Is 3d printing course worth (Best strategy to follow)

Do all 3d printing courses worth in the market or some of them?. This industry has a promising opportunity or it is still limited and just for fewer people?. What is printing course is going to add as value. We will be going to respond immediately to this question. So keep reading.

is 3d printing course worth it?

3d printing courses are considered a good beginning process to entering this industry, especially for beginners who need consistent support. So they can accelerate their learning process and prepare them quickly to have experience in industries field.

According to the statistics. 3d printing is predicted to grow by 17% just in the next 2 years which will have a big impact on the market and the opportunities that will open.

To study and know the potential of this industry if it growing or shrinking we have 3 factors or indicators.




We will study these 3 economic indicators of 3d printing industry to know how much is going compared to other traditional industries.


Land is a natural resource that we could extract from the earth and use to make our products or service. taking earth spaces is a land.

In our example, we will see the distribution of 3d printers companies around the united states.

3d printing course worth
distribution of 3d printing companies in the US

Florida, California, Pennsylvania, and New York hold the biggest companies in 3d printing industry. These companies are the biggest companies in the world and there are some others outside America like Israel and Europe.

The number of 3d printer users increases day by day and courses are becoming so popular. So many people get attention to these tools and courses due to the benefits they provide. This technology is going fast. In 2020 over 2 million 3d printers were sold and they expect so much in the future. You can see the evolution of 3d printers sales in the next 10 years.

expected growth in the 3d printing industry

in 2030 is expected to have more than 30 million 3d printers users and more than that over the world. The market is so promising and will offer a new area. The use of 3d printing is expanding. It is not comprised in manufacturing is going for where we could never expect.

Biology and medicine are using this technic even for industries. Currently, 3d printers can make also some foods and decorate dishes. So endless applications will be available.


labor is the physical or mental capacity that a person makes to produce a service or product. That is to say, in our case how 3d printers workers operate and participate in the economy.

There are over 5000 employees around the united state with an increase of 20% compared to the last 5 years which is not a big number. But the market is growing fast. So, we could not expect what will happen in the next 10 years in terms of labor numbers.

According to glassdoor. 3d printer, employees salaries could begin at $40,000 as a low wage and in some specialties, the wage attains $100,000. All that relates to the experience and the job position but the average stands at $65000 as the majority would receive in 3d printing career.

3d printing is expanding. Day after day it becomes more competitive against mass production. But in terms of economic participation. 3d printing collaborates only by 0.02% in Mondial economic while manufacturing represents 16% of it. It is still poor. But is normal. The domain doesn’t have more than 20 years.

3d printing jobs are relatively rare. The market is still small. But there is a high demand for experienced people in 3d manufacturing. Wich could create difficulty for newbies to find their place and improve their skills. It is not like other traditional fields but internship remains the solution for passionate people.


The 3d printing market relied on a big portion of manufacturing. Currently, 3d printing companies work and respond to the manufacturing need. $90 billion dollars is the size of manufacturing economies. 3d printing covers only 1% which is$12.5 billion dollars. So 3d printing domains need more time to reach some high levels.

it worth to take a 3d printing course?

Investing in education is something good especially in 3d printing courses it allows you to have and acquire multiple skills regardless of whether you have the interest to apply for jobs or for personal advancement. 3d printing will be the future tool where will be found in any house like televisions today.

In 3d printing courses, You will learn 3d engineering by designing in software. learning how to design with the most famous software is something useful and good. It allows you to improve your skills in design and why not apply to the 3D cad designer job.

dealing with 3d printers in all their forms like painting sanding enhancing all these technics will allow you to gain experience. Also in some cases, you have to repair some examples.

reparation of 3d printing materials encourages you to know much about each material you use. There are different materials used in 3d printing industry. We could use plastic, wood, and metal, etc.

For just plastic, there is a variety of types like (PLA, ABS, PETG, etc) the topic is wide and contains so many things to learn.

if you have an intent to have a career in 3d printing industry. It is recommendable to take courses in 3d designing especially diving in CAD(professional software used by 3d printer designers).

online and offline courses to study 3d printing

I will give you 10 universities in the US that specialized in 3d printing studies and also the best online courses.

  • University of Massachusetts
  • Cornell University
  • University of Connecticut
  • Columbia University
  • University of Florida
  • Pennsylvania State University
  • University of Kansas
  • University of Illinois
  • University of Arizona
  • North Carolina State University
  • University of Minnesota

online courses

these programs are for serious people who want to learn and be professional in 3d modeling to apply for jobs. if you do not have this much interest and you only consider 3d printing as a hobby you could use other software like Solidworks or SketchUp.


If you want to build your life around this job is better not to learn 3d design and stay behind a computer. you have to go and have an internship with other companies. Also buying a 3d printer could be a very useful option helping you to practice and acquire skills. Currently, 3d printers are becoming cheaper so anyone could afford them. So 3d printing course is worth it for both sides personal and professional…


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