, you’re not convinced or interested in this field, there is a big risk to drop and lose your money.

stem or not-stem degree is means to the end

Choosing between stem or not-stem major is a genetic factor, society has made the wrong rules. There are people who would thrive in stem while others find art or humanities more purposeful and happiness driver.

So choosing between happiness and money is the core of the problem. people are loving stem but the force of society or parents make them have bad choices.

There is a lot of people who are making a lot of money but have a lack of purpose. Is a feeling that might people have after some sort of success. It is unexplainable for a lot of us.

So choosing stem must not be based on how much money you will make. You could make less money but be happier. So life is about choices.

Moreover making money from the stem is overrated. There are a lot of non-stem majors that could be suitable and financially comfortable.

Thus, stem degree is not bad or good. Instead, the stem is good for people and bad for others. Self-awareness is a rule. Gens are determining which path you should choose not parent or society.

The Internet changed everything. Were not at a time where engineers or doctors only make money. There is a lot of actors, content creators who make a lot of money from the internet.

having a good marketing strategy can monetize almost any domain for stem or not-stem graduates.


A lot of people will tell you that stems are making a lot of money, but non of them will tell you if they all are happier. So it balanced question.

Covering the necessary expenses of life is crucial. But, nobody could deny that following passion is way rewarding than financial status. So making living for something you love is a gift.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.