VR hate. Where does it stem from?

A lot of people hate VR technology and don’t accept it. Does it seems rational or just spread thoughts. ?

Do fear make people hate VR or there are many other reasons.?

VR can be dangerous?

VR can be a useful technology for stem students?

Why do people hate VR?

VR technology is still not affordable for anyone. Regardless of that, there is a lot of hate spread on the web and in comment videos. So, why a lot of people don’t like this technology. So in this paragraph, we will see what is behind the scenes of VR technology.

After long research, I will list to you the 10 frequent reasons why do people hate VR.

  • Lack of knowledge
  • Technical problems
  • wrong expectations
  • Social disconnetion
  • expencive
  • health issues
  • addiction
  • limited or not flexible
  • exausting
  • psychologic troubles

Lack of knowledge

A lot of people hate on Vr without having any experience with it. They just hate for sake of hating. Also, it could be jealousy feelings toward people who can afford it. Or maybe just hear that VR is bad from someone else.

So, hating on things without any rational reasons or lack of knowledge could be a major issue.

It is normal and happened with any new rising technology. As a result, finding doubts and fear is human nature. VR technology is a still rising technology and fewer people know detailed information about it.

Consequently, this creates a lot of wrong information about this technology.

Technical problems

VR users have many problems and issues with this technology. Especially these two following problems that we’re going to talk about, that Vr users frequently suffer from.

==> Disorientation problems: it happens when the movement signals arrive late to the controller which causes a delay between what we do and actually what we are seeing or hearing. So, it creates confusion and non-sense.

==> motion-sickness: it happens when you’re are moving in the VR world. But in reality, you are static Wich creates confusion in your mind. So you start feeling losing equilibrium and dizziness.

The first problem depends on the quality and enhancement of technology. But the second one is normal and requires time to get used to.

Wrong expectations

A lot of people had the wrong expectation about VR technology. They were expecting that VR will put them in a similar world like reality, which is still a little bit far. This technology is new and raising. But some people don’t understand that.

Otherwise, there are a lot of people who lost millions investing in this technology. They were expecting that VR will blow up like Bitcoin or Social media. As a result, made them lose their investment.

So what to expect for people who lost their money in VR technology. Also, for people who thought that VR allow them to will fly?

Social disconnetion

Using VR is going from the reality that we live into to another reality that you create by yourself. It is the way to disconnect from the world and engage with yourself in another life.

So having a social life and VR is something irrelevant. Especially for some people who play individually the VR games.

In the long run, this could cause major social troubles. For instance, isolation and loneliness.

If we look at how far people’s attitudes have changed due to smartphone technology. So, what can we expect VR to do in the next years? Thus, a lot of VR haters think like that.


VR technology is expensive and not affordable to anyone. So, currently having this technology in your house will cost you a lot of money. Some people hate VR not because of his issues. But not have the ability to experience it.

for instance, having a complete set could cost you from $500 to $1500. It is obvious that $1000 dollars are not cheap. Especially to use for entertainment.

So isn’t easy to buy a headset for $1000 dollar to play games. Even there are other benefits used in VR. But the focus is all-around games.

Health issues

There is a lot of problems and issues that can VR cause. You can read this article is completely talking about VR and the troubles that can cause.

So a lot of people have fear for themselves or for their kids. VR seems to them an unsafe tool and they have to keep an eye on it.


According to Statista, 13% of Britannic VR user says they have concerns over becoming addicted to virtual reality. Where 10 % of internet users affirm they are addicted to social media and the internet in general.

what makes people worry and even hate VR is this fact.

People are suffering from many technology tools addiction, games addiction, porn, social media, and so on. So, using VR in games or porn makes a very exciting and depending experience that will be hard to get rid of later.

The addiction to VR activities leads to many troubles and new issues. So, a lot of people hate VR because they think it is evil.

Limited and not flexible

Using a VR program has some kind of limitations compared to his traditional concurrent(smartphone). Vr take a lot of space and require to have strong and powerful computing abilities.

locomotion is a tough problem that faces this technology. You will not be able to run your character in the game like in traditional games. It is limited and requires investing in an expensive and non-accurate treadmill that takes time to get used to it.

Regardless of the apparition of these treadmills. They are still not ideal and flexible to match up the user expectations. we’re talking about people who are ready to invest thousands of dollars in these machines like the Omni tool.

Moreover, you couldn’t play any game with VR. It must be built up from the ground to support this technology. So people don’t have a lot of game choices which makes feeling limited and not interested.

people hate these machines and see them as far from reality. Others think that is still a lot of work to enhance this technology.


Playing Vr is not sitting on a chair or sofa and spending hours in front of the screen. In VR, people use their bodies. They are completely immersed in games. They use their hands, feet, and minds. So it is hugely consuming.

Especially in these times, there are some VR treadmills that allow you to run and even jump. So, we can imagine how will be exhausting playing these games.

Some people find that absurd and hate that. Because they prefer sitting in chairs or lying down.

On another side, it could be a positive point. But in reality, playing these games is so addictive, thus can easily exhaust your body.

As a recommendation spending more than 30 minutes could produce major issues. As a result, makes a lot of games fans hate VR.

Need clean space

To use VR especially in gaming, you need first to clean your space. So this is so important to keep things in place if you don’t want to ruin yourself and your real environment. You will see what I mean by watching this video.

Another important thing is highly recommended to be accompanied by someone. In order to support you when you fall to the ground.

if you experienced like that in the video. likely you won’t love it at all. As a result, you could hate VR and swear to not touch it again.

VR devices are heavy

You will not be able to use VR for a long time. the headset is heavy and becomes heavier when spending more time holding them. You can decrease the weight of VR pieces. But that means spending more money on weightless headsets.

A lot of people hate VR headsets because of this reason. The heavier the headset is the more head trouble the user faces.

How VR could be helpful for stem student?

Regardless of the tons of hate reasons that we mentioned above. VR could provide a high value to stem students. It is an amazing technology for stem students. it allows them to see the reality of the science world.

In some applications, VR has a powerful tool. that no technology could compete against it.

I will list the most powerful VR programs that help stem students.

Google Earth VR: using google earth VR can be the best tool for virtual tourism and geography discoveries. it helps you go around different cities, sitting in your place.

Titan of space: it is a great space experience. Titan of space allows users to discover our solar system. It has detailed informations about each planet. So with a VR, you will have the feeling of swimming between planets.

3d organ: this program is meant for medical students. it allows them to discover the full human anatomy. So floating between the organ space make learning more appealing.

learning languages: there is an internet platform called immerse which allows you to learn languages. It is a completely different language tool. You will travel abroad and communicate with different countries and cultures from your home.


VR is a technology like any other technology. So it is normal to have some pros and cons. We’ve seen that Vr has a lot of haters and doubters. But that almost happened with any previous technology.

So, hating or loving VR technology will not stop it from growing.

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