Is graphic design a stem major(Solved)

Is graphic design a stem major?. So many people ask this question. Maybe because the use of technology in graphic design creates confusion about this topic, or maybe not. So we’re going to respond to this question and clarify the reasons.

Is graphic design a stem major?

In most cases not. The graphic design falls under specialties like art and media. Because, it doesn’t base on the 4 stem basics subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, math). Even if the technology field is included in graphic design.

It is not appearing that the graphic design branch belongs to stem majors. But, some people could see it differently from a different angle.

Graphic design doesn’t rely on science or mathematic, except in some coincidences. When graphic designers use computers and base on some mathematical rules especially trigonometry or algebra. As a result, They think that graphic design could fall under the stem majors.

Consequently, it is not the right categorization to admit that graphic design could fall under the stem major.

Stem classes foundation is purely based around mathematics and how to deploy math to solve science problems or explain them. While graphic design is based on art and how to use its principles. In order to make content more appealing for viewers.

So the STEM is rational and graphic design sensational. Thus, there are no common points between the first and the second.

Graphic designers have a specialization in user interface design. It covers all what is relying on printing, multimedia, commercial art such as advertisements, magazines. So all the visual packaging applications.

In some cases, graphic designers do some industrial design that might require basic knowledge of math and physics. So, in these special cases, we could rarely admit that graphic design participates slightly to a stem career.

In the next paragraph. We will see what are the rare cases in which graphic design could be considered as a stem major.

The close majors to stem and graphic design

In some rare cases, we could consider some graphic design majors as nearly stem majors. How we’re going to explain that?

As a response to our question. A new concept was born lately that transformed STEM into STEAM. The new STEAM acronym allowed graphic and art design fields to belong to stem definition.

As a result, of this transition. We can follow below 4 fields that become and have a tendency to be a part of stem major.

Packaging designers

Packaging designing is a domain responsible for designing packaging material that aims to protect the product. Also, make an appealing promotion and description of the merchandise to increase its ability to be sold.

packaging designers use basic stem skills to build and improve their products like mathematics, science, and engineering.

Packaging designers incorporate math in their design process by:

  • determining bearing area to cushin a product.
  • calculate impact forces during a free fall.
  • determination the number of cushion on their density depending in weight and velocity.

To become a packaging designer, the minimum requirement is a bachelor’s degree. You will study graphic design, brand development, packaging material. Also, slight mathematics basic to learn the science behind the packages we use.

Product design or industiral design

The product or industrial designer creates designed concepts for many products such as homes, appliances, Toys, etc. It’s a combination between science and art. For the sake of making an affordable product for users.

the majority of product designers work in offices away from manufactures’ environments.

the industrial designer uses some slight physic and mathematical subjects like:

  • arthmetical calculations
  • dimensions and tolerances
  • trigonometry and volume calculus
  • dynamic forces vs tensile strengths
  • calculate velocity

As you can see there is no complicated math. You will find that you studied all these principles in high school. Currently, and in most cases, industrial engineers use software that could make all these calculations without any headaches.

Students with a degree in graphic design can join the field of industrial design. The minimum requirement is having a bachelor in architecture or industrial design.


An architect is an outcome of graphic design. Before going to the building phase, architects apply the rules of graphic design to make a building construction in appealing forms. But under the respect of physical laws.

Architecture is one domain that requires a little bit of math. Not that complicated math but a respectful portion of it.

Architects use math in their applications through the following area:

  • Geometry : Architects use geometry to study and divide space
  • Algebra : to ensuring durability and verify the right weight
  • Trigonometry: ensuring stability and safety by calculating angles of intersection between components.

Becoming an architect is will require you to study a 5-year professional bachelor’s in architecture. or another path


Animation is a base of graphic design it could be a transition for a graphical designer. Instead of working in 2d dimensions, animation could make art more real and responsive for users.

Actually, this industry is booming. the traditional graphic web design is changing. We can see in many website themes with animated content which is interesting.

Animators use some stem subjects like math but with a slight use that anyone could absorb.
So we will give some mathematical samples that animators use in their jobs:

  • Geometry:animator use geometry to crafting shapes with a different sizes
  • Trigonometry: to control the moving of character like going ahead or turing around.
  • Algebra and calculus: in order to smooth shapes and characters

The minimum requirement is a standard bachelor’s degree. As a result, allow a student to go and work in different industries like television, gaming, graphic design firms and so more.

I love both physics and graphic design what i should pick?

loving both different sides could be an amazing skill set that the majority don’t have. Having this advantage could be fruitful for a student stem. But it might seem confusing to choose between these two fields.

The response will be intermediate between physics and graphic design.

You could do many jobs that include physics and graphic design at the same time. It is going to help you find your comfortable spot. Also, getting rid of regret or anxious feelings. So I will recommend 4 majors that will exactly match up for you.


It is obvious for any architect to use physics and design. The architect uses physical foundations that make buildings stand today. This process is done after hours of designed concepts and comparison between them to choose the best one.

As an architect, you will really sense the relation between physics and art. You will build artisanal concepts thankfully to physics foundations.

industrial design

To build products, it will not be quite simple to design them without having knowledge about science and physical principles. There are so many physical aspects behind this process.

You have to be aware of material physics. You will do a lot of physical experimentation like crashing, flexibility tests, temperature resistance and so more.

Having a solid physical base allows you to choose what to use for your project and how to design it.

Video Game Designer

If you love graphic design and you don’t want to quit physics, being a video game designer is a good choice. Video game designers always use physics foundations and rules. So they can build games with lifelike aspects that exist in our real life. For instance attraction and forces.

So, any game that has any concept of movement or motion. As a result, it requires an implementation of physical concepts. Not differentiated from what we experience on our planet.

To sum up. You could work on both sides, physics, and design. This is going to be a great experience that will allow you to discover more about yourself. Also, get in front of a variety of opportunities you will have.

Is computer animation a stem major?

Computer animation is not considered a stem career. Computer animation is a field biased toward an arts and multimedia branch. Animation studies don’t base on scientific and mathematical subjects like stem does.

3d computer students could focus slightly on physics when studying motion graphics or art gaming. Otherwise the all programs focus on drawing and visualization applications.

Computer animation requires a good intent towards arts and creativity. Also being attracted to details and organizational tasks. But it demands a high passion for 3d animation and the use of computers.

To build a good career in animation, basically, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in the animation field. In addition, have good and respectful abilities to be hired in big studios and companies.

So as a beginner, the best way to build the portfolio is by doing internships and personal development through many animation projects.


Graphic design is a major for people who love art, especially design. On the other side, STEM is a field for students who finds themselves more in science and mathematical subjects. It is hard to find relevance between graphic design and stem. We found just a tiny relation. This tiny relation will not allow us to admit that graphic design could be one day considered as stem major.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.