Raspberry pi for 6 years old(6 amazing projects)

Giving a raspberry pi to a 6-year-old could be the best thing for your kids. There is a lot of things he can learn with this amazing board. So in this article, we’re going to discover what a 6-year-old does with raspberry pi in a home.

What can a 6 year old do with Raspberry PI?

There are many projects that are suitable for 6 years old to do with a Raspberry Pi. So, we’re going to talk about one of the best activities that 6 year old could do with a raspberry pi.

In the following paragraphs, we will find the best and affordable project to do with a raspberry pi for 6 years-old.

Learn scratch (programming)

Scratch is a famous platform where kids could learn programming principles through fun methods. Scratch makes programming easier for kids by including all the necessary and clear tools to make programming more appealing and fun.

There is no need for any other extensions or tools to add to the raspberry pi. You just simply know how to set it for your kid. That it.

So the first step is to pick the raspberry PI and plug it with any Tv monitor that has an HDMI input or a laptop. The importance is to find the HDMI port.

The only thing that is needed is to have an SD card to save a program on it. Also, an SD card reader if your laptop doesn’t read SD cards.

In this video below you will find all the following instructors to install scratch in raspberry. It easy. The video is explained by a kid.

The first 6 minutes it just for the guidance of how to install scratch in the raspberry PI board. Afterward, you will find a traffic project light programmed by scratch it is easy. But require some assistance.

It is necessary to be present with your kid to help him with electrical wiring. Especially, if it’s the first time for them to deal with electronics.

So, he can continue the rest of the programming tasks and learn the basics of scratch programming.

playing minecraft

Minecraft is one of the famous games in the world with more than 200 million downloads on the internet. The game is not also for kids. Even adults prefer to play this game.

Raspberry pi for 6-year-old will be the ideal game to entertain kids and increase their creativity. Also, transform them into good problem-solvers through many challenges they face in the game.

To install Minecraft, the needs are simple. You need to have a Raspberry Pi. That it. But if you still not having a Raspberry PI is recommendable to choose raspberry PI 4. Because it comes with the highest Ram capacity.

So the kid will have a better experience by using the latest version of Raspberry Pi. As a result, enhancing the quality of the game. For instance, response speed and refresh rate.

In this video below you find a guide to install a raspberry pi and how to set it from scratch. All you have to do is to follow step by step.

If you use the oldest versions of raspberry PI like raspberry PI 1 or raspberry PI 2 is recommendable to lower a setting a little bit.

You’re going to disable some options like “Clouds”, “Particles”, “Shadows“. Also, disable the smooth lighting option. You could do more to enhance the quality of the Minecraft game. So the kid could have better and more fun moments.

make game console

Using Raspberry Pi to make games that played in the 90s and the first decade of the century is something amazing and unexpected before. Nowadays kids could craft their games and learn from this process.

Making games consoles is not a complicated thing or costly one. With just householder appliances kids could start enjoying.

To build our games consoles we need three things raspberry pi, a controller, and a TV monitor.

Raspberry PI and TV monitors are probably in your house. So, the controller is available and you can buy it from any electronic store or online.

So firstly, the goal will be to install a program called Recalbox on the SD card then use Balena etcher software to flash or put your games on the SD card.

Don’t worry, in this video, you will find all steps to follow and help a kid to understand the process.

When you finish the flash process the rest will be just a few fixation technics. So it is highly recommendable for a 6 years old kid to make connections under parental control. In order to prevent any electrical risks.

There is a variety of games to enjoy in this process like SONIC and SUPER MARIO. It is a combination of the most famous 80s and 90s games at that time.

Making a game console is easy for Raspberry PI users. It helps them to participate and basically learns how things are made. Thus, it is a good option for a new raspberry pi 6 years old kid.

Build his own computer

Yes with a raspberry Pi he can build he is own computer it is easy. Because raspberry pi is considered a small PC. We can imagine it like a small console. Thus you just need to plug it with a monitor screen and external tools like a keyboard and mouse.

But for 6 years old kid, there is an alternative. The Kano computer kit is one of the famous tools that allow kids to build their own computers.

The kit comes with a group of applications that helps kids to learn valuable skills. The 6 years old kid who loves to use a Raspberry PI, could use easily this tool. It also can be used by older kids.

The kit has more than 100 creative applications and projects to browse. In the kan kit, kids could learn programming, play games, and even build their own games. So, In this video, you will discover how a five-year-old kid going to react with this kit.

The kano kit is for a six yeas old kids. It allows them to do a variety of valuable tasks. As result, the constructor says that the kano kit helps kids to learn:

  • programming
  • hackining minercraft
  • making their apps
  • producing music

You can even watch youtube, use google maps and Also browse the web with a kano kit. There is another video about using kano with it a touch screen.

Play music with fruits

Playing music with fruit is something insane you are hearing. But is true. With a Raspberry Pi and an Adafruit board you can do it. You can pick your favorite fruit and start playing music.

The Adafruit board is called a Raspberry PI HAT. It is an additional board for the Raspberry Pi computer model. To clarify, it is an extension board to connect with Raspberry PI in order to have piano functionality.

In other words, when you connect Raspberry PI HAT to your original board(Raspberry PI) you will have 12 capacitor sensors.

As a result, the capacitors sensors could detect a touch from humans or animals. This will allow us to build our piano and start playing music.

This video explains how to use a Raspberry PI HAT to build a piano. So enjoy watching.

Raspberry PI HAT could include up to 12 touches. That is to say, you will not overcome 12 fruits using this board. But 12 songs are enough to make kids enjoy the experience.

You can find a similar project in this link, The program is the same. So, it will be useful to use in the project above.

Whoopi cushion

Kids could make a Whoopi cushion and prank their friends. It is an amazing and fun experience to do with a little householding stuff. All you need is to have some simple things that we could find simply in any house.

Doing Whoopi cushion with raspberry PI will be a useful experience for a 6-year-old kid. It will be the funniest science experience to make with raspberry PI.

There are some extra tools that might not be available in a house. For examples Speaker, crocodile clips and cable jumper leads. So, it will be easy to buy in any electronic store. Otherwise, all the tools that will list are easily findable.

To build a Whoopi cushion you will need The following things:

  • Paper plates
  • tinfoil
  • spongy material
  • glue
  • raspberry PI
  • crocodile clips
  • jumper wires

This video below will help your kid discover how to make a Whoopi cushion step by step.

The next step is to connect crocodile clips to the raspberry PI to make or produce our funny sound. When a person sits on it, both plate papers touch each other making contact. Thus sending a signal to the raspberry pi.

At the same time, raspberry Pi sends a signal to the speakers. Then we will hear finally the sound. In this link, we will find the full instructions including a code and everything you think you missed up in the video.


Merging science and entertainment is a pursue of Raspberry PI constructor. The goal is to expand the user numbers of this technology. That is to say, makes it more appealing for children by including the funniest projects and activities.

So this is what we have to include in stem classes. As a result, to correct stereotyped images about this field.

Focusing on practice is going to raise the level of stem education and attract more students to this field.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.