learning Zbrush fast(7 things you should know)

Learning Zbrush fast is one of the most asked answers for people who want to learn 3d modeling or sculpting. In this article, we’re going to respond to the most relevant questions asked about digital sculpting. Also, know which software and tools can use a beginner student to improve his level…

The fastest way to learn Zbrush

First, you have to prepare your computer by putting the good configuration. At least you need to have 8 GB ram and a medium graphic card like GTX 1660. Also having a pen tablet to start modeling not a mouse. It is not recommendable if you want to learn sculpting and reach high levels to work with a mouse.

Deciding to learn ZBrush is indicating that you are serious. Also that you already invested some money to work with a program. So the best thing to not waste time is to join beginners courses directly. That is to say, not stumble between free youtube videos.

Pick a beginner’s level courses in Udemy, you will find them in abundance. To reduce the time, take the course where the instructor works with the same software version you have. It is a lot of time-saving. I don’t want you to spend hours locking for buttons and menus. Because every year is a new version coming. So you don’t want to go back on website guidance and consume a nonsense time.

How long does it take to learn sculpting

If you are fully dedicated to sculpting and you daily spend more than 8 hours a day working and training. We will predict that you could learn the basics in 2 to 3 months. Not learning all concepts but being able to make good and acceptable realistic human projects.

learning and reaching a high level in a short amount of time is coming from two factors:

Diligence: diligence is how much work you put in to learn this skill. So, more effort means more results you get. You have to crazily practice and sculpt every day. The sculpting skills require dedication and commitment.

Orientation: the only thing that can ruin your hard work and makes it fade away is orientation. If you use the wrong resources and you learn the wrong way, no matter how much time you put. The results are not going to be satisfying. So, it is crucial to pick good resources before going to the application phase.

Make sure to practice every day. So you will not forget the tricks. As a result after 6 months, you will notice a big advancement in your level.

How to learn sculpting from scratch

learning sculpting from scratch is a long process. If you want to learn digital sculpting you have to follow this guideline that I will suggest:

1) you have to choose software: choosing the software is the first step that you have to make. There is two option to make, choosing paid software or free ones.

2) watching free and beginner tutorials: as a beginner, you have to follow videos to learn how to make your first steps in the domain. At this moment free videos are enough.

3) practice: you have to practice what you’ve learned through this tutorial and start mimicking it. Do as the same as the structure is doing.

4) making personal small projects: start making small personal projects to employ these tools. Don’t go away, you just have to sculpt slightly different objects from what you’ve seen in the tutorials.

5) take paid courses: At this moment if you want to scale out, you need to invest in yourself. So, it will not bother you to invest in paid courses to high up your level from beginner to an intermediate one.

6) make big projects: when you reach a respectful level. You need to put the new strategies that you’ve learned in your paid course on the work. So making big projects will be beneficial to acquire new skills and be comfortable with them.

There is an article talking about learning sculpture from scratch. So, It is recommendable for people who want to know how to do that step by step. It offers great and useful resources. Thus, go and check it, if you are interested.

How long does it take to learn character modeling

There is a big difference between learning and being professional at it.

If you want to be good and have certain skills in 3d modeling characters. From 6 months to one year will be enough to be in a good position. But when you talk about being professional it may take you years of hard work and dedication.

At least you need 5 years or above. Some people took them 10 years to acquire the professional levels. So the process is long and requires you to be patient and passionate.

Having a good instructor can save you a lot of time and sometimes years instead of working by trial and error concept. Having a mentor or professional guidance will make a big difference and save years.

working under a wing of a professional mentor for 5 years. As a result, could be equivalent to more than ten years of personal hard work. So you have to apply the rules of massive intelligent actions. Put it in the work but don’t forget to be smarter.

If you are a beginner it doesn’t matter to take one year of free internet resources and youtube videos. But as a recommendation, one year is enough to get all basics to start looking for a good instructor to orient you. If you are serious and want to make a living from the digital sculpting domain.

The second thing there are always new things to learn. So, to be at the top level you got to learn consistently the new technics. Doing this job is not complex. But it contains a lot of details and requires a lot of work and study.

In every new character, you will learn something new even if you have years of experience. Often, professionals are daily facing challenges. So, doing this job for money’s sake will be terrible and I don’t recommend it at all.

How to learn ZBrush

learning Zbrush programs requires having a clear strategy. I will suggest 4 steps to allow you to learn ZBrush in a proper way.

1) watch beginner youtube videos and start applying the same technics with your own. Work on everything noticed in the tutorial and repeat it until you absorb the principle or the method.
At this moment your goal is to be comfortable with the software and discover its tools.

You can follow this series it’s an awesome free collection. It has more than 47 beginning videos explaining how to make your first projects or tweaks in ZBrush from scratch. Also, I recommend a Zbrush future student subscribe and follow the content of this channel on youtube.

2) make small projects in ZBrush: once you finish your 47 videos, now it’s time to go and make 4 to 5 big projects including all tools and knowledge you’ve learned in this topic. The goal is to absorb this knowledge.

3) go the ZBrush website videos: start from scratch even if you passed these 47 videos. In this tutorial, you will learn new things and new technics. The reason why I did not recommend going first on the Zbrush website tutorials, is they provide singular and very focused explanations. As a result, could be confusing for you as a beginner.

You will follow the website Zbrush courses just for the beginner level then we can go to the next step.

4) take paid courses: The last thing is to take paid courses. Thus, you will find more structured information and good quality teaching. Beginning with paid courses for an intermediate and advanced level would be most effective and time-saving.

How long it takes to learn the basics of Maya and Zbrush?

The Maya and ZBrush are both different, each one requires a different process of learning.

Maya, it will take you more than 2 months (between two and three months). However, reaching or having basics in Maya at this time must be in presence of the instructor. You could not self though yourself and learn the basics in 3 months. So, you have to be aware of that.

If you want to self-study Maya it might take up to 1 year. It is normal you will stumble a lot. So, for people who want to exceed and learn fast, having an instructor is an obligation.

learning Zbrush could be much difficult than Maya. So, if you follow a good course or instructor, it might take you at least 6 months to learn the basics of the ZBrush tool.

If you think to self-study Zbrush you will consume a lot of time and your learning will not be effective. Sometimes people spend 5 years and miss some simple things. Because it is normal, nobody has told them about it. Thus having a good following is highly recommendable.

Can I sculpt characters in Zbrush with a mouse?

It is possible But is going to be a big waste of time and energy. With a graphic table, you could reduce a lot of hard work and trouble, just need practice.

But with a mouse, there are some things that could be barely impossible to apply without a graphic tablet. It is simple. Graphic tables or tablet measure the pressure of your finger which allow you to determine the depth of sculpting. So imagine how you will do that with a mouse.

In addition, Your work will be lacking professionalism and precision. You are just walking for a long distance instead of picking a bus.


learning Zbrush fast and effectively at the same time could be through to one strategy. Practicing long hours and having a mentor. This is the thing that you will not listen to from a lot of people. You have to allow someone to be behind you, it is primordial to reach high levels.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.