ICT or STEM(which is better)?

ICT or STEM which is better. So many people are confused, they don’t know what to choose or what to pursue. In this article, we’re going to give you guidance and help you to make a good decision. You will know what is the difference between ICT and STEM. Also what abilities STEM require and the ICT ones.

Should you choose ICT or STEM?

Studying ICT could be the best option for computer lovers who don’t want to go much further in math and theory. That is to say, They love computer science as a Stem branch. But they can’t afford to struggle with heavy math courses and lessons.

On another side, when we ask ICT students why they have chosen this branch and not choose stem. Or also ask them for advice on choosing between ICT or STEM. They affirm that ICT gives them more freedom and opportunities to improve their communication skills.

While stem students see that ICT studies are superficial, and not that much in-depth. Stem students prefer to study and dive down into theoretical thems. So they have chosen computer science studies.

What makes people frequently ask between ICT or STEM, Is their desire or maybe passion to work in computers and their technologies. But the fear of STEM programs might be the reason why people stand out and do not make decisions. It could be right or for other reasons…

To be honest, STEM is different from ICT. Stem requires some capabilities that maybe you don’t require in ICT. So in the next paragraph, you will know what is a good fit for you, STEM or ICT.

We will also talk about the opportunities that STEM and ICT offers, and what job opportunities you will have. Also, you will know what is a good choice for you and not for anybody else.

Difference between ICT and stem

In order to make the right decision, we need to understand deeply what is difference between ICT and STEM is. So, in the next stages, you could understand why I recommended to you to choose STEM or ICT.

Briefly, what is the STEM?

To not go out of the subject. STEM is an abbreviation of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Stem students focus on math which allows them to study science. Also, They have heavy math courses in technology and engineering. As a result, math is foundational for them.

Briefly, what is ICT?

ICT is acronymous of Information, Communication, and Technology. This field has a focus on computer networking, operating systems, and communications theories. Moreover, as an ICT student, you will focus to learn practical skills (repairing computers and configuring systems, etc). ICT students focus on practical aspects of technology not dive deeper to know what science is behind it.

What you will study in ICT?

ICT students explore the world of technology in slight deepness. The core and foundation of ICT classes are to develop the capacity of managing projects, learn technical skills. Also, improve leadership through communication or writing.

ICT students study :

  • Theory in technology and communication: learning the impact of technology in society and understanding the relationship between science and technology. To sum up you will learn the relationship between humans and technologies.
  • Technology techniques: you will study different technology tools. You will know how to publish on the web, enter data, web programming, manage social media, etc… You will learn a diversity of technical skills.
  • Social media and marketing coordination: you will learn how to use social media to work with coordinators and organizations. Also studying marketing will add a big value as pricely business skill. You will learn how to build a communications skills and marketing startegies.
  • management : learning how to manage task and projects will be present in ICT lectures. You will learn how to manage projects,and develop IT technology strategies. Also,create new communications technics in your enviremet to enhance productivity.

What you will study in STEM?

STEM is a broad branch it is considered the brilliant and challenging strand at the same time. It has high respect in society according to their participation in discoveries that changed the world.

Stem student study:

  • Science: as a stem student you will be emersed in pure scientific topics like biology chemistry physics. You will be dive into the core of things and know the mechanism behind them. You will discover the world from the scientific eye.
  • Technology: you will explore the technology by understanding its core principles and rules. For instance, learning programming, logics gates, electronic and electricity reaction. You will learn how to build your circuits and create useful technology projects.
  • engineering: the art of building thing is what you study in engineering. You will know how to make mechanical or electrical designs. Also, solving problems and breaking challenges through creative solutions. You will learn how to create things from scratch.
  • mathematics: mathematics is a pillar that will allow you to study science, technology, and engineering. You will use mathematics in all of these fields. In Science, you will use mathematics equations. In engineering, you will build and design using math. So the same thing for technology.

Is easy to find jobs in ICT or STEM?

How the market is evolving in STEM and ICT?

According to Statista, ICT is considered one of the largest industries in the world market. 5 trillion dollars was spent in 2021. They expect a 12% growth rate in the next 10 years which is faster than other fields.

Also, the STEM field has a good growth rate of more than 8%, which expect to add more than 600 000 employers in the next 10 years. ICT and STEM both have an expanded market size. As a result, offers new and promising opportunities in market jobs.

How many jobs are in STEM and ICT?

However, if we compare stem and ICT job there is a big difference of employees number. To clarify in the US there are more than 8.6 million stem jobs which represent 6% of the employment rate.

In ICT jobs, the number is 3 times less than Stem. 3.72millions employees in the US who work in the ICT industry which is a big different number. But the ICT industry remains faster in terms of growth rate.

According to the growth calculation, every year there is 500 000 jobs are created for ICT graduates and 700,000 for stem students. Which considered an interesting and encouraging number of both fields. So opportunity is not only present in STEM. But ICT also has a big part in that.


About salaries, both STEM and ICT have respectful salaries. So in this table, I will list you the highest and lowest salaries for STEM and ICT fields.

High salaries STEM

High salaries ICT

Down salaries STEM

Down salaries ICT

Anesthesiologist $267,020

Software engineering manager 




Technical Support




Data warehouse architect 


Agricultural Engineer 


representative customer 




Software development manager




sales representative




Infrastructure architect 


Genetic Counselor


Account Representative 




Applications architect 






STEM and ICT fields both have a good financial state. So it doesn’t matter to think like “I have to choose stem because I want to get paid more “. You can have a great financial life on both sides.

Which to choose STEM or ICT?

Many students struggle between choosing a career in ICT or pursuing a STEM field, and having a college degree. They love working in computers but they find computer science hard or heavy to reach out to. Some people find that computer science is not a good fit.

Some other wants to start early their career and have jobs in IT technology. It could be working in network configuration, repairing computers, fixing troubleshooting, etc. While others stand in the middle and don’t know what to do.

maybe they are afraid of not pursuing studies.

or regretting choosing the wrong path.

They are under parent pressure or any other obligations.

So, we noticed 4 things as the main factors that indicate which path you should go for, without any fear of failure or regret.

4 crucial reasons to choose ICT intead STEM

=> Loving communication: If you love to communicate and connect people together using all technology tools. You have an intent to be more social and share knowledge with people. You’re not interested in how technology is working and its foundations. you just love using technologies as a bridge to transmit your ideas and values.

=> Make your business: you are constantly thinking to build your business. You have an idea or plant you want to execute in a domain. maybe you are minded like steve jobs. So going directly into the action and testing your dream idea is obsessing you and giving you the opportunity to have spare time for execution.

=> Start early your career: you want to start making money earlier by having jobs in telecommunication, repairing industries, or whatever occupation. Instead of going and having heavy debt for university programs. working and proving yourself is your primary goal.

=> hating science subjects: the lack of interest in the mathematical subject might be your biggest reason. you hate dealing with mathematics and science subjects. it seems to you like boring and complex subjects. So you think that pursuing your study in the stem will just be a waste of time and money.

4 crucial reasons to choose STEM intead ICT

=> working in Hi-tech companies: if you have the ambition to work in big and powerful companies. So having a degree is an obligation for you. Working without a degree is a big challenge. You will rarely find a job without a degree. However, if you find it, you have to prove your experience to the company. The question if you don’t have, how you will prove for employer…

=> Loving science: one of the ultimate thing and primordial one is having a passion for science. If science is one of your big interests, you must do whatever it takes to pursue your studies in the stem field. You will have more future opportunities to make a great career and impact your surroundings.

=> Innovation and invention: you love to be in a cutting-edge position like medicine or aerospace activities. inventing or at least making innovation is an obsession for you. It always gets to your mind to create something meaningful and let the whole world know about it. The stem will open this possibility and makes your dreams come true.

=> less competition: as a challenging career, having a good qualification and meet to market needs remains a big problem for employers. most companies are complaining of a lack of qualification. if you have a respectful level you will no longer think about job security. The high demand exceeds way more beyond than you think.


Persuing ICT or STEM should be a personal decision and from core values. It is a crucial decision, so you have to put things in the right spot.

So don’t allow external judgment to change your mind and determine who you are. Follow your ambition and what The heard telling you. Because the worst thing is not failing. The thing that you have to be afraid of. Is regretting at end of your life.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.