Are adults ruining lego? (Solved)

Are adults ruining lego?. Or it’s just an illusion? some people find that adults are not ruining lego. While some others say yes. So we will discover the response and know, how is the true relation between adults and lego.

Are adults ruining lego?

Probably not, There is a lot of fan LEGO adults in the market. On the opposite, they promote LEGO products and inspire kids through sharing their passion for building blocks. But some people could see it differently.

The problem that can create this belive is the wrong expectation from lego products. Some adults have a miss understanding of what is Lego.

These kinds of adults are fans of lego products. But they compare lego plastic building with realistic projects in the real world. They expect lego products to be detailed as their favorite character seen on the screen.

LEGO isn’t a piece of art that is handcrafted is a mass-produced toy. So people have wrong expectations and forget the lego goals.

The LEGO Company certainly doesn’t think adults have ruined their product, because adult fans are part of their promotional strategy.

Kids attend public lego exhibitions organized by lego fans. Is an inspiration source for kids. They see the big building lego projects and meet with AFOLs(adults fans of LEGO) who aspire and share with them their ideas.

Currently, Lego has an organization called LEGO® Ambassador Network Where a lot of adults are sharing their knowledge. Similarly, inspiring the lego company to have a new products idea.

Thus, AFOL(adults fans of LEGO) is an interesting collaborator in the marketing and engineering design of lego.

It doesn’t mean absolutely that adults could not ruin lego. There are some elements where adults could ruin lego. Regardless of how much adults help lego.

How adults could ruin lego

The adults are big fans and promoters for the lego industry. Also a great source of inspiration for kids. But in some cases could be the opposite. So, how adults ruining lego?

promoting video games at the expense of lego

Making promotion of video games through other social media tools like youtube or Facebook is threatening. Especially making a comparison between lego and video games.

Unfortunately, kids use social media nowadays which influence badly on them. It is hard today to convince a kid to use a lego instead of a video game. Is a losing battle.

kids always have the following minds. They see adults playing games with high graphical quality characters and suspense stages. As a result, putting down legos and making them just boring and unuseful toys.

Bad explaining

Explaining or having bad guidance is the worst thing to ruin something. Especially when adults have a respectful amount of followers.

Telling wrong information about lego and convincing people of a personal opinion is a killing point. Many adults spread a lot of wrong information about legos without having any proof or science reference.

Some adults say that lego kit is becoming less creative without having any long experience in a domain.

NOTE: We’re not here defending lego or responding yes or no to this question!!

But, we have to ask about the background and specialty of the influencer. Does, he is qualified to give his opinion or not. Personnaly, in most cases not. sharing opinions has become easier than was before. Consequently, in this case, adults ruining lego.

Adults collectors

There is a lot of lego collectors who love add to legos, comic books, and figures. It’s a hobby, but this last thing has created some problems for the original lego audience.

The demand has increased for a group of lego toys kids. As a result, increased the lego prices and makes painfully unreasonable to buy these kits. For instance, you have to spend $800 to buy a LEGO Millennium falcon which is tough.

Not only this model, but a lot of other starting sets are also expensive. So it explains the high demand for these toys.

Adults affect and ruin unintendedly the legos. we’re like seeing competition with an original audience(kids) and adults collectors. The biggest losers in these battles are adults. Simply because they are kids’ parents.

It’s funny to say that parents are competing against their kids. But it seems true.

Building awful projects and destroying them

We see in a lot of tv programs and videos, adults spend hours building toys and finally destroy them. As a result, will be not the best option to encourage kids to use legos. Also, it could hurt more than it promotes.

It could be funny. But in fact, it creates a stereotyped image. So kids will have the idea that “the only way to have fun is I have to destroy lego”.

Destroying legos will not add any value. On the opposite, it teaches the kid to be more aggressive and violent other than taking positive advantage of the toy.

How adults are promoting lego?

Adults are promoting a lego product in many ways. So, in this paragraph, we’re going to list the 4 main strategies for how adults are promoting lego kits for kids.

Using social media

social media become one of the principal pillars to promote products. Lego has a ton of fans who have social media accounts promoting their products. It could be by Facebook, Instagram, or youtube.

But the most effective way that influences kids to buy lego sets is by watching reviews. There is a lot of AFOLs(adults fans of LEGO) YouTubers who make product reviews. Also, providing a tutorial about a topic.

The lego company has a youtube channel that has more than 13 million subscribers. It also has some huge projects like Bugatti car and other ones.

Oranizing public exhibitions

Lego has a lot of events and exhibitions around the world. it has a lot of fans who would love to visit events to the newest projects.

in lego events, you could see the amazing and weirdest project that you could not think of before. you will see cities, station trains, boats. etc. In these events, we could notice the hard work and passion to develop these projects.

It is a great inspiration source for kids to see and expand their imagination. Maybe parents would be in trouble with their kids. Because building these things cost a fortune. So these events are very exciting.

Building communities

lego has a group community that exceeds 2 million subscribers. In this community, you will find different projects and recommendations.

These communities help to gain more lego users and incite a designer to showcase proposals for the next lego ideas. Lego gives an opportunity to people to participate in new products creation which is an intelligent strategy.

If you are a fan lego designer. You will have an opportunity to design and get rewarded for your work. The chosen designs receive 1% of dividends which is an encouraging deal.

Lego uses this strategy to achieve two goals: market study, and marketing promotions. It became a building company with an engaging community.

The biggest Adult lego projects

In this paragraph, we will list the most mind-blowing lego objects made in history. It takes a mysterious effort and time to build these huge projects.

Toyota Camry lego car

The Toyota Camry cost 500 000 bricks to be finished. It also weighs 1814 kg. So you can imagine how much work costs.

IT took 8 weeks to build a Toyota Camry lego by “Ryan” the owner. The Toyota is a version of 2018. In addition, the owner has worked individually on it without any help.

lego house

There is a realistic house size where you could live in Denmark with a 12,000-square meter filled with 25 million bricks.

It has been recognized as an innovative design made by a lego company. The goal is to reflect the lego brand. It was designed by Bjarke Ingels and opened in 2017.

larger lego airplane(Airbus A380)

Airbus held the record of the largest plane made in 2018 until 2019 when a group of lego master teams broke the record. They’ve built a US presidential airplane with over 1 million bricks.

It spans 36 feet long and even has a lego pilot visible through the windows of the plane.

lego robot Rubik cubic solver

Lego robot Rubik solver is one of the mind-blowing robots. It is a model of “robot Mindstorm” built-in in Bermingham England. It is titled stormer 3.

The robot could solve a Rubik cubic only in 3.25 seconds which is amazing. The project was a collaboration between Samsung and Lego.

Why do people hate LEGO?

Many people love legos and know how important they are. But others could have bad experiences that made them hate it. So I will summarise in 4 reasons why people hate lego.

If you find some adults ruining lego. So the chances are high that one of them had gone through the bad experience that we list below.

The falling risk

When kids start playing with this lego, things get missed up. There is a high probability of finding lost bricks around a house. Consequently, that can cause a big danger to everyone in a house.

Surely, stepping on lego bricks will not be a good experience. You could easily fall down. At least if you don’t break something. You will find kids laughing at you.

So, the majority of people hate these bricks because they easily spread out around the space.


Lego sets are so expensive. The kits could be worth 100 dollars or more. So, if you have 2 or 3 kids it could cost you 1000 bucks to fulfill their needs.

To explain more I will give a simple 4 examples of lego kits to know how expensive they are.

The Disney Castle kt ===> $349.99
Mercedes-Benz Zetros Trial Truck ===> $299.99
DC Batman Batmobile Tumbler ===> $229.99
star wars kit ===> $799.99

So it is heavy for parents to buy these kits. But kids love them which makes things tough.

Require space

building a big lego project requires three things: space, money, and attention. So, having enough space is important to build a lego kit.

Simply because it gives you the opportunity to move easily around. As a result, it decreases the risk of accidents. But when you are in the house, is difficult to find enough space for a lego kit.

Thereby, causing a mess and creating battles in a house. kids don’t find comfort either well parent, which disturbs moods.

So if you find some adults ruining lego. It could be for this reason.

Requiring time

building projects with lego require a lot of time which is not suitable for everyone. Especially when you have big kits that demand days of work.

lego fans know that and accept it. Because this is what makes their fun journey. On the opposite, those who hate lego see it as a waste of time and energy. Especially for adults who have kids.

Building Lego sets consist time. So you could not build a big kit in one day, scheduling time is something that we should do, to complete a project. it became painful for parents because every once they have to check parts and gather the messy ones to not lose them.


Regardless of the shortcomings that lego products have. Lego remains the best product to prepare kids for stem careers. it allows them to develop logical thinking and know the meaning of patience and perseverance.

On another side, personally, I don’t see that adults ruin lego. On the opposite, adults provide for lego. So, without adults lego would not reach his current potential.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.