Binders Or Notebooks: The most popular questions

Binders Or Notebooks what should I use? You could be a high school or college student and you want to know what to choose.

Do you have to choose Blinders or notebooks?.
What is the difference between blinders and notebooks?
what is the proper use of blinders or notebooks?

So, in this article, we’re going to respond to these questions. Moreover, talking about another tool that some students use…

What to use in classes blinder or notebook?

Using notebooks or binders in classes depends on how much lectures are longer. But in general, using them both can be effective. You can use binders to gather handed papers or folder notes. Also, use a notebook to write lessons.

But the problem is you have to think smarter. So, you can implement both of them at once. As a result, be organized and tied.

Firstly, what is recommendable and smart is to have in your wallet 1 notebook and 1 pocket folder. The notebook is where you will write your lessons and pocket folder to put handed papers on. These two elements don’t require space and are lightweight.

Secondly, once you get back home from classes. You will need a binder. Then, you can extract papers from your notebook and pocket folder. Then, finally, put them in a binder. In this way, you will not be forced to have notebooks and blinders at the same time.

So, to be able to apply this method you need to use blinders with dividers. Also, notebooks with removal papers, that is to say, make things clarified and easy to look for in any subject.

This method allows you to be more organized and not carry heavy binders every time.

Using a binder or notebook to take notes?

There are three choices taking notes

  • using a notebook to take notes
  • using binders to take notes
  • be more flexible and use both

So, the question is about who you are and how you take notes. Some people could take notes using notebooks and some others using binders. So, why some people should use notebooks, and why some others should use binders?

why you should use notebooks to take notes?

If you are a kind of personality that has good handwriting and can transform directly information in a tied and organized way. That is to say, you don’t need to re-edit a lot of time to summarize information.

Once you understand the subject you put the right and the final note. You are the kind of person who loves picking up information in an organizational way.

In other words, once you hear or see something important. You put it in the notebook and you color the important part of the information. It is a logical process for you. You’re not like someone who fills the paper with incomprehensible stuff.

So in this case notebook is right for you. So you don’t need to carry heavy binders.

why you should use binders to take notes?

If you are the kind of person who makes a lot of tweaks and changes to your notes, binders are the best option.

To clarify. you are a person who loves gathering information from different angles textbooks, lectures, the internet… you love to combine information. So you always re-dit stuff and correct things.

A notebook might not be a good fit. Because the chances are, you will rip all your notebook papers. You will feel uncomfortable taking notes with notebooks.

Binders allow you to use whatever you want. you could easily throw undesired and invaluable papers without tearing them. Moreover, it is easy to classify paper in the order you want. You will not be afraid to make mistakes in the case of notebooks.

Be more flexible and take notes with special notebooks

thankfully to the new notebooks and binders models. notebooks became binders and binders become notebooks.

There are notebooks with removal paper. So they have binder characteristics. You can reorder your sheets, throw the unnecessary ones, and so on. things are becoming easier. This is the major problem that a lot of notebook users were suffering.

So, the removal of paper notebooks is the best option to choose. You will only need to add a pocket folder to store your class-handed papers. That is it.

What should I bring to high school as a freshman?

You don’t have to overthink it. people are always over-expecting. But I will list the most important stuff you need in high school.

==>Notebooks: you will need notebooks in high school to write your subjects. If professors don’t matter using a multi-subject notebook is good. But most of them don’t accept. So you could use for each subject one notebook.

Notebooks are very important in high school classes, especially for math and science.

==>Binders: to keep things organized at least you need to have one binder. It allows you to store your sheet notes and handed papers. So putting the plastic folders in it is the best way to preserve your lectures and notes.

it is recommendable to choose divided binders. So you can classify easily your subjects.

==>Folder: if you have a binder that means you need to add more folders. Binders come with limited folder numbers which force you to buy and add new ones. Also, you could use folders to divide your subjects.

==>pencils: it is obvious to use pencils, make sure to have at least 3 colored pencils. also having an eraser, and stapler. You could add some colored highlighters pencils they are useful.

==>calculator: Scientific calculator especially to use in stem classes. it is preferable to use a graphical one it helps to see graphs and mathematical interpretations.

==>planners: it is not obligatory to have planners. But a lot of high school students say that is it useful and helps them to track their homework. All you have to do is to invest in bigger planners and durable ones.

==> Also the important non-material things like:

  • self-esteem.
  • respect toward others
  • willingness to learn
  • being ready to make new friends
  • having a responsibility to manage your time.

binders or notebooks for college

In the majority of cases, students use binders or laptops not notebooks. There are some exceptional cases and personal habits where students prefer to use notebooks in college. But there is obligatory to use notebooks at this level of study.

In college, notebooks are unuseful and annoying. You can easily lose subjects and spend a long time flipping pages. A lot of people lose and abandon notebooks in college. Simply because binders make things easily findable and more organized.

Moreover, in the majority of subjects professors have handouts or textbooks. So it makes no sense to use notebooks to write notes.

nowadays people prefer to use laptops which are easier and not messy. Moreover, you can store any document in the cloud and access it instantly. But some professors don’t accept that which makes the majority use binders.

So, you could use binders and add a more plastic folder to them. You could divide your binder into subjects. If the subject is heavy you could buy one binder for it. The more important is to keep subjects in folders. So, will not be obligated to bring a heavy binder to a class.

You just need to pick a folder subject that you will need in your sessions. In this way, it will be easy and not bothering.

using loose papers or a notebook taking notes?

It is highly recommendable to use loose papers to take notes. loose papers are great and don’t need to be ripped like notebooks. people who are taking notes know how much paper they throw away.

you’re not writing lessons, notes could hold a lot of mistakes. So they must have the ability to be easily thrown away.

Taking notes in notebooks could be messy and not flexible. You can’t reorder your notes and classify them as you want. In addition, there are a lot of problems with notebooks like bending, the weight of blank papers, and hard copies.

You could take summarized notes. That is to say, write something that you are sure about and you won’t modify. In this case, it could be useful.

I will list one of the main advantages of using loose papers in terms of taking notes:

  • lightness, light to carry
  • no paper left at the end of a year
  • you can organize them as you want
  • you don’t have to tear papers
  • easy to make copies for friends or colleges

Folders could be better than blinders and notebooks

Folders could not replace blinders or notebooks each one of them has a role. Notebooks to write lessons, blinders to use in both writing lessons and taking notes. Finally, folders to help to classify sheet subjects.

Actually, we could find some folders integrated into notebooks and binders. They help to protect things. But it is impossible to totally depend on them.

What is great about the folder is they allow you to regroup papers. In some cases, you could use them if you have fewer classes during the day.


binders and notebooks are both important. As we’ve seen each one has a role. so there are times when you should use notebooks and others use binders.

But, what is interesting is new notebooks that have binder characteristics that make things easier and more flexible. As a result, give you the ability to keep notes for long years.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.