How are electronics made?(Easy video explanations)

How are electronics made is a good question to ask. There is a variety of electronics machines around us, that we can not live without. If you are curious about how electronics are made. In this article, we’re going to show you and explain to you easily the electronics household machines. Also, know how they are made.

How are electronics made?

In the most simple and not complex way to explain. Electronics conception go through two essential steps: board electronic design and manufacturing process.

The process design is when engineers study electronic projects. As a result, could be a TV, computer or anything else. At this phase work, the complete focus is in a designe and choosing the right components for an electronic board. So, to include into our piece, maybe a tv, laptop, smartphone,etc.

The second thing is the manufacturing process. This step is when the design gets approved. The next step is to make a physical project in that case fabricate the electronic board. So, this operation uses a specified machine with high technological capabilities.

How are electronics made(phones)?

On our life basis phones represent to the most popular thing that we use and carry with us every day. So, when 1 baby borns, 3 phones activates around the world. The industry is expanding so fast.

The American phone user has an average of 17 phone messages per day. Therefore,it becomes addictive for some people. Nowadays phone users could check their phones up to 150 times per day which is amazing.

Over 5 billion phone users are in the world which is more than 70% of the world population. During the years, The mobile phone has beat many technologies like personal cameras, faxing, local phones. Even, the number of computer sales drops after the apparition of smartphone technology.

Phone fabrication is going through a long process but we can summarise the process in 3 steps:

prototyping: is making a model or a few models to test them and know if they are meeting the market trend. In order to approve the model.
hardware and software installation: electronic fabrication and software installation are the two main things to make a phone a live.
production: producing at a high scale to expose on the market.

In this video, you will see these steps or processes. They are detailed and fun to follow.

How are electronics made(TVs)?

Television is one of the famous friend families tools. It dominated a long year before phones apparitions. Moreover, more than 98% householders own television which an important tool for education and entetainment.

In flat television we can find more than 8 million pixels (a small portion of an image) on one screen. That means you are watching 8 million micro-small images forming one picture.

According to the statists there are more than 1.7 billion TVs in houses which remains huge number. In addition,Americans watch tv for an average of about 3 hours a day which is 6 times more than the average reading time.

The tv constitution is from different materials. To give a high quality image we need more components that you wouldn’t expect. I will list 4 of them:

  • glass: screen use glasses as guided light components to make a bright images.
  • plastic: covers and protected screen.
  • gas: different gases are used like phosphor,xenon and argon to improving color screens.
  • silicon: is the foundation of electronic components without silicon we will not find electronics.

in this video, you will see the process of tv manufacturing.

How are electronics made(Microwaves)?

Microwaves are all around, just a few minutes your food will be warm. It is an amazing technology. You do not have to change dishes it makes things more flexible. Besides this machine, hide a complex technology.

Microwaves don’t emets the heat. just with a high-frequency waves concentrated in one spot, the food warms. When frequencies penetrate to the molecule food. As a result, causes the agitation of food molecules which produce heat and warm finally the food.

the microwave has 4 important elements that we will list below:

oven cavity: is the emplacment or the room where you put your food in it.
magnetrone: in a simple way,the magnetrone is a waves generator is a core tool who produce waves. Command panel: the command panel is a screen and bottom to manipulate the microwave.
Stirrer fan : the microwaves coming form a tiny and stretch source. The job of stirrer fan is to disperse theses waves around the cavity to cover whole space.

in this video, you will have a look to how microwaves are working.

how electronics are made (computers)?

The computer is the most insane technology that humans have invented. It is evolving at a speed that nobody could predict nowadays. In its first apparition computers were so big. Consequently,The first computers were weighting tons and taking a hundred square feets.

With the apparition of transistors in 1947 computers have made a giant step toward miniaturization. The use of transistors in electronics chips made the computer that we know today. The invention was the pillar of all technology revolution that we see today. You would not find any electronics components without transistors in their composition.

Computer manufacturing is complex and demanding process. To clarify, making a computer electronic board takes a lot of resources and operations. It begins from prototyping till product test. So we will resume these topics in the following list:

  • Prototyping: Designers and engineers decide about the future computer how it should be and how technology has to embed.
  • Validation: when engineers finishes, they have to validate the prototype and make it go into production. But, before this operation the product have to go the next sep..
  • Test: before putting the product to a mass production. They make several tests to ensure the quality of design and engineering work.
  • mass production : the last step is to going to production phase. Computer manufactuirs use a high technology machines and a respectful labor number.

in this video you will discover what is inside of your computer how effort it takes for that.


How electronics are made is a broad question. What you have to know is an electronics fabrications has a lot of specialties and subdivisions. There is a multitude of electronics companies. each one do a different tasks and roles.

If we could begin from source. Microchips conception are the base of any circuit components it a very technical subject. Above all, just a few companies around the world fabricate microchips or microprocessor. The number of theses companies would not exceed 50 around the world.

The rest of companies are categorized as supplier companies. You will find companies working in TVs,battery manufactures,laptop companies and so on.

The process is broad and each domain has his owners. So, electronic technology included in phone is completely different form the one in washing machines.

Electronics engineering is one of the precious branches. It’s an outcome of stem engineers classes. Investing in education especially stem strand differentiate the advanced nation from underrated ones.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.