Magna-tiles: how many do you need? popular questions

Having Magna-tiles, but not knowing how many you need is not your only case. A lot of people want to teach their kids stem education through manga tiles.

So in this article, you’re going to know how many you need of manga-tiles. Do you need to have one set or two? Also knowing how much is enough for one kid or twos kids and so on.

Magna-tiles: how many do you need to have fun?

To have fun and various project, it is recommendable to have a set composed of 100 pieces. If you could afford more, is better. But the first barrier is investing in a 100 piece set. It is worth it and fun for playing.

kids stay interested in these kids by playing for long hours. 100 sets of pieces are enough to give them a variety of fun and educative projects.

There are a lot of sets that cames with different idea concepts. Some of them came with wheels that allow them to make cars, houses, car carriers, etc. So they are hugely favorite for kids.

Sometimes you feel like needing more than one 100 pieces set in other to build a cool thing. It worthed investment because it offers so many creative things to do.

Sets that are less expensive than Magna tiles

Buying Picasso is cheaper than Magna-tiles. They also have very quality magnets. moreover having products from the Soyee brand could be affordable for a limited budget. But obviously, Soyee has fewer strong magnets.

Having 100 pieces sets of Picasso cost half of the Magna-tiles. So it is a good alternative for expensive manga tiles sets.

Your kid could play with these sets from 2 years age until 10 years old. kids are playing without stopping for long hours. Moreover, you could add more sets and combine them. So it gives flexibility and power.

if kids love buildings, 100 pieces set would not that so much. Some parents buy 3 (100-piece sets), it is costly but is worth it. So, it depends on the child. how much far he will love building.

Magna-tiles how many is enough for 2 kids

As a minimum for 2 kids is recommendable to have of each one a 100 piece set. as a preference to have an additional one to make things flexible. Also, replacing pieces in case of losing something.

in addition, adding a third set will allow them to make duplicated projects. But the most important thing is to prevent fighting for pieces.

There are a lot of possibilities that kids will fight for them no matter how much they have. But, it will happen that much when you share one 100 piece set between two kids. Some fathers love to teach stem to their kids by engaging with them in the game. So they add sets.

2 tips to avoid fighting for Magna-tiles

The main thing or goal is to avoid fighting for two kids. Is to add a third set. But is expensive. So we’re going to list below some tips to prevent battle on house.

==>Take turns for projects: what makes people fight for pieces is two things. They are doing the same projects or using the same pieces for their projects. So, it is recommendable for parents to offer them different projects and prevent common pieces to use.

It is hard a little bit and noisy. But it is still better than running out.

==>Dividing pieces: This is an easy way compared to the first one. You could say to the first kids to get blue and red pieces. While the second one, getting orange and purple ones. Then challenge them to make their projects.

One set of 100 Magna-Tiles enough for two kids

Absolutely no, having one set for two kids will not be enough. So, kids will fight for. In addition, kids will be limited. As a result, not have the ability to make a lot of projects. So, it is recommendable at least to have one set of each one.

if you have kids who love building stuff and make a different project. Even one set for each of them would not be enough.

So as a recommendation for two kids. If it is affordable. buying 3 sets could be the best option for two kids. It gives them more flexibility in choosing between ideas. Also, hugely decrease the odds of fights in a house.

In addition in case of losing parts. the third set could replace what might be lost out.

Best way to store magna-tiles

There is a lot of ways to store manga tiles. People want to store their manga tiles and preserve them in good and safe places. So on this following list, you will find the 4 best ways to store on:

  • using fabric bins
  • trofast bin
  • wooden wine boxes
  • wicker baskets

Using fabric bins

They are easy and flexible to store. You take the plastic bin of the shelf bracket, pick the pieces and start playing. When a kid gets done and is to time to clean up. You could reinsert things as they’ve been before.

it is recommended to have different bins if you want to classify and categorize these pieces. You could stick identification papers for each box. As a result, make it easy to access.

Trofast bin

Having a Trofast bin seems more clean and tidy. with Trofast bins, it is easy to sort out pieces as much as you like. The more shelf you have the more flexible you are. you can put big pieces aside and the smallest on another side.

But what is important is to let and teach kids the meaning of organization. you have to let them clean and organize their stuff by themselves. In this way, you teach them responsibility for beginnings.

Technically Trofast is better than singles different bins thrown in corners. they make good-looking rooms.

wooden wine boxes

if you think and love to make a DIY Storage for the Magna-tiles, wooden wine boxes could be a good idea. they have specific rooms to fill pieces.

Some boxes have a placement for 6 bottle sizes. They are good and have enough spaces to put pieces in. So gathering 6 boxes give you 36 spacey places to put different components.

You could get these boxes from local wine shops. In most cases, they part them and sometimes they give them as gifts.

wicker baskets

Some families prefer to put their manga toys in wicker baskets. They just throw the components on wicker baskets and that is it. they like using some sort of artisanal tools. Some others don’t prefer to use plastic at all.

Wicker baskets are an ecological and friendly environment. So, they could be the best tool to store tiles and reduce plastic use. Thus protecting the earth from the pollution that plastic is causing.

There are a lot of cheap wicker baskets that you could use to store these pieces. You could have one big wicker basket or have multiple ones. Also, you could make shelf wicker baskets. It is easy.

Do magna-tiles stick to windows

No, Magna-tiles don’t stick on the windows. regardless of whether you see some building on windows, Manga-tiles don’t have something special that could allow them to stick to windows. They use some tricks. That I will list below.

How to stick magan tiles to the windows method 1

In the first method, we’re going to need and adhesive and transparent plastic. You can find it easily. These adhesive plastics are made to protect surfaces. They have one sticky side to cover desirable surfaces.

The concept is to flip this adhesive paper plastic and stick it to the windows with tape. The non-stick side will be in contact with a window’s glass while the sticky one to outside for use.

So you will have the ability to stick and build beautiful colored windows. It will be enjoyed especially on sunny days.

how to stick manga tiles to the windows method 2

In this second method, you need to use double-sided tape. These tapes cames with both sticky sides. So, they will allow you to stick on the glass. It is preferable to use transparent tapes, especially for this experience.

In the experience, you will not stick all parts to windows using tape. You will only stick part on corners. So the magnets will do the rest.

To clarify, you will only stick the touched parts with the windows frame. So the rest of the pieces are going to stick with each other. The whole system will base on these few stickied parts with the frame.

Magna-tiles, 37 or 100 pieces

it highly recommendable to use the 100 set, it gives various buildings opportunities. 37 will be less and pricy. People who start with 37 or 50 realize that isn’t enough. So they add more ones.

Expect for toddlers the 37 would be enough. But, when he grows up you will need to buy 100 set. So it wised to have a 100 set one time instead of buying two times.


Magna-tiles remain the best magnet toys for stem education. This toy has a lot of benefits. Is more appealing for kids, they spend long hours playing with it. But prices are not encouraging.

There are other alternatives like Picasso or Soyee they have less expensive products. But quality could be affected.

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