Raspberry pi for 7-year-old(5 important insights)

raspberry pi is a great kit, especially for a 7-year-old kid. Is a great tool for education. Consequently, raspberry is one of the most famous electronic education boards in the world. It allows kids and adults to make projects from beginner-level to professional ones. You don’t have to buy multiple educational kits. This board will stay with your kid during his career.

What can a 7-year-old do with Raspberry PI?

There is a variety of projects that 7 year old can do with raspberry. The raspberry is for 7 years old and could be for less or more. With raspberry pi, the kid could build his personal computer and surf on it. Also, he could play simple games on the raspberry computer.

Moreover, raspberry pi would be an amazing tool for your kids to learn robotics and programming. By following simple instructions, your kid could start and build his first program. This is a great opportunity to prepare your kid for a stem career. As a result, he can learn the foundation of mechanical and electrical engineering.

I will suggest to you 7 useful and priceless projects that 7 year old can do with Raspberry PI. I will give detailed instructions for each one So keep reading

about building computer

building computers is one of the greatest things to teach your kids the science and technology principles. It allows them to discover the computer world. Also giving them a feeling of independence and authority. So, it transforms them from consumers to partners in the technology field.

Your kid could have his computer using a kano computer kit. He is got more than 100 creative challenges and projects. The kid will have a variety of programming tasks and entertaining apps to browse. The small student will learn also how to build their own apps or games.
This kit is made for 6 years old. But in this case, it has been used for 5 years old. So, it is useful to have a raspberry pi for a 7-year-old. The same as This kit.

if a kid can read, the use of this device will be easy and he will master his concepts. Instead of playing on a tablet, is better to play and learn at the same time by making he is own games. The kit works with any TV that has an HDM port the same thing for computer monitors.

Or you could buy some portable-sized screens. If you don’t want the kid using your personal computer or a family tv. Moreover, the kit even could work without the internet. But there will be some apps and facilities that will not be accessible. So it is recommended to use the internet.

NOTE: this kit or product is not for kids under 6 or 5 years old at maximum. Its components could be dangerous for them and not usable for 4 years old and less.

learn programming through Scratch

At this time you don’t need to buy any kit. You need just a regularly cheap raspberry pi, So the kid could start learning to program. This method of programming is based on block building. It is fittable and responding. It is free and ideal for a raspberry pi 7-year-old kid.

The only thing that is needed is a laptop or desktop computer to connect our raspberry with. Then following some simple instructions that kids could do by themselves. So, I have a guide following installation made by the kid that I recommend put your a kid in front of it.

Also, if you could continue the video guidance until the end? You will see how you could help your kid to make a traffic light project with just 3 simple LEDs and a small breadboard. In this project, he will learn how to program that from scratch. It will be an awesome experience for raspberry pi for a 7-year-old.

what do you will need for this project?

You will need 2 simple things that you could already have. If you don’t I will list them for you:

3 X 220-ohm resistors

These components could find them on any electronic store.

Note: for a traffic light project is better to accompany your kid. So, you can control things and give some pieces of advice. Also, to prevent making some bad mistakes that could burn a raspberry board.

Make lego projects

Thankfully with raspberry Pi build hat, kids and adults can build and control lego motors and instruments. This project was announced by a raspberry pi foundation.

Their goal is to bring programming technology and hardware closer to kids through play, as an introduction to robotics. Thereby helping STEM education to provide more quality and attractive content.

Raspberry Pi is a simple, inexpensive computer that is generally sold as a small circuit board with only the necessary components attached.

Build HAT tool is get attached to the top raspberry hardware. Is a new extension board to add for people who have already lego tools like Mechano(famous robot from lego) or other lego components. The board is connected easily to the raspberry. It can control up to 4 motors and sensors of lego materials.

This video will help fathers to know why is important to have a raspberry pi for a 7-year-old. Also, knowing how to build amazing and meaningful lego projects.

There are many amazing lego educational projects available with SPIKE Prime. So
Adding Raspberry Pi and Build HAT board to your computer board gives students more options for creativity and flexibility in their projects,

It also, allows them to go even further and take their creation adventure to the next level. As a result, they can have a network programmable computer with access to online data sources at the heart of their build,

Note: this product is only for people who have already purchased lego components or robot kits made only by a lego company.

Play the famous Minecraft video

The famous Minecraft is a famous game that is one of the best of possibilities offered by Raspberry Pi.

Minecraft has its own popularity it got a million players around the world. You can download it from the game’s official website. In this way, we can program the blocks, adjust the settings and design the world completely to our liking.

To learn how to get the most out of it. It is advisable to follow this video teaching you how to install Minecraft on your raspberry. Because it includes all the help we need to create Python scripts and configure Minecraft as we want.

This guide explains how to create a whole world or play God creating natural disasters. For example, learning Python language, one of the most recommended programming languages for children. It is quite simple in other languages.

In addition, we can share NES games with our children by designing our own NES with the Raspberry Pi emulator. To do that, we will only need

  • Raspberry Pi 3 or 4 to make our console, with a microSD of 8 GB or more,
  • the power supply and the writing software (Etcher), FTP FileZilla,
  • and an HDMI cable to connect it to the television.

What is great in Minecraft, is inciting kids to use their thinking abilities and discover solutions for new challenges. This will increase their ability to solve problems. At the same time keep them from out of attractions.

Note: is recommended to use a raspberry pi 3 or 4 to get more graphic quality.

programming robots STEM

With a Raspberry Pi, kids could learn coding with the language python who is the most interesting programming language. This is the most valuable thing I found personally. The board gives an opportunity to acquire coding skills. Thus, programming raspberry pi for a 7-year-old is an excellent start to accommodate programming.

By programming raspberry PI, kids could learn stem skills in different forms and prepare them for the best stem career. There are many applications in electronics and programming, that kids can be applying at the home. Or, they could buy cheap electronic kits that have all the necessary components to learn the principles of electricity and electronics.

What is good in raspberry pi, is the scaling ability. The kid could go steply from simple projects programming until a high-level programming challenge. This board is cheap with a priceless advantage. Many advanced projects were executed with this board like making an intelligent mirror or smart camera house.

Starting with robotics is a good option for kids if they are interested in this field. Similarly to the mechanical and electrical building projects. Consequently, they learn and manipulate a lot of tools and stuff like wiring connectors, using a screwdriver, connecting motors to the wheel, etc. Learning robotics allows a kid to learn broad scientific topics which improves his skillset.


the best thing is giving raspberry pi to a 7-year-old. You give him a tool that can shape his vision toward the future and also help him to discover himself more. Technology is everywhere. So all we want is to make our kids partner to the technology, not just consumers.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.