Google hires robotics engineers? (8 things to know)

Does Google hires robotics engineers?. This question is frequently asked by a lot of robotics students. So, in this article, we will discover which robotics specialties google require. Also, which jobs for robotics engineers to apply for.

google hires robotics engineers?

Google hires robotics engineers due to the several engagements and for its robotics companies that lastly has created, like intrinsic company. It has a team of researchers called “Brain Google“, which are specialized in different research topics including robotics and artificial intelligence.

According to the 2016 google report, 27,169 software engineers work at Google. Consequently makes an interesting portion of society. So the domain has big potential and opportunities.

in 2021 April google hired nearly 7000 new research to join the research company “brain google “. In the robotics field. They work on machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Google hires a variety of robotics specialties for its projects. As a result, robotics engineers students could have benefits. google hire in different fields of robotics engineers like:

  • Test engineering
  • Softward engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Manufacturing engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Product Manager for Industrial Robotic Automation Applications
  • Automation and Controls Engineer
  • Robotics Lab Technician
  • Software Engineer, Tools and Infrastructure

The list is still long. But we will explain in detail all of these occupations and where to apply for these jobs in our article. So, keep reading to discover your opportunity.

Google hires robotics engineers at:

Google has many robotics projects and companies. So, For people who want to be hired from google in the robotics field, there are three powerful google organizations. As result, students could have a chance to build their careers in the robotics field.


Intrinsic is a robotics software company that develops software tools to facilitate industrial robots. Their goal is to make robotics industrialization more cheap and flexible. So to expand the robotic outreach around the world.

Their mission is to create potential and economic robots for millions of businesses and entrepreneurs. However, the majority of small businesses and entrepreneurs could not afford the high expenses of robotics technology. So, its intrinsic mission.

Ease, low cost, and flexibility are the principles that Intrinsic works for. Consequently, that helps more businesses to grow by focusing on local fabrication and reducing the cost of transport.
They pretend to enhance economies and create millions of job opportunities in the next 10 years.

Brain google

Google brain was a part-time research collaboration to advance in artificial intelligence. Due to its successful experience, google decided to expand its activities and work in such different areas.

  • Robotics
  • machine intelligence
  • machine perception
  • music and art generation
  • machine learning algrithme and technics
  • machine translation
  • computer system for machine learning
  • natural language processing

In the robotics field. “Brain google” focuses on machine learning by improving it via robotics. As a result, They make collaborations between researchers in machine learning and roboticists.

They teach robots and apply them machine learning topics, exploring the robotic reaction in their environment. Also enhancing the manipulation process like teaching robots how to predict what happens and moving around objects.

Their goal is to teach robots how to react well in their environment and make better and safer decisions without human supervision. Also, search in deep learning to enhance robot motions and navigation to improve the robot’s safety and reliability.


Wing” is a google robotics company that develops technology for drones. They have drones in US and Australia delivering large items, basic products like coffee or thee and goods. Their job is to use drones to transport any accessible type of product from one destination to another.

The company became its activities in 2014 and become independent in 2018. So, in 2019 they began delivering food and beverages. Also, It became the first drone company that receives the certificate from the federal aviation administration.

The wing drones are specifically made for small delivery included in parcels. It has a rope fixed on the body which allows it to land easily a parcel from high altitudes.

which robotics engineers google hire

Robotic engineer is a broad field that has many specifications. For instance, Automation and Controls Engineer is a robotics field. So we will discover in which fields google hire robotics engineers and where to apply for them.

Automation and Controls Engineer

The automation and control engineer’s role is to create new robotic applications in electrical and mechanical systems. So in detail, your job will be:

designing and building robotics automation by selecting the suitable hardware and making good electrical designs in PLC or HMI programming tools.

integration knowledge of industrial control system and select the ideal hardware for the suitable softward.

adding new technologies and product to the automation and robotics applications.

have a team spirit working with product mangers,researchers to build and improve robotics platforms for beginnings.

if you want to apply for this job you could find more details by clicking here.

Automation Test Engineer

The automatic test designer has the goal of developing and testing software by executing simulations or even testing existing software. So in detail, your job will be:

Designing and programing softwards.

testing others organisations application.

comparing and evaluating the efficiency of sysems.

control and validation of softwards.

test robotic concepts and application.

ensure the coincidence between hardware and software.

managing changes and provide solution automation and robotics.

if you want to apply for this job you could find more details by clicking here.

Robotics & Automation Ecosystem Development Engineer

The robotic ecosystem developer has a duty to enhance robot capabilities. Also, making them more efficient and safe in manufacturing environments. your job in detail will be:

Enhancing the robot environment about safety and reliability.

Demonstrate the benefits of technology to customers and partners.

Discovering new business opportunities.

Presenting new products developments.

Identifying the interesting clients and convincing them of the value of robotics technology.

Solve problems and challenges customers in robotics by developing reliable solutions.

if you want to apply for this job you could find more details by clicking here.

Robotics Lab Technician

Robotics technician has the job of testing robots and maintaining them in a good state. Also, keeping them working permanently around the clock. in details your job will be:

programming robotics hardware.

conception of robotics systems and applications with reasonable cost and high quality.

managing labs and collaborating with your team to make progress in projects.

validation of software and robotics hardwards.

collaborate in new technologies and integrate them with a robotics system.

selection and design building for electrical and pneumatical schematics.

programming robotics hardware.

if you want to apply for this job you could find more details by clicking here.

Software Engineer

Robotics software engineers enhance and develop robots’ software and control for automation tasks. It used to work with embedded systems by building from the ground new software or improving them. So in detail, your job will be:

build robotics software, test and improve them.

contributing to robotics environments and studying robotics behaviors.

implementing the best practices for industrial robots to deliver the best results.

implementing API and its tools to advance a robotic behavior and run in the best conditions.

understand and translate the need of software infrastructural engineers. So they can apply it to the robotic industry.

deliver results and meet good deadlines.

if you want to apply for this job you could find more details by clicking here.

Software Engineer: Automation Hardware Integration

The duties and tasks of a software engineer in automation and hardware integration are to ensure the correlation and harmony in the robotics systems. your job in detail will be:

working by developing software solutions for robots control and automation.

enhance the flexibility, robustness of the connections between the working hardware and new software developed.

making an advanced robotics application and building new tools for them.

designing hardware and implement suitable software for best efficiency and extension.

documentation of the work and providing comprehensive guidance.

contribute to developing automation systems and fixing their issues.

if you want to apply for this job you could find more details by clicking here.

Aerodynamics engineer

The aerodynamics engineer is responsible for design and aerodynamics. he tests and analyzes aerial systems like planes or vehicle systems. he is roles tend more in designs. In detail your job will be:

collecting analyses and communicating them to respond or an audience.

study the performance of vehicles like weight fuel and stability.

developing area database and model simulation.

supporting the modification of software tools and methods.

analyze designs and prototypes in order to validate it.

work with engineers, collaborate, and respond to their needs.

if you want to apply for this job you could find more details by clicking here.

Mechanical engineer

Mechanical engineers design the mechanical components of machines. It builds the foundation and defines the morphology, size, and other parameters. through prototyping then manufacturing.
your job as a mechanical engineer will be:

designing mechanical pieces and systems then prototype them.

solving mechanical problems and chanllges designs.

moving fast and highly adaptive to new situations.

build creative solutions for mechatronics problems.

design elements for aircraft by using CAD software.

building prototypes to test a proof of concept.

simplifying mechanical design solutions so making them elegant.

collaborate with team and Oriente vendors.

if you want to apply for this job you could find more details by clicking here.


Google hires robotics engineers in so many fields. So, working with google remains a great opportunity. But it requires having good experience and high determination and passion.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.