Is Lego overrated? (5 things you should know)

Regardless of the success that lego achieved and how crazy are selling their products. Some people have another opinion. They find that lego is overrated and not worth paying for its bricks. So, in this article, we discover some thoughts about lego and why people think that lego is overrated.

Is lego overrated?

Lego building is one of the best building and creative systems that you can find on the market. However, there is a lot of discussion about some projects and aspects like high prices or how they are selling their products, etc…

If we look briefly at the history of lego. Back in the 50s,60s,70s we don’t see that lego toys were high dominators in the toys market. It was just known on his niche of building bricks.

The revolution of the lego brand is started after discovering the right method of making their products more appealing for kids. It has offered many encouraging and attractive projects like furniture pieces and realistic toys. For instance, making boats that float, “lego Minifigures family”(best selling at the time), “Gear Set with Motor”, and more.

What really makes lego overrated for parents who lived with lego. Also, who seek to teach their kids the stem principles. Is the lack of flexibility.

Parents miss the 70s and 80s legos where they were making multiple projects with one kit. Lego was more creative and open mind in their old projects. Nowadays, you can’t find these kinds of projects that you build in your childhood.

This is what makes people think that lego is overrated. You buy a lego kit with a limited opportunities and for a single build, differently from the oldest ones.

Also, the price could be another reason. It is painful to pay for a one-limited idea project. Some people find that lego lost its soul and become a biased selling company. Above all, lego has created a unique brand that didn’t exist before.

Lego succeeds to catch kids attention and simplifying the meaning of stem education. Using creative building systems products and fun experiences.

Why lego is overrated for some people?

So many people find that lego doesn’t worth and merit the value that the market gives it. They think that it sells their product just beside the name of education.

I will list The main reasons why people would think that LEGO is overrated.


Lego kit prices are high. Because they use high-quality plastics with high tolerances. Also, through the consistent research they do. It could seems reasonable to high pricing their products. But in some cases not. The marketing side has a big part in that.

The lego as well as all famous and heavy brands tend to evaluate their products by the pricing strategy. They want to create this image of respect and high-class levels.

building shortcomming

The lego systems could be difficult especially if you want to make a flexible things or curved . It comes with curved blocks. But require a lot of effort to make things fitting or perfectly as you look for.

This could be an advantage for a lot of us. But always there are exceptions and everyone seeing thing from his angle.

pieces disponibility

In some cases it is hard to find the fittable piece for your blocks. It requires you a lot of time to look for the good ones. While finding a lot of other extra ones that you don’t know what to do with them.

In some cases, if you want to make big projects for a specific object. You might need to buy another new kit which will cost you a fortune.

It not a social activity

Lego applications are not a great tool to encourage kids to make social relations and behave with the external world. On this side, lego is not useful and limited tool. It is for people who want to focuses to build critical thinking and improve problem-solving quality.

But, it remains the best tool for stem student and the education system. consequently collaborating and fighting to enhance the image of the stem field and makes science more appealing.

Why lego is not overrated for majority people?

Lego have a big popularity in building toy industry we couldn’t deny that. It a build a solid bridge between education and entertainment. We will list the most 4 reasons why kids love lego setes.

building spatical awareness

Building with bricks could be the best way to create solid and wonderful spatial abilities. Steply the kid learn and begin from imagination untill the existence of the final project. Using his best efforts to focus and verify the exactitude of each movement.

Building blocks help kids to improve their creativity and hugely expand their capacity for imagination and design.

patience and perseverance

Building a 100 project block is not obvious for a kid it is a long journey. So, patience is one of the precious things that kids miss today. As a result of fast and instant technologies. kids will learn how is patient rewarding in their life.

The perseverance is. When you reach a 90 block building and 10 bricks are left. Then you commit a slight mistake and everything collapses. So you have to start again.

It’s frustrating the as life.

Physical Development

Assembling lego bricks require a certain amount of physical effort. It helps kids to strengthen their fingers and make them more flexible. . moreover, it improves their dexterity in all manual activities.

holding pencils or drawing. Is a simple example of how kids could learn from lego building activities.


Succeeding after a setback and frustrating projects its a brilliant idea to build a strong self esteem and confidence. Kids will learn how success is achieved. Also, allow them to challenge themselves and go to further steps.

When kids succeed to complete the project. Consequently, that create an interesting confidence in themselves. So, it teaches them the meaning of self-belief.

What is the most overrated Legos set and why?

In this paragraph, you will see the weird and most overrated Lego sets. Also, The insane prices of each one.

LEGO Millennium Falcon 10179 worth $2413?

This version was produced between 2007 and 2009. In a promotional campaign it seemed like a big millennium falcon. In fact, it was not that big how their designers were promoting. Moreover, the price was spectacular.

The price was around $2500 which is absolutely not affordable for everyone. This toy is was worthing more than a respectful Americans cars Which is insane.

Lego Factory Market Street 10190 worth $1152

To build a pretty small building brick lego. In this version, you had to pay more than $1000 dollars. It was good for kids to build some kind of small plastic towns. But not worth that much.

Otherwise, buildings were so small and with tiny complex pieces. As a result, been frustrating at the building process.

Taj Mahal 10189 worth $1422

Building taj mahal replica is not that how the lego founder was promoting. mainly, if you don’t want to invest a lot of money do discover these projects. This is a sad moment for lovers builders. The lego taj mahal is so overrated.

You will need to buy 5000 pieces with a $1422 cost to build your replica taj mahal. So, to have this ideal bloc. You have to be aware to not lose any piece.

LOM 2011 Moulding 4000002 $1300

The loom lego seems too basic and with a non-sense balance. It is a dull and rare project. it is hard to find the reason behind its construction.

What could make things tougher is how people could invest $1262 in this kind of project. Maybe it could attract some lego lovers collectors.

If you have more interest to discover more overrated legos. By clicking here you will find the most 30 usless legos in the history.

what is the most overrated lego theme ever?

Starwars was the most disappointing set in lego history,people see that the project was poor and not promising. It doesn’t paly and not present the start wars culture that people were used to.

For so many peoples star wars sets looks as kind of boring lots and just made for display. You could loose $80 dollar to build a kit and look at it all the day. It seems horrible.

Otherwise stars wars project were so expensive compared to others ones. Some models could reach $1000 which is mysterious. Especially after you buy and discover its useless.


Regradless of all thought that we could have about Ego. We could not deny that lego has built one of most powerful and useful empire in education. Is too challenging to cath childs attentions. So the lego did.

But personally the price side still a big problem.Sometimes is exagerated. Not everyone could afford the lego tools which makes it bad. As a result, missing a useful entertainer-educational tool is not seems fair. It could be out of reach of a lot of families.

So we are in the world where equality must to be above over any overrated economic ambitions.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.