stem regrets (7 things you should know)

Stem major is one of the famous and popular fields in the education industry. It has promising future opportunities. Meanwhile, students are so afraid of taking this major due to its challenges. They have fear of having regrets. So in this article were going to expose case studies about stem students’ regrets. As a result, helping the future students not fall in the same mistakes.

I have regrets studying stem classes (case studies)

Some people have gone in this major but they didn’t find themselves satisfied or happy in their life. So I will give you 3 example of people who regrets studying stem classes. We will look at their stories and try to benefit from their experience. So, finally, know what makes them have this feeling in their life.


The stem student says…

it was a terrible experience in biology.
to explain more:

I had a fool biology professor, I was sitting in corner of the class between 35 students. The majority of them were not genius except a few of them.

At that time, I was barely covering my student expenses. I bought $1000 biology books which is was heavy at that moment. At least I would rather spend it on something else.

I felt like I was throwing $2000 in the air every month (as fees) to study what I m not absolutely interested in. Everything was boring, practical courses, subjects. etc. Also, I have not to forget our “brilliant” professor in biology.

He was writing a lot on the table and barely talking. We were not in class biology, we were just writing lessons, all I had to do is to write and draw. That was terrible.

I was sitting in class and every once I had to look at the watch. I was counting how much is left before the end of class.

Frankly, I have a lot of regret of spending 4 years of my life hating what I do, just for social status, I would not recommend that.

case 2 :

the second student says…

4 years before,

my dream was near to being attained. I applied to the airline industry. I want to become a commercial pilot.
just before one day of an interview, I have told to drop this idea. My parents say that the job was not secured and stable and had a lot of challenges.

They suggest that I go for an engineering major, at least is not that risky as the first one. Me, I was not thinking about this. I was thinking about my dream.

As result, my dream has been lost. I choose my parent’s vision and I’ve been convinced that I can do engineering. So having a good security job.

I decided to pursue my classes and do a master’s in engineering, especially electrical engineer. I adopted my parent’s vision … stability and a good salary.

After my first 6 mounts of studies. I felt that electrical engineer was not for me and didn’t catch my attention. I was still thinking about my passion.

after the first year, I validate only 50% of my models’ which was terrible.

I spend 2 years between chemistry and physics and finally give it up without a degree.

3 years of my life were lost. I knew that the decision that I made was completely wrong and I regret a lot, following my parent’s plans.

I don’t resend them but I know they were afraid for me.

Actually, after that decision, in the next week, I will have a placement test. I have this idea in mind. Is I m ready to do for me, not for everyone. Because simply it is my life.

case 3:

I have a diploma in computer engineering and. Currently, I work in IT company as like as my father, he has also been in the same field.

I had a computer at an early age.

In 9th and 10th grade. I thought that I would follow the humanity major and exactly take the history and become an archaeologist.
My parent asked me to choose science in 11th grade. So I can go after 12th grade in any field I want to go to.

After a diploma completion. I felt like the computer world is not the life I want to live. Then I decided to have a college and study information technology.

I was very interested in management subjects. The 3 years that I’ve spent in college were the happiest in my life.

After college graduation, my father recommended taking a master. So I did. After joining my first year in master’s I knew that was a bad choice. I lost all interest and get forced to attend classes because my father was paying too much for that. Finally, barely succeeded.

After graduation. I found myself working with a multinational company, which was interesting at beginning. But afterward, I lost interest in the work.

I became frustrated with the job I felt limited.

This is was a good start. It allowed me to discover that I have a humanity bias, not a scientific one. stem classes were not the field that I deeply want to go through.

I like to meet and help people, traveling communicate with strangers. I wanted jobs related to advice. Always freedom impresses me. I don’t like to stay in a cubical job.

finally, I decided to become a soft skill and communicator trainer.

losing 10 years is not easy to swallow I regret doing that.

I have no regrets studying stem classes (case studies)

case 1:

personally, I have no regrets the stem was good for me I am proud to be in it.

In school time I wanted to be a doctor or engineer. So science was my driver toward my dream.

In fact, I was one of the best science students in school as well as in college. This is allowed me to have an internship and work in physics labs.
It was an amazing experience. I learned a lot about experimental physics and what scientific researchers go through.

After that, I got the opportunity to work in scientific research. So I did.

I had the honor to participate in scientific research and be a teacher for 3 years.

after 10 years of going, I don’t have any regrets. Stem allowed me to reach my goal and become a doctor. Science made me what I’m today and I m so gratefully.

More than that, Science allowed me to improve my personal abilities like critical thinking, problem analysis, and starting from fundamentals. It was the best thing for me. Also having an independent personality, not biased with emotions and feelings. Science teaches me how to be rational and look from a different angle.

Most important of all. My passion and interest help me thrive every day by learning new things in any other areas whether economics or humanities.

case2 :

I pursued a stem career because I was obsessed with software. When I was 10 years old I had a computer. it was fascinated for me I couldn’t keep away from the computer.

The science and math were easy for me it helped me how to have a prommer mind.
I also liked to create things and build programs so science and math were my tools to make a program that I love.

for me, it was so rewarding to be a software engineer. it was my purpose and goal in life which is to make and build something that people could use.

I choose this field because not about money or tendencies. Satisfaction and happiness were the reasons to choose this path and I m proud of that.

I have no regrets. thankfully I have done things as it should be. stem made me happy.


As I undergraduate in physics engineering, I’ve gone the same road as my parent did.

in primary school, I’ve always liked maths and tough sciences. I was looking at science and math as a challenge I have to break. also loved technology and design. At the end of school, I found that engineering attracts me more than other stuff.

In high school, I choose science, because I was terrible at humanity studies regardless that I had an interest in history and psychology. I was excellent at math and physics my parents supported me to follow stem.

I took a college and studied computer science, firstly it was heavy for me. But I got to it with time, my foundation in math and physics was solid what help me a lot to succeed and pursue my studies for a master’s.

finally, I thought that process was not easy for me but it was worth it. now I work as a software engineer and feel satisfied with that.

I will never regret being a stem student. stem got me the meaning of patience and dedication.


Depending on the stories that we live we knew that choosing a stem or not-stem career must be based on interest and abilities. The worst thing is being under stress by society or parents to follow something that could ruin your life. Your friend or college followed stem will not mean you have to. we do not follow stem for money or something else, we(ourselves not our parent) follow because we think is ideal for us and meet our core values. This is the road to happiness.

I hope for every parent to stop pressuring their kids to pursue something irrelevant for them. happiness is over everything.


Yassin ajanif is a physics graduate and electromechanical engineer width more than 5 years in the field. My goal and my team are to share our experience to help you succeed in your career as a stem major. we talk about all tips, problems, and struggle STEM students face in their career and how to overcome them.