cheap 3D Printer for Architecture students

Having a cheap 3D Printer for Architecture students is great and really helpful. But the price remains a problem for a student. In this article, you will discover the 5 cheapest 3D Printers for Architecture students at an affordable price under $500.

flash forge finder

It is easy to start with a flash forge finder as a cheap 3D Printer for Architecture students. You could print your models with just a few touches. The 3d printer comes with a box protecting from all heating parts. It is an excellent model to use for students or families. It is completely safe for kids. So will be with you.

The body is completely plastic, sleek without any sharp edges. The nozzle is protected from touch and the bed is a glass piece that has no heat on it. Which eliminates the risk of burns.

The bed is extractable and flexible. So it is easy to remove your models without any fear of break accidents or stickiness.

It has an intelligent calibration system. All you have to do is to tighten or lose the screws. When mechanical settings are done you will sound the beep. That means that everything is ok and you’re ready to begin.

It has 8GB as internal storage, quiet with less than 50db. Also has online cloud storage where you can save or share your print easily.

And the noise level is less than 50 dB. It makes Finder be a kind of great printer for kids of all ages. Especially stem students or home 3D printing users alike.

USB Cable Connection, USB stick Ethernet and also wi-fi all of them you will find in flash forge finder.

The price starts from

cheap 3D Printer for Architecture students

to get more information you could click here to visit the website

artillery sidewinder x1

SideWinderX1 3D printer is the best compromise between print quality, functionality, and accessibility. It offers cutting-edge technology for an acceptable price.

As an architecture student or an advanced professional who needs or just looking for an ultra-versatile machine. The Sidewinder X1 will meet all your needs. Consequently thanks to its extreme precision, large print volume, its printing speed, and ease of use.

Sidewinder x1 comes with many amazing options that majorities of cheap 3D Printers for Architecture students don’t have. We will talk about them one by one:

fast AC heated bed: with SideWinderX1, In preheat operation, you don’t need to wait so much time before you begin. Just 130s and your bed is warmed. That temperature could reach up to 110°C

power failure detection: It could be the most lucrative or the worst thing depending on 3d printer you have, with SideWinderX1 you don’t have to worry about a power cut, You will not lose long printing hours. In a manual setting, you could resume your work and continue the print.

filament runout detection: Sometimes it is hard to find your 3d printer working but with no filament, you just see movement in the air which could be terrible. As a result, you should go back from scratch. This printer has a sensor that detects filament presence. When your filament break or runout the machine will detect the problem and stop.

inductive endstop: inductive endstop are sensors for protection sake. They protect the 3d printer head from a collision in case of a motor overrun.

Touch color screen: The interaction with 3d printer is easy and vital, you have a wonderful touch color screen to monitor your printer no longer buttons or clicks.

ultra-quiet operation
: The 3d printer is quiet not making a noise. 45db is good if you live with roommates or don’t want to disturb a family or friends.

memory card USB stick and adjustable filament holder it has. It supports up to 3kg of filament roll. Also, it has a power socket with a fuse and large leveling knobs to level easier the bed.

The price starts from

cheap 3D Printer for Architecture students

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3D Creality3D CR-10S Pro

Creality3D CR-10S Pro: it comes with one of the largest build spaces. It allows you to print the biggest projects. With its large printing space, you will have 400 mm high and 300 mm wide. Especially as one of the cheap 3D Printers for Architecture students. So, you can build models that 90% of other printers could not.

light extruder: the light extruder allows the printer to have a sweet movement. It reacts and delivers high performance on very high prints. The elimination of metal-on-metal steel rods cuts noise down dramatically.

Glass Bed: the printer comes with a glass bed it prevents good stickiness with objects and prevents warping problems. with this kind of bed, you’re not forced every while to clean your bed from residual plastics.

CREALITY CR-10S Pro accepts all traditional filament materials, Copper and Wood Filled filaments. If printing accidentally stops, in most cases due to the power loss. The machine will resume where it left off without damaging the object being created.

Filament detection: CREALITY has added a new type of switch allowing to detect all filament types, especially the transparent firmament that were making problems for detection. So you don’t have to worry about runout filament.

Digital touch screen: you can easily control your printer through its touch screen with sound reactions. The screen has good resolution and parameters are clearly viewed.

The price starts from

cheap 3D Printer for Architecture students

to get more information you could click here to visit the website

Geeetech A20

For people who seek cheap 3D Printer for Architecture students and want the best result. Geeetch A20 Would be the ideal solution.

Geeetch has amazing specialties that make it compete with a 3d printer’s medium range.

The Geeetech A20 3D printer is reliable, cost-effective, and easy to assemble. Running stably, it delivers quality prints and provides you with a satisfactory printing experience it comes with :

Double extruder: this technic is amazing, with a double extruder you could print at the same time with 2 different colors and also make a show effect on your printing. For instance, if we pick black and white you could obtain brown. All you have to do is to set up the percentage of the color(for example 50% black and 50%white gives brown ). So I found it very helpful to have this kind of cheap 3D Printer for Architecture students.

It has a modularized design, providing you with an easier assembly experience. As result, The electronic parts are integrated into its bottom frame, making A20 steady and enhancing its print results.

Double filament detector sensors: it uses two filaments at the same time. So it needs two filament detectors to prevent the runout of material.

Break resuming capability: the break resuming capacity is a system made for protection against power loss. So you don’t have to worry about losing effort and time. After a power loss, you could resume printing without any issues.

Auto leveling option: if you don’t like manual calibrations. Geeek A20 offers you the best solution. That is to say, you could add a leveling sensor and let the printers do the job. You would never be afraid of losing quality for wrong manual settings.

High printing accuracy: the printer could deliver the printing accuracy up to 0.1 mm which delivers amazing quality.

The price starts from

cheap 3D Printer for Architecture students

you could find the price by clicking here on the website


The Genius 3d printer is a small sister of sidewinder x1, They are from the same company. Genius is a little bit different from sidewinder x1. But it takes the most important part of it.

Not noisy: The 3d printer is quiet not making a noise. you cold stay aside and don’t be bothered at all

Touch color screen: It has a very responsive screen which makes it wonderful when you want to set it up. It also has beautiful expressive icons. You will not be lost. It is simple and effective.

inductive endstop: it has a sensor to prevent shocks. So, the printer will never run out of position and commit damages to motors or to the body.

Loss power detection: It frequently happens when you lose electricity it could be due to external problems like the cut of neighborhood electricity or another external issue in your house… To prevent that. This solution is adopted by the constructer.

Filament detection: your roll could end up in your absence or get cut off, with filament detection the 3d printer stop and wait for injecting the filament. So you will not be afraid to lose and waste your work.

The price starts from

cheap 3D Printer for Architecture students

you could find the price by clicking here on the website

conclusion(personal opinion)

Do you want a cheap 3D Printer for Architecture students?. So, Don’t bother yourself with a lot of research. The 5 printers that I noticed above are the most convenient and cheapest for an architecture student and also for stem students. If you hesitate between theses the response will be:

Flash forge finder => for small spaces and small projects

artillery sidewinder x1=> for biggest and precise projects

3D Creality3D CR-10S Pro=> for giant and extended projects

Geeetech A20=> for multi-color projects and low budget

Genius=> If you loved sidewinder x1 and couldn’t afford it

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