Raspberry PI for 5 years old(5 things you should know)

Is it possible for 5 years old kid to use raspberry PI or not?. If yes how it’s possible to use raspberry PI for 5 years old?. IT is not hard for them?.
Or there are special projects for 5-year-old age. So this is what we’re going to respond to in our article.

Is it not hard for a 5-year-old to learn to use a Raspberry PI?

It is not hard, as long as he reads and takes the right guidance. So it could learn the raspberry PI. There are many ways to learn to program in Raspberry Pi for 5 year old and so many kids did.

Using a Raspberry PI for a 5-year-old kid could be the best thing for your kid. it makes STEM more appealing for kids.

Raspberry Pi is a low-cost computer beard that you could plug into a computer monitor or tv. Also, connect to it a mouse and keyboard. Is a computer console. To simplify is a low-cost computer for kids and adults.

With Raspberry pi, kids could learn to program, learn electronics principles, brows on the internet, play games and so more.

Raspberry pi introduces kids to a stem world where science and technology are combined together. As a result, learning programming, electronics, computer science helps them to build their hard skills.

What makes raspberry pi popular is its ability to make things fun for kids. By having a large community, kids could do many funny and useful things at the same time.

So, there is a project for a raspberry pi for any range of ages. From 5 years old to advanced adults projects. So what are the projects or tasks that a 5-year-old kid could begin with them?

What can a 5 year old kid do with Raspberry PI?

I will list some principal projects using raspberry pi that a 5-year-old kid could do without any problem or challenges. just need some orientation and parental control. So enjoy reading.

Build his own computer

The kid could enjoy with raspberry PI. Especially allowing him to build his own computer. So this is what he will be going to do in this first project.

Using a computer kit called KANO. It’s the famous tools allowing kids to build their computers and benefit from this amazing experience.

The kit comes with over 100 applications that help kids to learn valuable skills. It is suitable for 5 years old kids. They just have to be able to read in order to follow its simple instructions.

The kano kit comes with a raspberry pi. So, you don’t have to buy both a Raspberry PI and a kit. It completely has the all necessary thing to start. it just needs to begin and have the fun building in it.

Using this kit helps kids to learn programming, play games, and even build their own games.

So, In this video, you will discover how a 5-year-old kid building his own computer.

The kano kit is for a six yeas old kids. But as you’ve seen a 5-year-old didn’t have any problem with it. On the opposite he enjoyed it. with just a little bit of help, your kid could do it.

This experience allows kids to do a variety of valuable tasks. As result, the constructor says that the kano kit helps kids to learn:

==> programming
==> hacking Minecraft
==> making their apps
==> producing music

You can even watch youtube, use google maps and Also browse the web with a kano kit. There is another video about using kano with it a touch screen.

Learn programming (scratch)

Scratch is the most popular platform allowing kids to learn programming through animations. It offers a group of a variety of tools to make the programming learning process easier, more fun, and appealing for small engineers.

To use scratch in Raspberry pi, it is simple. There is no need to buy any tools or kits. You just have to know how to simply set up a scratch with raspberry pi. In order to do that, I will let the following guidance.

==> Firstly you should pick a raspberry PI and connect it to a TV monitor or any monitor that has an HDMI port. Connecting with a tv would be a good idea. Especially if you have more than a TV monitor in a house.

==> You need an SD card to install a program on it. It is recommendable to have 8GB or more. Also, use an SD card reader if your laptop or computer doesn’t hold an SD card reader.

==> The only thing that is needed is to have an SD card. So, to save a program on it. You could recover an SD Card from an old mobile or any dispositive you have.

==> The last thing is to install a program. In this link, there is a video showing how to install scratch in raspberry PI. So, you have to follow these simple steps to allow your 5-year-old kid learning programming properly with a raspberry PI.

You just have to follow the first 6 minutes it just what is matters. The rest will not be our subject.

In this video below you will see how a 5-year-old kid program his own animations using a scratch platform.

Scratch is an amazing learning platform for kids and even adults. it teaches the foundation’s language for programming.

Playing Minecraft

With over 200 million downloads on the internet, Minecraft is one of the Beast in the game industry. It is so popular and kids love it so much. So why not play it with a raspberry PI?.

It is possible to play Minecraft with a Raspberry pi for a 5-year-old. it will be the ideal game to entertain kids and increase their creativity. Also, help them to solve problems going through many challenges they will face.

To install Minecraft, In raspberry PI. There are simple steps to follow. But, as clarification, if you still don’t have a raspberry PI is recommended to buy the last versions like raspberry PI 4.

It is important. So, your 5-year-old kid will have a better experience by using the latest version of Raspberry Pi. As a result, playing with high graphical quality. Also, having a fast reaction with game objects.

To install Minecraft to the Raspberry Pi. I will let you with this video below guiding you on how to install the game in raspberry PI through easy steps. So all your job will be to follow these instructions.

To clarify if you already have an old version of the raspberry PI. like Raspberry PI 1 or raspberry PI 2 is recommendable to lower a setting a little bit. Therefore, your kid will not have problems with a game.

By disabling some options in a game like “Particles” and “Shadows“. Also, disabling the Clouds and smooth lighting option. The speed of the game will increase. So, the kid will not be bothered and have better and more fun moments.

Make game console

With a raspberry pi, it is possible to transform it into a console game. The games that we played in the 80s and 90s become possible for kids to play Now. In addition, costing nothing to enjoy.

Making games consoles is the best thing to do. Thankfully to the raspberry PI, it is not costly or complicated. With just a TV and controller your kids could enjoy in both sides making their games and also play them.

For a 5-year-old kid who has a raspberry PI, one thing could be messing. “Game controller“. Is a hand from where you could control a game. Is cheap and easily achievable. You can find it in any toy’s electronic store, or buy it online.

Or, if you have a PlayStation or Xbox in a house you could use their controller and connect them with raspberry pi.

If you don’t have an SD card reader. You could buy a cheap one. It is necessary because we need to use it to install our games. So, finally, plug the card in raspberry PI.

If things become confusing, Don’t worry. In this video, you will find all steps to follow helping you to understand the process.

A lot of games, a 5-year-old kid could play with a raspberry PI especially the famous ones like Super Mario and Sonic. You could also play with him recovering good memories with games.

Allowing your 5-year-old kid to make his games with a raspberry PI is something useful and appealing for him. So, it is a good way to introduce him to a stem career.


A lot of people are thinking that 5-year-old isn’t a suitable age for using the Raspberry PI computer. But, as you’ve seen we found 4 principles and the funniest project for kids. They are really useful for 5-year-old kids using a raspberry PI.

Kids are really intelligent and fathers don’t should underestimate their abilities. Above all, using raspberry PI will add valuable skills and build a strong relationship with technology.

So, it is recommendable to start early for a 5-year-old. It is a wise educative strategy that parents should follow.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.