Dual monitors for stem majors(8 things to know about)

Using dual monitors for stem majors is a good idea?.

Do stem majors benefit from dual monitors and increase their productivity?.

Is true that dual monitors are helpful for students?.

So in this article, we’re going to respond to these questions. Also, know the importance of dual monitors for stem majors.

Dual monitors for stem majors

Having dual monitors could facilitate your job as a stem student. It can make it more effective by increasing productivity and focus. You can use each monitor for a specific task.

So you don’t need to be going ahead and back again, stumbling between tabs. Having 2 monitors is making work more fluent.

The student affirmed that using dual monitors has changed significantly many things in their lives.

They say that it helps them to speed up the homework and do tasks much faster. Especially for college students who understand well by writing a lot of notes. Dual monitors help them to avoid writing a lot of notes.

All they have to do is to put their notes on one monitor and work on another one.

Using dual monitors for stem majors gives a feeling to having more ones. Simply because it simplifies and divides work tasks.

Some CAD designers use even more than dual monitors. Instead of using paper in the work, buying a third monitor makes sense for them. It helps them to avoid using paper stuff. So, cleaning their desks. As a result, going full into digital work methodology.

At the same time for embedded system students. dealing with PCB design, data sheets components, schematics can be very difficult and not productive. So, using one monitor makes things not fluent.

Dual monitors for these stem majors like embedded systems help to reduce time, mistakes and increase productivity.

It is also a lot useful if you run multiple applications running at once like editing and coding.

Are dual monitors for studying really helpful?

It has been proven that dual monitors increase the productivity of the work. But how do Dual monitors help students to be more productive and achieve more in less time?.

I’m going to list 8 facts why dual monitors are very helpful for students:

Reading multiple documents at once

You can read multiple documents such pdfs, books, notes, and so on. You can read in first monitor the main topic and use the second one to explain or explore the meanings of relevant topics. In case of something that interested you reading.

Having two monitors helps you to read easily and gather information fast. Because you don’t have to swap between tabs. Moreover, you could transform your pdf into a double-page book. Similarly, as you read a paper book.

In some technical projects that need to read more than one documentation, it becomes hard to read using one monitor. You have to deal with a lot of documentation and extract from each one the useful information to use.

So, it will be much easy and effective to have both information sources at once. which can be less stressful.

Effective search

Using a dual monitor to search is one of the best and smart methods to use. Especially for computer science students who learn to program. They use one monitor for coding and another one for a search on google.

So, it becomes more effective for them. That is to say when they stack in something they use automatically the second monitor googling for solutions. They can easily compare what they did and what is in the solution.

using a dual monitor is not only effective for computer science students. In general, it is helpful for any multiple task jobs. It reduces a lot of time consumed swapping between tabs.

Taking notes

Using a dual monitor helps take notes easily. You have two information sources in front of you. You could compare comfortably and pick the information you need. Moreover, you don’t need to write a lot of notes.

In the major cases, people write notes, picking them from their one monitor. So, they have to write them in some corners. Then pick the notes again and look for them on the internet, which becomes missy and non-effective.

you waste a lot of time copying and pasting between tabs. So using dual monitors or more is a huge saver of time.

Saving money

Some people use desktop computers and laptops. So when you calculate the material cost of doing this job, it could reach thousands of dollars.

For instance, if we need one desktop computer and one laptop, you will need an average of $1000 to invest. While it will not exceed $600 to invest in one powerful desktop computer with a dual monitor or maybe a less.

Using a laptop as a second monitor is the wrong choice that many people make. So, investing in dual monitors is more wise and smart.

you could get a dual monitor at thrift stores and craigslist for less than $40. So, for people who have a limited budget, it is the best option.

Following practical tutorials

It will be impossible with one monitor to follow someone giving practical steps. for instance, if you follow someone online and in live, explaining how to install something or write a code or something else. it will be impossible to follow with him.

It happens like when you haven’t finished yet writing the lesson and the professor erases the table.

Currently, the majority of lectures are saved. So you can go back to them. But swapping between tabs could be very annoying when learning to code or doing following some technical instructions.

with a dual monitor, you could comfortably look at the instructions, at the same time applying what you are seeing. It is a fabulous experience.

Less stressful

Having multiple tasks means dealing with a lot of information resources. For this reason, using multiples or at least dual monitors helps to release stress and organize the work. It helps to manage well the work.

In ancient times it was painful and a lot stressful working with one monitor. Especially for stem majors who were dealing with a lot of documents and different stuff.

This domain requires more analytic skills. As a result, need to deal with a lot of informational and technical stuff at once.

Using one monitor makes you in the majority of the time jumping between tabs. Things become confusing and you could easily lose track. So, for instance, you can imagine how hard choosing the right tab from 20 opened in your windows is.

Using dual monitors for stem majors is crucial. For this reason, you see engineering using more multiple monitors in the work office.

Seeing multiple things at same time

Using dual monitors is lucrative for stem majors. It helps them to control their tasks and see what is happening in multiple places at the same time.

for instance, engineers use multiple monitors, So to be aware of any essential detail all the time. They can’t use one monitor and keep swapping over and over. In some cases, it could be dangerous for some environments like electric or gas central.

So, in some conditions using dual monitors become a priority, not an option.

Get rid of printed papers

In the most time stem majors are obligated to print papers helping them in their work. For instance, embedded system students print datasheets of components. it helps them to build schematics.

moreover, there are a lot of tasks like PCB designing, drawing schematics. So, at least using printed papers help them divide and organize the work.

On the opposite, the majority of stem majors who use dual monitors are rarely print papers. Because using these dual monitors helps them to be organized and more focused.

Students are no longer need to print tons of papers. They can easily drag and drop their notes between monitors. As a result, putting and sort the more important notes from the less ones.

Dual monitors and computer science?

Dual monitors from stem majors like computer science are a must. It is not an option. you will eventually need to work on many applications at the same time. So, as a computer science student, it is highly recommendable to have dual monitors.

You will increase the workspace on your computer. Also will not be forced to switch from an application to another. That is the key point in dual monitors in a computer science major.

A dual monitor will help you a lot in learning to code. You can apply in one screen and search for solutions in the second. Also, it is really helpful copying code or comparing your code with others people’s codes. In addition, some programmers add a vertical monitor too.

You don’t need expensive dual monitors. All you need to have is an adjustable stand monitor and enough digital ports between monitors and the GPU. So, you don’t be forced to go back using VGA.

As a computer science student, you will not need to buy fast refreshing or high-resolution monitors. Just a normal one. except if you want to work with long-line text. In this case, Higher resolutions are helpful.


Depending on what we’ve seen about how dual monitors are helpful for stem majors. There is always one thing that stem major students have to be aware of. Is distraction.

A lot of people use dual monitors not for studying. But for watching videos and playing games. Especially for people who are studying online. They set one screen for a lesson and the second one for entertainment, which is detrimental.

Studying and entertaining at the same time is irrelevant. Studies have shown that humans could not effectively do more than one job. saying something else is an illusion.

So, dual monitors are a tool for enhancing the work quality not ruining it.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.