Chromebooks for STEM majors(7 things to know)

Chromebooks for STEM majors have a lot of interest and so many questions are asked about.

So, in this article, we’re going to respond to the most popular questions related to the use of Chromebooks by stem majors.

Chromebooks for a STEM majors at university?

A lot of people ask about Chromebooks for university. They could be majors in physics, science, or different topics in the stem field. Everyone has their own needs and asks about this product.

Chromebooks might not be the best ideal option for stem students at university. It has a lot of limitations, it is not flexible like normal laptop windows. Sometimes you have to make adjustments and go through long procedures to make simple things work.

The simplicity that Chromebook is based on, makes it hard to be flexible and compatible with normal windows tasks. So, it is not recommendable at all to use a Chromebook as your main computer.

if you have a Chromebook you could not use Microsoft word. Except, if you decide to work online using Microsoft office online. In addition, Chromebook requires you to be constantly connected online. Almost the majority of principal apps need internet.

That could be frustrating for a lot of people but this truth. You have to be aware that a lot of applications are not supported by Chromebooks. Chromebook is based on the web use.

Chrome books came with a low storage capacity. So, actually, it doesn’t exceed 256GB. But the most used Chromebooks today still have less than 64GB of storage. That is to say, phones have more storage capacity than Chromebooks.

Chromebook could be used as an existential laptop not the main computer to use in your main applications. So, using Chromebook in stem classes could have a lot of headaches and complications. For this reason, is recommendable to choose the traditional one.

Chromebooks for science and engineering student?

Using Chromebooks for science and engineering students would not be a terrible idea. Especially if you think to use it mainly for your task. that is not recommendable at all.

you will find difficulties running programs working coded with java, python, or Matlab languages. You also have to go in developer mode to do something obvious, doing on traditional laptops.

So as a stem student it is not a good and flexible idea to use Chromebooks. Simply because Chromebooks don’t support a lot of things as normal laptops do.

Regardless of STEM courses, you will need to write some stuff. It would not be accessible to use the word unless if you use Microsoft online words. Moreover, Chromebook specifications are not too high. So, you don’t have to expect to work in heavy programs.

it will be annoying to count on Chromebooks in stem classes. Chromebooks are great in their browsing experience. It is based on the simplicity of using it to do elementary tasks. like browsing, doing presentations, etc…

The best thing to use Chromebook is to remove it with a machine that runs with windows or Linux. It will be a good thing to remote your desktop into Chromebook. In this case, it could be useful.

you could install windows on Chromebook. But is difficult and non-sense work. People buy Chromebooks because they are relatively cheap to other laptops. But they forget and expect to work like traditional laptops.

if we talk about stem students who want to use Chromebooks. They have to consider it like an extension device, not the principal one.

Are Chromebooks a good choice for a programming student?

Chromebook for STEM majors are a good choice for learning programming if your budget is so strict and you could not afford to buy a traditional laptop. Other than that it is not a good machine to learn to program. It got a lot of restrictions and incompatibilities.

Chromebook has a group of editors to learn to program but most of them are working with the internet. So you need to be connected all the time which is annoying and not flexible. For instance, a web developer could not test their apps in other browsers.

you could do some basic coding but not very high-end development. The community is small. It is normal because programmers don’t consider it a programming tool.

Chromebook is an example of a small computer less costly that has limited features and capabilities. Is a good deal for people who want to have a modest and cool interface computer.

It is not for serious people who want to learn to code. Especially for stem students who want to learn and make programming their jobs.

it is reasonable why people ask this question because with only $150 you could have a Chromebook. The prices are very encouraging. So if we make a balance between what is costing a Chromebook and what is offering. As result, remains a good deal.

But for programming, is still underpowered and won’t help you that much as a stem student who wants to learn to code.

Chromebooks for college

Chromebook for STEM majors especially in college could be useful tools in some limited applications in college. You could use it to research and browse on the internet also for typing documents. So things that are not heavy and not processor demanding.

Chromebooks could be the best option to use outside the home or college to work. Instead of using a desktop computer on campus, they could use lightweight Chromebooks to browse. Also, use it as an entertainment tool.

But you should avoid totally using Chromebooks in stem majors that are based on software development or any computing stuff. It is not what you should be looking for. Chromebooks won’t allow students to have local programming environments.

That is to say, you have to program using an online service. they are very limited and not feasible.

For mechanical engineers, Chromebook is something to avoid. You would not expect to run properly The CAD with a low computer configuration. it may work. But you will have the worst experience dealing with this tool.

You could use some cloud service to design in CAD that is normal. Because will not use the Chromebook computing abilities you will depend on cloud computing. As a result, require high-quality internet. So, it is not something that mechanical engineers should count on.

Otherwise, Solidworks and other high-level mechanical programs need a high configuration. As a result, it would be impossible to use that kind of tool in university. You will need a powerful computer desktop or laptop.

How can chromebooks help stem majors

Regardless of their low configurations. In some cases, Chromebooks for stem majors are useful. They have some great specification that makes a lot of stem majors happier and satisfied. So Chromebooks have the following advantages:


Chromebooks are weightless, not heavy like traditional laptops such as gaming or professional ones. So you could imagine how much is painful to carry a heavy laptop everyday. nobody would like that.

Some models like Pixelbook Go don’t exceed 1 kg which is suitable for students to carry for long distances. They no longer have to feel the pain like they did with traditional laptops.


Chromebooks are the thinnest laptop in the market. With only 0.39 inches Samsung has a model called SAMSUNG GALAXY CHROMEBOOK. Also, in general, the thickness of Chromebooks doesn’t exceed 1 inch in major models. As a result, it could be a good option to put in stretch spaces.

Having a tiny laptop in hand seems more esthetic and elegant especially for stem majors. It will be a lot easier to put it in the wallet with your notebooks.

life battery

Chromebooks have an excellent battery life among laptops. Some models could reach up to 13 hours for a full single charge. It is amazing and solves a lot of issues that major students could face in their classes. You use it for a long day without even thinking where and how to charge it.

All you have to do is to work comfortably and focus on your subjects. You don’t need to carry the charger with you to classes. just prepare it for the next day.


it is cheap and affordable. with only $150 you could have one which is will be enough to making all your activities. So, it is the best option for students who have a restricted budget. Chromebooks have competitive prices with traditional laptops. You could not buy a traditional laptop with this budget.

But having a Chromebook with this lower budget means a lower configuration. Consequently, that could not support complex tasks or programs.

Chromebook is to avoid for theses stem majors

Chromebook is not suitable for a lot of stem majors. There are some fields in the stem that doesn’t require high laptop capabilities but others do. So we will list the majors where stem majors should avoid using Chromebooks.

  • Computer science
  • architecture
  • electrical engineer
  • Astronomers

theses four examples were principal majors that have a lot of subfields. But in general, everything that is related to engineering and requires running special programs is avoidable. So, major students have to understand what they want.


in general, Chromebooks are not the best idea to opt for stem majors. But there are some exceptions that we’ve seen. Chromebook has a lot of advantages that make people interested to own. But Chromebook could be a good and a smart choice for stem majors like:

  • physics
  • mathematics
  • Health sciences
  • earth science

So Chromebooks are still useful and not general for any major. That is normal with any product.

For instance, there is some stem student who loves using dual monitors, and some others don’t.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.